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This is one of the primary human kingdoms, and the birthplace of Humans on Paladon. The elemental magic of their birth still figures greatly into their everyday life. This is especially true of their money, which is comprised of metallic like coins made of the four elements using elemental magic. Each coin can be combined/separated into lower/higher value coins with no special tools.

Coin Value (SCU) Weight (g)
Elemental Quarter $1.00 2.5
Elemental Round $4.00 10
Elemental Disk $16.00 40
Elemental Plane $64.00 160
Elemental Square $256.00 640


Another human kingdom, and a land of honor and chivalry. These coins are minted from precious metals, named for the guardians of the country, and backed by the honor of the King and Queen.

Coin Value (SCU) Weight (g)
Page $0.05 3
Squire $0.25 3.5
Knight Errant $0.50 4
Knight $1.00 5
Count $10.00 6
Duke $100.00 7
King $1,000.00 8


As a city of rogues, assassins, and black magicians nothing they do is quite conventional. Their coinage is usually stolen or borrowed from other nations, and stamped with the image of Twilight and passed off as official Darkhaven currency.

Coin Value (SCU) Weight (g)
Darkel $0.95 3

Oovra Droom

The land of the Dwarves. Their money is all solid metal. Squares, Blocks, and Cubes are all of the same relative size. A Dwarven money smith or someone else with the proper tools or training can combine/separate the various coins into different whole coins. Even mixed coins can be combined as the Smith can determine value by weight and feel.

Coin Value (SCU) Weight (g)
Tin Square $0.01 7.28
Tin Block $0.27 196
Tin Cube $7.29 5310
Copper Square $0.05 8.93
Copper Block $1.35 54
Copper Cube $36.45 6510
Iron Square $0.25 7.85
Iron Block $6.75 212
Iron Cube $182.25 5720
Silver Square $0.50 10.5
Silver Block $13.50 284
Silver Cube $364.50 7650
Gold Square $1.00 19.3
Gold Block $27.00 521
Gold Cube $729.00 14100
Platinum Square $10.00 21.4
Platinum Block $270.00 578
Platinum Cube $7,290.00 15600
Mithril Square $1,000.00 4.5
Mithril Block $27,000.00 121
Mithril Cube $729,000.00 3280


A land of dwarves and elves together. This place was founded by two wandering adventurers who found a lasting friendship despite their very different backgrouds. Artisans are hightly valued here, as this is one of the seats of Bragan’s power in the world. Semi-precious gems are carved and marked by special craftsmen. The higher the value of coin, the more intricate the carving or more valuable the stone being carved.

Coin Value (SCU) Weight (g)
Opal Stone $1.00 15
Sapphire Worm $5.00 15
Topaz Mushroom $20.00 15
Ruby Lizard $100.00 15
Garnet Crawler $1,000.00 15
Emerald Spider $5,000.00 15
Diamond Bat $20,000.00 15


A kingdom of human and human-animal hybrids from the deserts of the far north west. The coins are created from common materials, and before being circulated, they are blessed, sealed, and marked by the Church of Ra.

Coin Value (SCU) Weight (g)
Ivory Disc $0.30 10
Bronze Disc $3.00 20
Gold Disc $30.00 30


This somewhat small nation of mercenaries and artisans has left its mark upon the world in a large way. Their money is in the form of small steel coins stamped with the mark of the island they were minted on, on one side and the mark of Asylum on the other. These coins can be broken into four equal pieces or “Marks”

Coin Value (SCU) Weight (g)
Plague Coin $6.40 20
War Coin $16.00 20
Famine Coin $40.00 20
Death Coin $100.00 20

Deneb Keep

This is the land governed by the College of High Magic, the bastion of good magic upon Fortruss. They mint a pentagonal coin with an impression of an open book on one side and the symbol of the College of High Magic on the other. The coins can be broken into five equal parts, often called “pages” from a tome.

Coin Value (SCU) Weight (g)
Copper Tome $1.00 20
Silver Tome $5.00 20
Gold Tome $20.00 20
Crystal Tome $100.00 20

Elven Forest

The Elven people put value into music, and as such they base their monetary system on the “feel” of a certain note or song. The simple “coins” are pieces of crystal, imbued with a musical tone or note, they might justly be referred to as solid music. Tone deaf people often dislike dealing with elven money as they cannot hear the differences in the various basic coins. As more notes are added to a “coin, its weight and size grow. After the first eight notes the size stabilizes and from that point on the coins are all the same size and weight, differentiated only by their music. An Elven money changer or someone else with the proper training or equipment can combine/separate Elven notes into larger/smaller collections of notes or songs. There is no known limit as to how many notes can be combined in a song. There are legends of wandering Elven heroes carrying with them the wealth of generations in a single coin that will play its music for hours.

Coin Value (SCU) Weight (g)
Crystal A $0.55 5
Crystal B $1.23 5
Crystal C $2.77 5
Crystal D $5.87 5
Crystal E $13.18 5
Crystal F $27.93 5
Crystal G $35.20 5
Crystal Duo varies 10
Crystal Trio varies 15
Crystal Quartet varies 20
Crystal Quintet varies 25
Crystal Sextet varies 30
Crystal Septet varies 35
Crystal Octet varies 40
Crystal Song varies 50


The mysteries lands to the south are the the home to the people of Oka-Wen-Sa. This land is home to humans of yellow skin, animal hybrids, and spirit creatures of great power. They are also home to the dolphin touched sea elves. Their coins are made from an octagonal shaped ceramic tile impressed with the image of a creature on one side and the oriental character for money on the other. A coin can be broken into eight equal pieces, each of which is referred to as a child of the mother coin or by the name given.

Coin Value (SCU) Weight (g)
Rabbit Eight $0.80 20
Monkey Eight $1.60 20
Horse Eight $3.20 20
Crab Eight $6.40 20
Dog Eight $12.80 20
Carp Eight $25.60 20
Rooster Eight $51.20 20
Boar Eight $102.40 20
Snake Eight $204.80 20
Peacock Eight $409.60 20
Tiger Eight $819.20 20
Dragon Eight $1,638.40 20


Stygia, the land of evil, ruled by an iron hand by Garm Steelblood, immortal ruler and grand architect of much of the evil in the world. Their coinage is stamped from a brittle grey metal, which is an alloy of iron and minerals found only in the sawmps of Stygia, also called swamp iron. The coins are basically circular with a picture of Garm on one side and the dragon part in question on the other. The coins have an oily slick feel to them. The fact that many countries refuse to take Stygian money ensures that much of this coin will eventually finds its way back home

Coin Value (SCU) Weight (g)
Dragon’s Tooth $0.25 2
Dragon’s Claw $0.50 3
Dragon’s Wing $0.75 5
Dragon’s Scale $1.00 6
Dragon’s Bone $7.00 9
Dragon’s Eye $13.00 10
Dragon’s Heart $100.00 15


Land of the Sea Kings and home to the largest navy in Fortruss. Their coins are carved from a type of sea shell found off of the Turanic coast. They are painted with a special dye that shimmers gold when immersed in sea water. The secret of this dye is known only to the Sea Kings of Turan.

Coin Value (SCU) Weight (g)
Turanic Shell $1.00 1
Turanic Shark $5.00 1.25
Turanic Wave $25.00 2
Turanic Ocean $30.00 2.5
Turanic Sea $100.00 2.75
Turanic Crown $1,000.00 5


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