8.6.09 CoZ-XV

Adventure begins once the PCs have approached the outline of the apparent door into the blistered tower.

Now that the heroes are next to the 200 foot tower, they are able to discern that the entire tower is covered in the strange “blisters”. Random bolts of hellish lightning from the blackened sky strike the tower’s blisters and then seem to be eagerly absorbed.

The door is little more that a faint outline. A strange “grid board” has been etched into its surface and below this grid are a gathering of ten etched pieces formed by one or more shapes. The shapes consist of triangles, squares, and circles.

The board has two triangles and one circle etched into it in an apparent random design. Numbers have been etched along the bottom and right hand side of the grid.

The Heroes study the board for some time and learn, understanding that it is a puzzle which needs to be solved in order to open the door. Initial attempts end in life energy being sucked from the person incorrectly manipulating the shapes or board.

Rysiris employs “Whispers of the Edifice” on three separate occasions (2400 gp total) trying to gain knowledge on how to properly solve the puzzle. Little is learned except that the shapes form pieces and the pieces must be properly placed on the board to solve the puzzle. The solution is different every time.

Sogwaddle attempts to figure the puzzle out and has some minor success. Thegel then makes some more correct assumptions that finally allows the heroes to properly place all the pieces.

Once the puzzle is solved, the door disappears revealing a 5 foot wide by 40 foot long hallway. The hallway is actually a tube made of transparent glass-like material. Greenish-yellow slime swirls about the first half of the tube and then the last 20 feet is surrounded by a black necrotic fire. The tube ends in a door. Upon the door is a wizard’s mark depicting a clawed hand with a skull in the middle.

Sogwaddle inspects the door and is confident that it is not trapped. Thegel kicks the door in.

Beyond is a half-circle shaped chamber. Inside is a gargoyle-like creature standing before a shrine in the shape of the wizard’s mark. 10 undead wizards also stand guard.

Combat ensues, but the heroes manage to quickly defeat the Nabassu Gargoyle and zombie cultist. After the battle the adventurers discover a radiant pool and deduce that it is in fact an elevator-like portal.

The shrine is searched and two gems are plucked from the skulls eyes. They are worth 5000 gp.

Using the portal the heroes ascend approximately 30 feet into a circular chamber. There are two iron statues set on tracks. Each track runs through three arcane symbols, the symbols are all different.

Rysiris deduces that the symbols are mathematical equations and only two are valid, the other four are false. The heroes move the statues to the valid symbols. A portal is created and a golden-jewel covered chest emerges and floats in the air. Additionally it appears that the elevator portal can now proceed upwards.

The PCs eye this suspiciously and decide to leave it alone for the time being, and continue upward.


Expt – 3000 Gold/Residuum Spent: 2,400 Treasure: 2 Gems worth 5,000 gp total

Total Gold/Residuum: 58,241


HP: 92/92 Healing Surges: 10/10 Action Points: 2 Milestones: 1 Used Daily Powers:
  • Three Beacons of Twilight
  • Wall of Light Reagents Used:
  • Brightleaf (Paragon Tier): 1



The following is taken from the private library of Sir Chambreyll Forgefist the High Priest and Head Master of the “Bastion of Hallowed Warfare”, priory and school of combat arts for the conscript village of Bladeturn.

It is said that those who chose the path of the invoker do so out of a desire to not merely worship a deity, but to become part of one. The eyes, the ears, the fist, the sword. The truth is; no one chooses to invoke the direct, unfiltered power of their lord. Such a thing cannot be decided by a mere mortal. The priests, the paladins, and even the avengers strive to earn the respect and trust of their divine master in hopes of being given a chance to direct celestial power through the proxy of a symbol of their god. In effect that is what these paths truly demonstrate; the symbolic power of the divine.

One who invokes the power of a deity directly with no intermediary or golden trinket is chosen by that deity. When does this choice occur? Perhaps has the creature grows in the womb, perhaps even before then. I can tell you this choice was not mine. I can tell you that because my focus is singular. I know this choice was not mine because it is all that I am and ever want to be. What I am trying to say is; there was no choice, I just am.

The Lord of Battle decided that it would not do to have me “represent” his faith or preach his teachings. Others can do that. Tempus needs mortal avatars to be his might, his will, his passion, his fury in the world. There is no time for prayer or worship. Why would a deity pray to itself or hold a private ceremony in its own honor? Do you understand? There is no Rysiris. There is a creature born of a race of celestial touched beings that was given this name. Such cloth bound sensibilities are necessary to move about the world, but what I am and what my lord expects me to be is The Lord of War on Paladon. Tempus does not wish me to sit and kneel and beg his council. It is not required of me, for I am bound to my lord by streams of radiance that control my decisions and actions. Some say the invokers are the puppets of their lords. That is closer, but still misses the mark. There is no need to control an invoker or manipulate his will to serve his deity. I AM MY DEITY. I am the force of nature that is warfare. I am the law of combat. I am the mountain that will not bow to the crush of the wave. I am the pride of the last warrior standing and I am the respect of the honorably fallen.

I have the memories of a thousand lifetimes swirling through my mind, all of them serving the storm of war. My memories do not include family, lovers, or friends. They include war-bands, sexual conquests, brothers-at-arms, glorious victory, and painful defeat. These memories guide me, giving me strength when I most need it, and hope when the taste of blood fills my mouth. The others paths of divine power look upon the invoker with sympathy and pity. I’ve heard the whispers when they thought I could not hear. I turn and confront them “do not be afraid brother; you can speak your mind freely to an invoker. Your words cannot offend, and your pity is a shameful waste. How can the words of disconnection offend one who bears witness of this life with the shared vision and brilliant revelation of their god? Go and pray to your image, pray that your god will bless you with some meager token of appreciation, pray that you are worthy to receive your god’s attention for the briefest of moments”.

Most recently my lord has placed me with a small band of warriors. Little reason was given and I do not require one. Brother Thegel (a half-elf), the goblin Sogwaddle and the goblin’s apprentice, Brother George have been my partners in combat for many days now. At first I was a little skeptical, maybe I had been mistakenly delivered to the wrong place. Of course I knew this to be immediately untrue and have done my best to find a place amongst them. My efforts have been rewarded and the wisdom of the lord of blades is great. The three have done masterfully well in adapting to the more advanced combat tactics than I sense they were used to. A raw chunk of ore was placed before me and I am slowly forging a dangerous weapon.

