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Artax/”N”, N was a warforged that Thegal and Rysyris found dead near the tower of Artax, drawn there by the being’s final messenger. N claimed that he was searching for the undead fleet but agreed to accompany the party into the tower of Artax. From Rainmoon, it was learned that Artax was some sort of canine like abberant creature with translucent skin, what was true to a point. Atrax came to the Fangs of the Spider some 500 years ago to build an artifact to harness the energies of death so prevelant in this area. There was an accident with his device some fifty years ago, caused by the interference of a band of adventurers including the barbarian of Tempus “N”. The accident killed most of the party out right, and left “N” an almost mindless husk. This same accident damaged Artax’s body so bady that he was dying. He quickly transfered his mind into the barbarian’s body and hid his consciousness under the mind of the barbarian, so that not even he would know of his passenger. Unfortunately the barbarian was not as powerful as Artax had hoped and fell under the attack of some great undead beast roaming the area. Artax/N sent his final messenger in hopes of reviving him from the dead and helping him to regain his tower. Meanwhile the tower had not gone unnoticed by a local necromancer who sensed the powerful death energies withing the structure. Unfortunately Artax’s death had caused the tower to be engulfed in a powerful defensive barrier, that took him almost 30 years to unlock. He moved his own people into the tower to discover its secrets. The Necromancer struggled for many years with various lesser creatures and a vertiable army of apprentices to understand the device that Artax had built. He soon became know as Artax because of his association with the tower. He finally started making real progress when he gained the services of a brain in a jar named Kornuth. The brain had the ability to hold, store and correlate large amounts of information. “Artax” then destroyed or sent away the rest of his lesser minions and recruited severl far more powerful beings to aid him. Intelligent undead that could do the scholarly research he needed done. At this time the false Artax believe that he has unlocked most of the secrets of the artifact and is ready to use it.

Rainmoon, A member of the Noble family of Seldarine that dwells in the Elven Wood, and a priest of the Sacred Order of Elven Light. Rainmoon had been making forays into the Fangs of the Spider for several years, searching for prisoners in need of rescue (assuming they were beings of good). When she found the Tower of Artax some 400 years ago, she investigated for several days, but grew careless and was captured before she could report to her clerical bretheren. At the time she investigated the tower it was believed that this “Artax” was some aberrant being from the far realms. She never learned Artax’s true nature before she was captured and placed in a stasis jar for safe keeping. Sog-Wattle and Rysyris freed the Eladrin from her captivity and she has agreed to help them dispatch what ever new menace this tower has attracted.

Hieraak, A dragonborn sorceress and member of the Hand of Fey adventuring company based out of Oka-wen-sa to the west of the Fangs of the Spider. She controls the powers of lightning much the same as her dragon ancestors did so long ago. She and her band were captured some weeks ago while adventuring through the Fangs of the Spider in search of power and treasure. The Hand of Fey adventuring company; an all female group, all with a common view of sexuality and a man’s place below that of a woman, was founded by Hieraak and her sister Jesritha. The band currentlty numbers some 30 members split into 5 woman groups, each led by a senior member of the band. The group led by Hieraak lost two of its members when they were ambushed by undead ambominations several weeks before. Inetha an Eladrin Wizard, and Hrotha a dwarven Warlord were the lost members of her band.

Korakku, A kenku ranger of the bow. The avian has the keen eyes of a hawk and her arrows are far more deadly. She also is a member of the Hand of Fey company. She was travelling with her companions when they were beset upon by undead constructs, when she awoke she was trapped in some kind of tank full of a weird paralyzing gel. She felt her life force being slowly drained from her body.

Yuekiko, A longtooth shifter monk of no small skill and member of the Hand of Fey adventuring company. She is the most recent member of their band and was travelling with them on their ill fated mission. The mission had in fact been her suggestion, as she had recently discovered an old scroll that spoke of a the dungeon lair of a powerful demon, one who was in possession of an artifact that had been looted from her monastic temple over a thousand years ago.

The Sage: Amerith, An elven woman of noble bearing and powerful magic. She works for the Darkhaven noble Lochnar. She has hired the party to recover magical items of demonic power and influence from the City of the Burning Night, now know as Tarek Nev.

The Sumggler: Grinjol, A burly scarred dwarf that seems to have some hand in smuggling and pirating operations. He operates out of the Darkhaven docks and has seen Mt Kadaena (he thinks)

The Renegade: Tayreth, Tayreth was a member of the Iron Eagles Mercenary company and during a battle with demons in the frozen wastes of Jountenheim he drank a golden potion that was recovered from Tarek Nev. This was an immortality potion made by Vrama Vair, which connected ones life force to that of the Black Hell where Vrama’s “gods” lived. The potion transformed Tayreth into another being entirely, one far more powerful than before and without a normal moral compass. Tayreth’s current whereabouts are unknown although there has been some information recently that points to him having been in contact with Amerith.

Haloces – High Priest of Tempest, A large burly man with blond hair and a shaggy blonde beard. He is clad in shining mail and carries a large axe. He is the High priest of Tempest in the city of Wollin in Essengard. He helped the Iron Eagles get from Wollin to the “Fangs of the Spider” in search of Artax’s tower.

