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Gods of the Nureti

Where I will attempt to list the things that you already know.

Aminos: One of the “dead” gods of the Nureti, power over forces of wind and weather. His sign is the crossed bolts.

Red Gate: He names himself Teroglustrod

Tilak: V’rama’s greatest champion. Bearer of the secret gift. Armor crucial to rebirth. Prophecy says wearer becomes god…

V’rama Vair: Last queen of the Nureti. Believed to have been the daughter of Kadaena

In the great war many noble races cast their lot in fire, and some were called to smash the great cities, not the least of which was Tarek Nev. Aranmor was lost, and the door was open to the Black Hel…

Ludvaraman: The last and only God-King of Tarek Nev. He reign was ended when the evil V’rama Vair took the city and imprisoned him. It is thought that he still lives in some fashion and might one day arise again and return Tarek Nev to its golden days of peace and prosperity.

Dalogor: the Nureti god of hatred was defeated and his sentience of hatred silenced

Orgiana: Queen of the Black Hel, fled when the Nureti gods were defeated and has not been heard from since

Solus, Derion, and Mournos: All of these gods were imprisoned within lumps of meteoric metal by Bragan, god of smiths. The metal pieces were scattered and buried deep withing the earth

Syncarnos: This god was captured by Cambar, god of battle.

The Wyr Forest: Encompassing two-thirds of Aranmor’s surface is the lush shadowy Wyr Forest, a true primeval jungle. Petrified logs and stumps combined with dense broadleaf foliage make passage through the Wyr Forest slow and difficult. Little radiance filters down through the 300’ ceiling that blankets most of the forest; even in daylight the atmosphere of the great wood is eerie. Heavy ground mists are the norm here. The temperature in all parts of the forest hovers between 85 and 95 degrees with 90 percent humidity.

The Elder Swamp: The sun never shines on this vast, stagnant marshland. The earth has has been churned into a moist, bubbling, noxious pool. Swarms of poisonous mosquitoes, reptiles, and carnivorous birds roam the swamps surface. The average temperature is the Elder Swamp is 112 degrees, with higher temperatures in the boiling maelstrom of the deep pools.

Mt Kadaena: Thrusting to a height of 4,300’, Mt. Kadaena shows signs of potential ereuption, casting a cloud of grey smoke over Aranmor. Very little foliage can be found within 10 miles of the Volcano


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