The leader of the group is a well rounded formidable mercenary, who is open-minded and beginning to understand the art behind the brutal violence of combat. Like most mercenaries, Thegel’s main focus seems to be financial. However he has a deep sense of honoring his word, strangely through written contracts. Beneath the mercenary’s demeanor is the heart of a knight, and perhaps also a lawyer.

The goblin Sogwaddle has earned my trust on several occasions. He is predictable in his unpredictability. “Sog” is the variable that will keep our foes always guessing. Rare is the warrior-poet, but brother Sogwaddle is becoming skilled at both. Many nights I lay awake watching him tinker something together and then the next day witness the seemingly useless item explode raining a shower of fire and agony down on our enemy. I often wonder at the weapons he could build given enough material and time. I am beginning to believe that the future of warfare is moving in a direction that Brother Sog is already far down the path of. It is exciting to see the birth of a new form of combat.

His apprentice, Brother George is a strange one. I have no explanation for it, but I feel compelled to watch over the little beast. I’m constantly wondering what it is thinking and imagine an astute mind. Alas he is mostly silent, perhaps another mark of wisdom. Whatever the cause, George is willing to help in whatever we ask of him and I deeply respect his commitment to Brother Sogwaddle. Perhaps one day he’ll break free of his shell and show us the enormous intellect I suspect lies beneath.

After arriving in Darkhaven, Brother Thegel immediately set me about to sell the treasure we had previously collected, and using the proceeds, began crafting several new items of arcane power. Once we had re-supplied I sensed discomfort dwelling within Thegel. I myself was growing more disconcerted everyday that passed with the cursed stone in our possession. Although I had only briefly travelled with this band, I had heard their stories of the malformed enemies and had seen enough myself to understand the truth behind them. The Stone is corrupt, and seeks to corrupt everything around it.

The days spent creating the various items and reagents that I knew would be required for battle on the road ahead were not all without pleasure. I spent some amount of our treasure paying for some services of the flesh that I can truly say were worth every gold coin (1000 gp). I was to invite my comrades, even willing to insist on a maiden to service our goblin brother and his apprentice, but found that they had discretely taken the almost worthless scrap silver and went on their own search of the flesh. I’ve heard of this kind of thing before, I believe soldier’s refer to it has “hogging”.

I was caught by surprise when the Brother Thegel approached me and gave me a crude eagle shaped pin. It took me a moment to realize that he was asking me to join his war-band, the Iron Eagles. I have learned that men who feel they are part of something tend to fight harder and are more trustworthy. I graciously accepted the offer, but declined to sign a contract citing that I did not know when Tempus would direct me elsewhere.

Now that I was a legitimate member of the group I felt it was my duty to confront Thegel with regards to my concerns about the Stone. He wisely agreed that we could not keep it. He said he had a potential buyer, Amerith, counselor to Locnar. I know a little of the merchant Locnar, mainly that he specializes in transport of goods to and from the Primordial. Not an easy trade, but one that has made him rich and powerful, especially within the walls of Darkhaven. Few will cross this man, and I worried that the Iron Eagles were in some way bound to him. Nonetheless, I felt that if we had a patron interested in the Stone, we’d be best getting rid of it.

Brother Thegel suggested we set up a meet via a messenger and offer the Stone to Amerith. He asked that I act has the negotiator. Apparently he has had some romantic relations with the powerful Amerith and was concerned that his spurned love would cause trouble with the negotiations.

We used a local messenger service to advise her of the meet. I secretly hid the Stone so as not to allow her to delve into the weaker minds of by comrades, and then cast a “Drawmij’s Instant Summons” (500 gp) on it in order to keep it hidden until an arrangement had been made.

We arrived at the Inn, “Twilight”, at midnight, an irony that caused Brother Thegel no end of amusement. We spent a great deal of coin (1000 gp) to appease our potential business partner. Unfortunately, the meeting did not go well. Brother Thegel did not seem willing to accept Amerith’s price of 50,000 gp and being a rather rude bitch I had no qualms about denying her that which she wanted.

One item of extreme interest was her claims of having recently spoken with the former Iron Eagle, Tayreth. The mage claimed to have the Stone, and Amerith had intended on meeting him here, instead of us. Odd. So at the end, both parties left unsatisfied, but I was rather apprehensive about this Tayreth fellow running about claiming to have the Stone. Perhaps he was planning on taking it from us. I felt we needed a safe place to keep the item of chaos and suggested the Church of Death, and knew of a large temple to the Raven Queen in the area.

Brother Thegel was not quite ready to rid himself of the Stone and potential gain. He decided to try and gather some information regarding Amerith, the Stone, and Tayreth. Things started off fairly well, but soon the amount of drink the warrior imbibed began to take its toll. Before midnight, I’m sorry to say, Brother Thegel had to be carried to his chambers by Brother Sog and myself. I can still smell the faint tinge of urine and vomit coming from the often proud mercenary.

The next morning, as if on cue, High Priest Maxwell summoned Thegel to the Church of the Raven Queen. What proceeded was a very long and very interesting meeting that led me to believe that perhaps Brother Thegel wasn’t being entirely honest in some of his accounts of recent events.

High priest Maxwell, informed me of the original contract with the Iron Eagles to recover the Horn of Zenlothafalu from Sir Mandalar’s stolen corpse. The rest of the history contained a mixture of information that I had already heard, albeit without some of the more disparaging details that Brother Thegel no doubt purposefully left out.

The priest told us that their divinations showed them that three more primordial’s escaped through a gate recently, which matched our account of capturing the Stone and destroying the portal-machine. At this point, I felt it a good idea to hand over the Stone. In doing so, Maxwell commented that the stone was nearly out of power, and seemed to be continuously diminishing. I handed over the various diagrams of the portal-machine and the priest confirmed that this was what probably allowed the three allies of Zenlothafalu to come forth.

The priest seemed intent on holding the Iron Eagles to their original contract and gave Brother Thegel a new lead to pursue. He wanted us to travel to the southern shore of the “Fangs of the Spider”. There, upon a basalt cliff would be found a tower belong to the necromancer Artax. Apparently, Maxwell believes that a powerful artifact that could drain the power from demi-god like being could be found there. Such a weapon may be the means for destroying Zenlothafalu and his allies. He would teleport us to the Temple to Tempus, within the city of Wollin, the capital of Essengard.

Furthermore he doled out several items of value and usefulness against the undead. He gave me 5 very powerful (epic tier) “Brightleaf” reagents, each of us two “Deathspawn Potions”, each of us three very powerful (level 26) holy waters, and 10 life shrouds to split between us.