Maxwell – Priest of Death/the Raven Queen, An average man with dark hair and complexion and blue eyes. Maxwell is the current liason between the Church of Death and the Iron Eagles and has provided them with information on locating the Tower of Artax within the “Fangs of the Spider”

Sturmhand – Paladin of Tempest, A doughty dwarf in mithril plate mail. He has a shaven head covered with many scars but often has the foam from a recent tankard of ale still in his full black beard. He wields a pair of battle axes that spark with lightning when he swings them in battle. He is the leader of the band of warriors that hold the passage back to Essengard safe for the return of the Iron Eagles

Dedrie – the traitor, She was an attractive human female in her late twenties, and a priestess of Nothantep. She had some small ability at healing but seemed recultant to share much other knowledge about herself or her abilities. She apperantly used the Iron Eagles to gain access to the researce notes on the Stone of Chaos, and then stole both the notes and then the Stone itself. She used the sacrifice of Pessrell to power her twisted ritual to steal and unlock the stone’s power and was rewarded by being transformed into some sick twisted chaos creature. Tayreth ended her life as a service to both the Iron Eagles and indirectly to her as well.

Sarthrax, A mind flayer that stole the Stone of Chaos from the study temple of Nothantep and attempted to unlock its secrets. In the final battle to destroy him and take the stone, the Iron Eagles forced him to flee through a magic portal to the Land of the Dragons. He destroyed the portal on that side and has not been seen since.

Malachey, An Eladrin wizard obsessed with the far realms and how to gain their power. He hired many groups to find the Stone of Chaos for him and eventually gained possession of it. He used it to power some strange machine that tore open a hold to the far realms. From this hole came 3 beings of the far realms; associates of the “Child of Zanlothafolu”. He was killed by the Iron Eagles.

The Captain

Aroth T’Kal, Aroth T’Kal was killed in Tarek Nev. A male human, appears to be a warrior. Carries a huge two handed hammer inscribed with runes that spell out “hullcrusher” in the tongue of demons. He appears to be an excellent woodsman and sailor and something of a closet student of the arcane. Aroth T’Kal stands nearly seven feet tall, with black skin, a curly red beard and long muscular arms, and is an impressive figure of a man. He was hired by a Black Magician to recover magical artifacts from the City of the Burning Night know now as Tarek Nev. He set sail 6 months ago with a crew of 60 men, of which only 6 survive. He found a corpse outside of the city wearing a magical breastplate (which he took for himself) and holding a diary. The diary led him to the obsidian tower he now occupies along with his six remaining crew. Aroth seems have been traveling with the current group for at least five years. It is obvious from their interactions that the remaining were his top crew and/or lieutenants. Pessrell is the newest addition to this cadre of men, having served with Aroth for only the last year or so, while the others have been with him at least five years or more.

The Crew – all save Pessrell were apperantly killed in Tarek Nev

Porgno, Older male Orc, who appears to be a rogue or ranger of some type, carries a blowgun for hunting. Is very quiet and somewhat secretive. Generally speaks only to Aroth T’Kal.

Ern, He is an elven ranger at first glance, somewhere in his late to middle years. A bit taciturn and quiet but not against joining in a conversation if he feels he has something to add. He carries a longbow made of a silver alloyed steel that seem to have amazing range. He wears scale armor made of red dragon scales.

Kelluk, This is an Eladrin male, young as Eladrin go and a bit rough around the edges. He also appears to be a ranger of some sort. Dressed in dark leather and carrying a longbow that seems to have been crafted from the spine of some creature. Has a bit of a nasty sense of humor, plays dangerous practical jokes and like a good laugh. Complains often of the lack of female companionship.

Jahod, An older male dwarf who goes about with no shirt. He is covered in the scars of a gladitor of long standing. He is fond of brawling and wrestling. Does not wear any armor and has been seen to pick a huge variety of weapons and use them all with equal proficiency. He has a pair of matched katar’s that he seems to use when he does use weapons. Friends with Averok, apparently knew him before they both joined with Aroth T’Kal.

Averok, Male Dragonborn warrior of some sort. Like to joke and drink. Wears a torn shirt of brass chainmail and carries a very nice greatsword of elven make. Like Jahod he appears to have been a gladiator at some point. His closest friend seems to be Jahod whom he has know since before they both joined Aroth T’Kal.

Pessrell Pessrell was summoned by Dierdre, apperantly to power some summoning ritual that stole the Stone of Chaos from the Mind Flayer Sarthrax. It is unknow as to whether he is alive or dead. Appears to be your average hired sword, brown hair, green eyes and fairly non descript in every way. Seems to be the newest addition to Aroth T’Kal’s group. Willing to help as needed. Can hold his own in a fight, is 23 years old. After being separated from Aroth’s main group he seems to have attached himself to Princess as a possible mentor, and has all but signed a contract to become the newest member of the Iron Eagles. Pessrell looks to Thegel as a sort of mentor, in much the same way he looked tor Aroth T’Kal. He is fairly young and quite impressionable. Tayreth he finds a bit stand offish and something of a cold fish. He shows obvious signs of resentment and anger when Tayreth insults Thegel and has no great love of magic users in general. It seem apparent that he feels that magic users should be support for the real leaders in battle, the warriors and such.

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