After saying our farewells we were immediately transported to Essengard and met by the imposing figure Alicease, a mammoth of a man. The area was mainly populated be well civilized humans and barbarians. Although the atmosphere and architecture reflected a place poised for warfare, the people seemed polite enough.

From there we were teleported deep into a mountain sanctuary to a band of dwarves lead by, Sturmheart. After three days of travel with the mountain folk we came to a well secured door. Sturmheart gave us instruction that he’d wait two weeks before heading back and to shine something radiant through the door so he’d know it was us.

We entered onto a bleak landscape that immediately began to drain us of spirit and hope. I used a ritual to call a “Wilderness Guide” (360 gp) and we travelled uneventfully for 16 hours. After this long period of travel we were in need of a rest so I used a “Solace Bole” ritual (500 gp) and call another wilderness guide (360 gp). We then travel for another 8 hours, where in the distance Thegel spotted and intermittent blinking red light.

Sir George quietly snuck forward, and retuned swiftly. He whispered something to Brother Sog, and the goblin reported that a “clock-work” like insect device lay by a pool of brackish water, apparently quite damaged.

We approached the metal beast and Brother Sog deduced that it needed “life energy”. I cut my hand and let the blood spill from it onto the dusty metal surface. After a few moments that creature sprang into the air and began buzzing around quite excitedly.

A metallic voice issued from it and spoke saying that it need us to help it and follow. It then projected the image a conjoined huge beast, presumably the creature that caused the clock-work creature’s master to perish.

I called another wilderness guide (360), and we followed the two creatures, which travelled a very similar path for another 8 hours. In the distance we all saw the tower, but the clock-work beast prompted us to follow it over the basalt cliff.

Brother Thegel stepped over and looked down. Approximately 150 feet below lay a metallic humanoid creature, sprawled on the rocks.

Using “Tenser’s Lift” (125 gp), I transported us all down and collected the body. Once back at the top of the cliff I performed a Raise Dead ritual (500 gp). The creature rose slowly from the ground and took some time to examine himself. He appeared mostly clock-work and said his name was “N”. As he was telling us his story of searching for his brother and being attacked and killed nearly 5 years ago, the beast responsible for his death appeared in the distance and charged us with great speed.

The creature was not prepared for an organized fight, and Tempus’ battle skill flowed through me. Easily I drove the beast off the high cliff and Brother Sog used some wicked substance to adhere it to the surface. We easily took long range missile attacks at it has it slowly made its way back to the cliff surface. Once there it split into several different creatures all once composed of its former self. The metal-forged creature “N” quickly vanquished several of them, shouting Tempus’ glory all the while. The battle ended soon thereafter.

We were able to inspect the tower which rose approximately 200’ into the gray air and seemed to be about one half mile in the distance. The tower itself was constructed of ugly green stone and seemed to contain at least 5 blister-like edifices protruding from the walls of the tower like tumors on an infected dog. The function of these blisters is, has of yet, undetermined.

“N” was invited to join our small party, and he quickly accepted.


Expt – 3200

Gold Spent (Total): 49,380 gp

 Rituals Cast: 2,580 gp

 Feast at Twilight: 1,000 gp

 Fine Flesh: 1000 gp

 “Hogging”: 80 sp

Ritual’s Bought in Dark Haven:

 Create Holy Water (Level 1): 50 gp  Safeguard (Level 16) 13,500 gp  Consult Oracle (Level 16) 9,000 gp  Stasis Shell (Level 16) 9,000 gp  Fantastic Recuperation (Level 16) 9,000 gp  Whispers of the Edifice (Level 14) 4,200 gp




The adventure begins with the heroes searching the laboratory after vanquishing Malachy and setting the aspects of Zenlothafalu free.

Sogwaddle discovers 2 rings, a Ring of the Spectral Hand and an Amethyst Band of the Invisible Eyes. The charming goblinoid also deduces that there is approximately 22,000 gp worth of rare metal parts lying about from the device.

The Heroes take an extended rest; Rysiris uses an Arcane Lock ritual to secure the other door (25 gp).

After resting the adventurers continue through the double doors. An eerie green light is seen from the far end of the room, illuminating an altar and statue.

Sog sends forth his brave familiar, George, to scout ahead. The imp describes the altar and statue and Rysiris believes that it is a shrine to Willogoth, Deity of Intelligence, Cold, and “the north”.

The PCs decide to search the area but before they do, Rysiris employs an Endure Elements (20 gp) and an Undead Ward (35 gp) ritual.

The group moves forward and begins searching; Sogwaddle quickly discovers movement in an adjacent room. The warriors prepare for battle, as Rysiris blasts a Grasping Shard into the adjacent room and then moves within the protection of the undead ward. Thegel and Sogwaddle follow suit.

Several undead emerge from the room including 1 sword wraith; 3 shattered wraiths; and 2 oblivion wraiths.

With the undead unable to cross Rysiris’ Undead Ward, the heroes easily defeat the enraged hell spawn.

After combat the PCs resume their search and discover two gems worth 7500 each and a pile of diamonds worth 75,000 gp.

Further exploration leads the heroes into a room filled with an arcane mist. Suddenly both Rysiris and Thegel are grabbed by tentacles and drawn into the room to face a Roper Construct and 4 aberrant flingers.

The far-realm creatures are no match for the skill of the heroes, and soon the skilled warriors are on their way to further exploration.

As they make their way to the last area unsearched beneath the ice, the heroes enter a room with a font radiating magical energy. Rysiris steps into its cold light and after enduring a bit of pain gains some temporary resistance to cold and necrotic.

Having explored all that is underneath, the heroes decide to continue towards the ziggurat. At the first terraced courtyard the PCs defeat 1 ice tomb wight and 2 ice wights.

Rysiris invokes a Shadow Bridge ritual to carry the heroes across the next three battlements (3×135 = 405 gp) without having to travel through the courtyards.

At the main courtyard just outside the ziggurat the PCs encounter undead and with little difficulty (undead ward ritual, 35 gp) defeat 2 ice tomb wights, 5 blight fire wretches, and 1 ice wight leader.

The ziggurat is empty with the exception of the fake machine. Sogwaddle believes Malachy put it here as a decoy.

Sogwaddle determines that approximately 85,000 gp worth of precious metals can easily be scavenged from the device. The heroes discover some evidence that Malachy was a Black Magician.

Rysiris uses a Linked Portal Ritual (135 gp) to transport the PCs to the Temple of Tempus within Darkhaven.

PCs gain 6100 expt Sogwaddle kept Ring of the Spectral Hand Rysiris kept Amethyst Band of the Invisible Eyes


Items to be Sold @ 90% (Total Value = 475,920)

 Evil Eye Fetish +4 (18th Level) [85,000 gp]  War Ring (16th Level) [45000 gp]  Suit of Stormlord WyrmScale +4 (21st Level) [125,000 gp]  Orb of Crimson Commitment +4 (19th Level) [105,000 gp]  Luckbender Gloves (6th Level) [1,620 gp]  Cloak of the Walking Wounded +3 (14th Level) [18,900 gp]  Ring of Spell Storing (20th Level) [112,500 gp]  Goggles of Night (14th Level) [18,900 gp]

Treasure (Total = 252,151 gp & 32,000 Residuum)

 55,150 gp  32,000 Residuum  75,000 gp diamonds  Scrap silver worth approximately 80 sp  Scrap device parts worth 22,000 gp  2 Eye Gems, 7500 gp each (15,000 gp)  Scrap device parts worth 85,000 gp

Rituals Cast (Total Cost = 665)

 Arcane Lock: 25  Endure Elements: 20  Undead Ward: 35×2  Shadow Bridge: 135×3  Linked Portal: 135

Items to be Upgraded (Total Cost = 144,000)

 Heroic Tier Stalwart Belt to Paragon Tier = 43,200 gp  Cloak of Distortion +3 to +4 = 100,800 gp

Items Created (Total Cost = 112,385)

 Potion Regeneration: 160  Brightleaf: 125  Desert Rose: 100  Gloves of Accuracy (16th Level) [45,000 gp]  Ring of Feather Fall (14th Level) [21,000 gp]  Ring of Calling (14th Level) [21,000 gp]  Cloak of Displacement +3 (15th Level) [25,000 gp]

Items Bought

 Helm of Ghostly Defense (22nd Level) [390,000]

Finance Balance

113,021  gold/residuum



Adventure begins after finding two concealed doors off of the “Practice Room”.

Thegel and Rysiris help Sogwaddle search the doors for traps and determine that they are not trapped or locked.

Rysiris hears the sound of howling wind behind the north door, but nothing through the southern door.

The heroes investigate the north door and discover a small room with a ladder leading up twenty feet to a trap door.

Rysiris uses “Walk Between Worlds” to begin phasing, and moves through the door stealthily. The invoker finds himself in a guard tower and explores further. His efforts reveal that he is on a large wall with two guard towers. The wall surrounds a glowing structure in the distance behind two more walls with guard towers. A bridge crumbles away off an ice cliff in one direction, but passes through the closed gates and eventually leads towards the glowing structure. The walls are terraced and would normally provide Tempus’ agent a fairly decent view of the structure, however due to the blowing snow, Rysiris’ vision is greatly reduced. He does discover two unmanned ballistae at the top of the guard towers, and after waiting and watching for some time sees a large undead creature and two smaller undead creatures waiting behind the gate in the courtyard.

The deva returns to the heroes and reports all that he has seen.

The party discusses a strategy to draw out the creature believed to be in the blood stained room from which gnawing sounds can be heard.

Rysiris moves into the blood stained room and issues a challenge. Malachy’s butcher comes forth and battle is begun. The PCs tactically defeat the butcher and his meat motes.

Rysiris uses “Tenser’s Floating Disc” to search the blood stained room and move the heroes to passages beyond without coming into contact with the hate-filled fluid. (125×4=500 gp).

The heroes enter into an area of more rooms and passages. Several darkened areas are visible, Rysiris believes they are rifts into the Shadowfell. After some waiting and watching the invoker hears heavy breathing and sees the shadowy form of several large and huge creatures.

Combat ensues with 2 Hook Horrors, 1 Shadow Hulk, and an Eye of Frost.

The PCs eventually defeat the beasts through well disciplined combat technique.

Rysiris cast “Solace Bole” and the PCs take an extended rest (500 gp).

The heroes search the area and Sogwaddle finds a secret locked door, and manages to get through it. Beyond the door is a wizard’s study. Within is:

• A glass jar with 27,000 in residuum • A worm infested bed • Women’s clothing, covered in blood and torn. • Papers with sketches of anatomical diagrams of several of the undead creatures, demons, and eidolons we have fought. Also summoning and binding circles. • Maps of many of the areas we have been to. • Diagram of a strange machine/device used to hold and manipulate an artifact, possibly the stone. The notes suggest there are two devices and one is fake.

Sog finds yet another secret door, it opens into a private library. Find:

• 5,000 in residuum. • +4 evil eye fetish (18th Level) [AV-152]

Rysiris uses detect secret doors (25 gp), but does not find any additional doors.

PCs continue down passage off of library and come to another door. The whirling sounds of a machine are heard beyond it.

Sog softly opens the door and far-realm energy pours forth. After drinking an invisibility elixir, Sog enters the room and reports a medium sized laboratory with a large machine matching the true device in the diagram.

A wizard is currently chanting and manipulating the machine. The Chaos Stone is held by the machine.

Combat ensues and the heroes discover that they are fighting the infamous Malachy. To the wizards surprise a grotesquely deformed humanoid erupts from the machine with glee. It appears to be an Aspect of Zenlothafalu.

Thegel and Rysiris fight Malachy while Sogwaddle begins to sabotage the machine. As combat continues two more aspects are brought forth.

In the end the wizard is defeated and the Aspects flee. The machine implodes on itself leaving behind the stone.

Thegel puts the stone in the magically prepared box.

-End (W/O searching the area)

Rysiris Status

 HP: 83/88  AP: 1/1  HS: 9/10

Rysiris Consumable Inventory

 Creeping Gatevine: 10/10  Potion Vitality: 10/10  Potion Regeneration: 0/5  Augmenting Whetstone: 5/10  Brightleaf: 9/10  Mind Dust: 5/5  Desert Rose: 10/10  Glass Steel Shards: 10/10  Oil Flesh Returned: 1/1

Daily Attack Powers Used

 Summon Blade Angel

Daily Utility Powers Used  Wall of Light  Shielding Nimbus

Daily Item Powers Used

  • Rod of Malign Conveyance

Rituals Cast

 Tenser’s Floating Disc (x4) – 500 gp  Detect Secret Doors – 25 gp  Solace Bole – 500 gp

Treasure Recovered *

 32,000 Residuum  +4 Evil Eye Fetish (18th Level) [AV-152]

Rysiris Item Creation

 15 Potion of Regeneration (2,400 gp)  15 Augmenting Whetstone (27,000 gp)  1 Brightleaf (125 gp)  20 Potions of Vitality (20,000 gp)

Thegel Receives

 5 Potions of Regeneration (Level 9)  5 Augmenting Whetstones (Level 16)  10 Potions of Vitality (Level 15)

Sogwaddle Receives

 5 Potions of Regeneration (Level 9)  5 Augmenting Whetstones (Level 16)  10 Potions of Vitality (Level 15)

Rysiris Receives

 5 Potions of Regeneration (Level 9)  5 Augmenting Whetstones (Level 16)  1 Brightleaf (Level 8)

Total Booty to Date

 55,150 gp  32,000 Residuum  Scrap silver worth approximately 80 sp  Suit of Stormlord WyrmScale +4 (21st Level) [125,000 gp]  Orb of Crimson Commitment +4 (19th Level) [105,000 gp]  Evil Eye Fetish +4 (18th Level) [85,000 gp]

Balance of Gold/Residuum*

 87,150 – 49,525 = 37,625 gp




The adventure begins shortly after the demise of the legendary Eladrin master of the arcane, Tayreth. His cohorts have holed up in a guard room within the frozen fortress, perhaps the abode of the mage Malachy. The rugged mercenary Thegel is attempting to engage the travelling warrior poet Sogwaddle in a game of cards. Sogwaddle is deep in thought trying to come up with the appropriate verse to capture the grim nature of recent events. A thunderous clamoring of battle erupts from the corner of the room followed by a brilliant golden radiant flash. Once their eyes re-adjust a tall humanoid stands before them, almost as still as a statue. The being seems to emanate a divine presence and looks upon the two heroes with eyes that have the depth of many life-times. His deep brown skin is streaked with grayish-white irregular markings, and his long black hair is also colored with streaks of white and gray. He is clad in black iron scale mail of an exotic manufacture unseen by the two heroes, and it wields a bastard sword whose blade is made of shadow. Iron arm bands covered in arcane runes wrap his modest biceps, and dangerous looking spiked iron gauntlets cover his forearms. A black iron ring adorns his right hand, and a similar ring with a small ruby spike is worn on his left. Black leather boots with flowing, wing shaped runes cover his large feet. A blue cloak flows behind him shifting and swirling on its own, at times giving him the appearance of angelic wings. His eyes and upper face are covered by a thin silver metal mask, behind the mask his eyes glow a faint red. A small aquamarine colored gem floats just above his head. The creature also wears a thick belt of interwoven strands of braided iron cord. At its center is en emblem of a shield with a flaming sword at its center.

The creature addresses the two heroes explaining that he is Rysiris, champion and invoker of Tempus. He explains that he has been sent by Tempus to help one of his lord’s chosen.

Introductions are made. Between Sog and Thegel’s different accounts, Rysiris begins to understand some of what has recently occurred . The Deva politely and articulately asks many questions regarding the recent events and the heroes’ purpose. After much discussion Rysiris informs the heroes, that should they allow it, he would accompany them as they continue their search for the stone, the wizard Malachy, and the demon spawn of Zenlothafalu. He further states that Tempus may have other plans for him, once he has fulfilled his current task, which is still somewhat unclear. With that decided, Sogwaddle pours a cup of brew and the three salute one another.

Thegel decides to lead the heroes back to the room where Tayreth vanished. No sign of enemies are found (except the scorch marks and frozen demon ichor splatter), but exploring deeper into the room uncovers an altar to Orcus, a library containing various works on demonology, and a summoning circle. This area, and particularly the altar, appears to have been recently desecrated by strong arcane forces. Thegel remarks that Tayreth has been known to cause similar devastation when provoked.

Carefully searching the area reveals nothing useful, but Thegel, like a rat, furitivley gathers up some silver shrapnel worth approximately 80 sp.

Rysiris uses a “Detect Secret Doors” (125 gp) ritual but does not discover any within this area.

Thegel leads the group into another yet unexplored area. This area is mostly a bare room, except for a very large statue of a tentacle faced humanoid. The statue gives off a strange far-realm presence.

Thegel finds a secret door at the other end and Sog manages to unlock it. Past the door are six pillars. Treasure lies littered around the bases of the pillars.

At the far end of this room is another statue identical to the first one.

The heroes leave this room and shut the door. Rysiris uses an “Arcane Lock” ritual (150 gp) on the door in hopes of keeping that way barred for now.

Thegel then approaches the first statue and kicks it. This causes the statue to spring to life.

Combat ensues as the other statue bursts forth from the Arcane Locked door with little effort.

Combat: 2 Far-Realm Eidolons

After a long battle the PCs manage to destroy the strange and powerful constructs.

Inside the pillar room they find some treasure: 47,000 gp, a Suit of Stormlord WyrmScale +4 (21st Level), and an Orb of Crimson Commitment +4 (19th Level).

The Heroes decide to rest, Rysiris casts the ritual “Solace Bole” (500 gp) to offer them a safe place.

After the extended rest the heroes are faced with two doors and try to decide which way to go to further explore this area. Rysiris uses the ritual “Hand of Fate” (50 gp). Rysiris asks the following questions and receives these answers:

1. What is the quickest path to the stone? The hand points behind them and away from the doors.

2. What is the quickest path to Malachy? The hand gives no reply.

3. What is the quickest path to the most reward? The hand points towards the left hand door.

The PCs go past door and discover an empty prison and another door.

Rysiris “phases” Sog’s familar, George, through the door. While invisible, George scouts the area beyond and returns and happily conveys a very vivid description of the rooms and creatures beyond.

The rooms beyond appear to contain a lounge area, a small study, and a training room. A passage also leads off from these rooms but George did not explore too far down this hall.

Within these rooms are the following enemies:

3 Fists of Malachy 2 Eyes of Malachy 1 Shade Witch

The heroes discuss a battle plan and execute it with skill and efficiency. After the battle the PCs search the area, but find no treasure. Damn you Hand of Fate!!!


EXPT: 3000 Treasure: 47,000 gp Suit of Stormlord WyrmScale +4 (21st Level) Orb of Crimson Commitment +4 (19th Level) Scrap silver worth approximately 80 sp

Rysiris Status Hit Points: 88/88 Action Points: 1 Healing Surges: 10/10 Potions Vitality: 10/10 Potions Regeneration: 4/5 Augmenting Whetstones: 9/10 Daily Attack Powers Used: Summon Blade Angel, Three Beacons of Light Daily Utility Powers: Wall of Light Daily Item Powers Used: Shadowfell Blade, War Ring Rituals Cast: Detect Secret Doors, Arcane Lock, Solace Bole, Hand of Fate Gold (Residuum): 9,175/10,000


6.25.09 CoZ X Adventure begins shortly after the heroes have leapt through the portal in the shadowfell back into Paladon.

The heroes deduce that they are in a part of the continent known as “Jotumheim”, or “Land of the Giants”.

The adventurers are at the bottom of an 80’ cliff. Overhead, the remnants of a large stone bridge lurches out into the open space. It is unclear has to what or where the bridge at once point led to.

The temperature is dangerously low and causes the heroes to express signs of hypothermia and frostbite. Tayreth uses an “Endure Elements” ritual to make them all comfortable.

The charming goblinoid, Sogwaddle, spots several creatures atop the bridge. He believes that three are ragged looking humans dressed for the cold environs, and the forth creature is a demonic Chasme. Sog believes that they have been spotted by the creatures.

Tayreth suggests raising a white flag in hopes of communicating that we wish only to pass. Using the “Comprehend Languages” ritual, Sogwaddle communicates with the demon in the Abyssal tongue.

Negotiations do not go well, and the demon seems intent on combat. The Chasme attempts to put the heroes to sleep.

The battle ends poorly for the demon and his cult, and soon the adventurers are exploring several cave entrances that seem to lead into the side of the cliff. A strange “Apathy Mist” seems to block the entrances.

Tayreth discovers that “Fire Burst” seems to dissipate the treacherous vapor for a brief time.

The heroes enter into a complex tunnel system of carved ice passages. Tayreth believes that arcane influence is keeping the area stable.

The party ventures into a room that contains a large pit. The brave, powerful, generous, kind, fun-loving, trust-worthy, compassionate, loyal, deadly, intelligent, mentor of idiots, and arcane master, investigates the pit.

A titanic battle erupts involving 3 Mezzodemons, 1 Solaminth, and 1 Immolith. The party is already badly injured and depleted of resources. The battle does not go well for the heroes at all, and doom seems to be in the heroes’ immediate future.

Bereft of all other significant options, the brave, powerful, generous, kind, fun-loving, trust-worthy, compassionate, loyal, deadly, intelligent, mentor of idiots, and arcane master, draws forth a vial of golden liquid. Warily he drinks its contents.

Pain wracks his mortal form and arcane necrotic energy courses through his soul and physical form, changing him as it weaves and worms its insidious hate-filled force into his psyche.

What rises from the frozen floor of the ice cavern is a creature that is no longer entirely Tayreth.

Gasping in a tortured voice, strained with effort, the Eladrin lich-lord screams at the heroes to “leave this place before you too perish before my wrath!”

Thegel and Sog quickly leave the area.

The remaining demons attempt to overcome the undead mage, but are unable to cause even the slightest of wounds. Battle rages for sometime before all is quiet. Thegel and Sog re-enter and find that only scorch marks and frozen blood splatter remain.

They deduce that Tayreth must have drug the demons back to the abyss, where he too surely now resides.

After several days, nay months, (ok, maybe a few minutes?) of mourning the remaining “heroes”, find the emotional strength to carry on.


EXPT: PCs are brought to 70,000 expt Treasure: None. Tayreth Status: Retired as NPC Remaining Gold/Resdiuum: None ya fucks! Tayreth had it all!! Advice: Iron Eagles, LLC, should file for bankruptcy.





The adventure begins after the heroes have taken a couple of days to rest, re-equip, and upgrade/create several magic items. Sog continues to travel with the PCs. The Party has decided to pursue Deirdre’s attackers through the shadowfell rift.

A search of the Temple reveals a “Black Gate Rune”.

The goblin bard Sogwaddle is officially initiated into the Iron Eagles. Announcements are sent to every lord and lady in the Land of Paladon, but strangely no one comes to the party.

The Heroes gather Lem Harris, Gerald Roy, and Master Ren. Tayreth explains that he believes that the danger to Wellspring has passed and their obligation to Lem has been filled. The person responsible for the abductions was a mind flayer named Sathrax. His hideout beneath well spring was discovered, and the PCs defeated him in combat. The mind flayer ran off through a portal which led to the “Land of Dragons” far across the continent. After the creature passed through the portal, it destroyed the arcane conduit preventing the heroes from following him, but also preventing him from returning.

The mage continues informing the town “leaders” that they still have a previous obligation to track the stone. Therefore they are going to pass through the gate in the temple which leads to the shadowfell. The heroes believe that the stone was forcibly taken from Deirdre by agents of an entity named Malachy. Malachy hired the late Sylis, who in turn hired the small mercenary group, the Stormcrows. Sylis was assassinated by Sathrax.

The Eladrin advises the Wellspring guardians that an open portal to the Shadowfell isn’t a great thing to have in the middle of town. Tayreth recommends shutting it after the heroes have passed through, but if that isn’t going to happen then they should, at the very least, post a heavy guard.

The heroes say their last goodbyes to the good people and whores of wellspring and then pass through.

On the other side is a gray and menacing forest. Tracks are discovered in the forest floor and careful examination reveals to the Fey mage that a mixed party of shadar-kai and dark stalker, numbering about 6, landed hard and then set off quickly from this location. The tracks seem to have headed north, but after only 100 yards the tracks completely disappear.

Using the help of Thegel and Sog, Tayreth uses all his skill to extrapolate a likely course through this mockery of a forest. The pace is greatly slowed as the party examines every print, every bent twig, often back tracking to examine other possibilities.

Eventually the heroes enter into a clearing. Their caution pays off as they notice many undead creatures lying under the forest detritus. The heroes quickly send the animates into eternal slumber and then search the area.

A thorough search reveals a “Helm of Swift Punishment”. Nobody wants the DMs crappy magic item, so it is stowed to be sold or disenchanted.

The heroes are able to pick up the trail of the shadow creatures. Tayreth believes that they are not anticipating the PCs making past this point.

In an effort to make up lost time, Tayreth leads a group ritual to summon “Phantom Steeds” (70 gp). The group is able to call forth flying steeds.

The Heroes soar across the shadowscape in hot pursuit of their quarry, and after only 15 miles they encounter a road. The travelers fly above the road at break-neck speed and come to a cross roads after about 20 more miles.

In the center of the crossroads is a skeletal figure waving a white-flag. Sog attempts to communicate with the soulless animate. The skeleton rasps, “My master wants to reward you for the help you accorded him in life.”

Hearing these words causes Tayreth and Thegel to look briefly at one another before bursting into laughter, and almost simultaneously stating, “It must be a trap”.

The skeleton leaves the flag, which contains a crude map on the back of it, before crumbling to dust.

Examination of the map reveals that the path to the “unknown supplicant” deviates from the path of our quarry. Understanding the likelihood of a trap, but nevertheless intrigued, the heroes quickly approach the “meet site”. It appears to be a clearing with a circle of stones. A figure stands in the center.

Tayreth suggests that he go forward alone, since it is obviously a trap, but may still offer some clues or insight. The Eladrin is confident in his ability to get the fuck out of dodge quickly. Thegel and Sog do not argue.

Tayreth approaches and sees a scale armored, long sword wielding Eladrin. It appears to be the former leader of the Stormcrows. Remembering the vicious beating that Elamir took from the heroes, especially Tayreth, the fey mage is very suspicious of this creature’s intentions.

Tayreth begins questioning the lifeless fey abomination, and senses that it is not being honest.

Elamir presents Tayreth with two items, a Cloak of Displacement +3 and a Ring of Personal Gravity.

As Tayreth reaches for the items, they crumble to dust and he is attacked by Elamir and 3 boneclaw skeletons.

The mage quickly vanishes, teleporting back to the waiting comrades. The heroes decide that pursing the stone is more important than killing Elamir, again. The heroes mount their flying steeds and leave the vengeful Eladrin behind. The tracks head towards the ocean.

As the party approaches the ocean they see a purple glowing portal guarded by 1 Mezzoloth, 3 canoloth war brutes and 2 canoloth harriers.

Sog tries to negotiate with the demons for safe, unmolested passage. Thegel notices that a Shadow Demon is hiding within the Portal.

Tayreth calls the shadow demon out and makes a deal w/ the demons for safe passage in trade for the 4 golden statues of Velmax. The demons agree.

An elaborate trade off ensues that Denzel Washington would be proud of.

Thegel is the first of the party to step through, and once he does the portal disappears.

Tayreth and Sog are attacked by the lying demons; while Thegel is transported to another realm contained 6 canoloths and 1 Mezzodemon.

Thegel decides to hide until Tayreth can come save him.

Back at the ocean side portal; with a sigh of annoyance, Tayreth dispels the demons feeble magic, uses a web to ensnare the pathetic creatures and then begins using a scroll of linked portal (135 gp) to re-open to portal Thegel went through.

Sog and Tayreth step through the re-opened portal and encounter the demons that Thegel is hiding from. Tayreth shuts the portal, and then with help from Sog, defeats the demons.

Tayreth and Sog eventually find Thegel hiding under a rock with his eyes shut. After several minutes of convincing the fighter that everything is ok and he can “re-appear”, Thegel uncovers his eyes (re-appears).

After some calculation Tayreth deduces that the heroes are back on Paladon.


PCs gain 5,000 expt

Tayreth Status

HP: 76 / 76 Healing Surges: 2 / 8 Potion Vigor: 10 / 10 Potion Regeneration: 5 / 5 Augmenting Whetstone: 10 / 10 Desert Rose: 10 / 10 Flame Rose: 9 / 10 Gatevine: 10 / 10

Daily Item Powers Used: Orb of Ultimate Imposition Daily Item Powers Remaining: 1

Daily Attack Spells Used: Sleep, Web, Daily Attack Spells Remaining: Stinking Cloud

Daily Utility Spells Used: Dispel Magic Daily Utility Spells Remaining: Blur, Shield, Shape the Dream

Rituals Cast: Phantom Steed (70), Linked Portal (135)

Gold Spent: Statues of Velmax given to Demons (3,000[6,000] 205 gp (Rituals)

Gold Remaining: 11,150 gp

Treasure: Helm of Swift Punishment (Lv 18, 85,000 gp)

Your foes soon learn the error of ignoring the threat you pose when you wear this helmet.

_Level: 18 Price: 85000 gp Item Slot: Head Power (Daily): Free Action. Use this power when you make an opportunity attack. Make two melee basic attacks instead of one. First published in Adventurer’s Vault._




The adventure begins shortly after the battle with the Gibbering Creature, in the room with the four statues of the aspects of Velmax.

As the heroes are deciding what to do next, a portal begins to form in the center of the room. Thegel and Tayreth retreat past different doorways and Pessrell retreats to a corner of the room.

We hear an agitated voice cry out, “No No, you can’t have it”. In response we hear a voice recognized as Dierdre’s state, “Fool, it is already mine”.

Pessrell gets sucked through the portal as it collapses, and we hear his screams.

Tayreth examines the site of the portal but decides following or re-opening it is beyond his power. After a brief moment of silence in honor of Pessrell, Thegel and the mage begin listening at the two remaining un-opened doors.

Through one we hear low moans and through the other the sound of swift moving water.

We open the door moans are heard from and discover a 26 cell prison. Each cell is occupied by humanoid, apparently from Wellspring. Their twisted and deformed bodies indicate that they have all been affected by chaos/far-realm energy to varying degrees.

Thegel tries to communicate with some prisoners but does not garner any useful knowledge. Tayreth goes to each cell and tries to collect the names of all who can coherently respond.

After that Tayreth, with Thegel’s assistance, makes two different attempts at using the ritual “Remove Affliction” in an attempt to restore the stricken. Both prisoners die, but one (the least affected) is restored before it dies. (250 gp x2 = 500 gp)

Tayreth believes that it will take several priests to properly restore these prisoners, but use the provisions found in the store room to feed the prisoners.

Thegel sees a homunculus observing the heroes, and after a brief chase it disappears into a cell at the back of the room. Inside is a dwarf.

Tayreth enters the cell in hopes of forcing the creature out, but sets off a trap. The Eladrin fey-steps out of the cell before he is overcome by a sleep inducing powder.

Still groggy, the mage imbibes a draught of the tiger’s eye rum to remove the effect, and then re-enters. Upon re-entering it is discovered that the dwarf is actually a goblin.

The goblin introduces himself as Sogwaddle (Sog) and is quite fluent. Sog tells the heroes that “tentacle-face” comes about three times a week to interrogate the prisoners, often asking questions about “Malachy”.

We know from past information that Malachy hired Sylis to recover the stone. Sylis then hired the Stormcrows, who came to Wellspring in search of it. Once they arrived they learned that it had been taken to the nearby Study Temple of Nothantep. The Heroes went there with Dierdre and discovered that the Stormcrows had made it to the temple, but the stone was no longer there. Sylis was later found dead in his hotel room in Wellspring, with tentacle holes in his head.

The heroes are taken by Sog’s charisma and invite him to join them.

The unlikely band of heroes investigates the remaining door. Sog’s familiar slides under the door and reports that it appears to be a “sewer transfer station”. A chuul and two foul spawn berserkers appear to be guarding the room.

The heroes open the door and attack. A great battle ensues, drawing out a foul spawn seer, and a mindflayer who is named “Sathrax”. The PCs defeat all the creatures but not before the mindflayer turns Thegel into a thrall.

Sathrax manages to escape through a portal. After subduing Thegel, Tayreth uses the “Analyze Portal” ritual and discovers that it leads to a part of the realm that roughly translates to the “Land of Dragons”. (250 gp)

Tayreth is able to use “Remove Affliction” on Thegel and remove the mindflayer’s domination over him. (250 gp)

The heroes take an extended rest. Tayreth then casts “Linked Portal” (135 gp) but discovers that Sathrax has destroyed the permanent portal on the other side; thereby making it unusable.

The PCs search the area and find a small box containing 4,000 in residuum.

The party decides to go back and check out the remaining areas of the temple. The stuck door is another store room. After a thorough search a box containing golden icons of Velmax is discovered (6,000 gp / 3000 gp if melted).

The last unexplored area is a large cavern containing two huge carrion crawlers and an orc keeper.

The heroes vanquish the creatures and recover 3 vials of carrion crawler “brain juice” (1250 gp/vial).

Carrion Crawler Brain Juice: Primary target takes 5 ongoing poison damage and is slowed (save ends both). First failed save: target is immobilized (save ends). Second failed save: target is stunned (save ends). -2 to all saves.

The heroes then gather the prisoners and leave the temple. They are able to turn the prisoner’s care over to Master Ren in Wellspring.

The party then decides to go and confront Dierdre at the Temple to Nothantep. As they approach the temple they are beset by several dark clothed humanoids sent by Malachy. 1 ascendant hell-sword, 1 teifling herald, and three human fists.

The heroes defeat the miserable warband and enter the temple. Inside is a scene of destruction. It is obvious that the stone was briefly and recently there, but it is now gone. The remaining notes from the Stormcrows lie in ashes, and their contents unrecoverable. Dierdre lies dead and warped from the stone far-realm influence.

It is determined that Dierdre’s attackers fled through the Shadowfell.

PCs gain 6,100 expt.

PCs take an extended rest.


Tayreth creates the following items:

Upgrade Bracers Perfect Shot from Lv 3 to Lv 13 (16320) Upgrade Eagle Eye Goggles from Lv 2 to Lv 12 (12480) Upgrade Cloak of Walking Wounded from Lv4 – Lv 14 (20160) Upgrade Cloak of Distortion from +2 to +3 (16800) Create Eladrin Ring of Passage (21000) Create 18 Potions of Vigor (2880) Create 6 Potion of Regeneration (960) Create 6 Augmenting Whetstones (960) Create 4 Desert Rose (400) Create 7 Flame Rose (1400) Create 1 Creeping Gatevine (200)

Tayreth distributes the following items:


Upgrade Cloak of Walking Wounded Lv 4 – Lv 14 Upgrade Bracers of Perfect Shot to Lv 13 Upgrade Eagle Eye Goggles to Lv 12 5 Potions of Vigor 3 Potion of Regeneration


5 Potions of Vigor 2 Potion of Regeneration


Total Gold/Residuum Spent: 94,695 gp

Rituals Cast: 1,135 Items Created/Upgraded: 93,560

Total Gold/Residuum Remaining: 11,355 + gold icons (3000)


CoZ-VII 5.21.09 The heroes check out the other secret door off the main gallery. It opens easily revealing a large room connected to the city’s sewer system. A defunct water wheel is resting next to the sewer trench. A puddle of ooze has collected in the corner of the room.

Several creatures inhabit this room and launch a ferocious attack once the PCs open the door. PCs battle: 1 foulspawn hulk, 1 foulspawn mangler, 2 foulspawn skin takers, and 1 chuul.

The heroes eventually defeat the creatures and search the room. Apparently monsters have stopped hording treasure. Maybe they are donating wealth recovered from weaker heroes to “monster big brother programs” and using credit to finance evil deeds. Or perhaps they incompetent simply have not found the mounds of treasure well secreted with the evil temple… Only time will tell. The complex water wheel system is quite valuable and recovered intact would fetch a fine price in the glorious town of Wellspring.

The PCs return to the main gallery and go down stairs. Tayreth uses stealth to investigate the general area. Two sets of stairs are discovered, one seems to open up into a room and voices are heard from the other. Using a “Detect Secret Doors” ritual (25 gp), the mage discovers a chute, hidden by years of non-use.

Further exploration also reveals a hallway ending in a wooden door, swollen with moisture. Another corridor appears to open up into a room.

Tired, hurt, and running low on powers the PCs decide to take an extended rest. They return to the hidden Velmax shrine. Tayreth uses “Eye of Alarm” (25 gp) to help secure their rest.

After an uneventful rest the PCs decide to check out the corridor. Using his stealth, Tayreth creeps up to the room and is able to make out what appears to be an oval-shaped operating theater. A raised dais is in the middle, and an operating table sits upon it. A multitude of chains hand from the ceiling, many of them end in hooks, razors, and other sharp implements. Tayreth decides to enter the room to investigate further.

Once he enters the room, the chains coalesce into 2 large chain guardians and a humanoid surgeon/priest of Velmax seems to ooze forth from the operating table. The PCs offer the surgeon the corpses of the previously slain creatures in order to avoid combat. The surgeon tries to convert the PCs, but no one takes him up on the offer. The PCs are allowed to leave unmolested. Of note is the statement that the surgeon made regarding the presence of “others” inside the temple. He/It seemed to imply that these were not worshippers of Velmax.

The heroes continue to the chute and discover it is more like a “dumbwaiter” but broken. Tayreth uses a rope to descend approximately 20’ down into a storage room full of consumables/staples stolen from Wellspring. A door leads off of it. Tayreth suggests that one of the two sets of stairs probably connects with the room that the storage room is connected to. He suggests a “pincer” approach into the room.

Tayreth then uses invisibility and goes down the stairs where the corridor ends at a door. Thegel and Pessrell go down the chute and bust through the storage room doors.

The Heroes enter the room to discover a large many armed/tentacle Gibbering creature. Combat ensues. After a long and hard fought battle the PCs defeat the creature.


PCs gain 3,500 expt.

Tayreth Status Hit Points: 72/72

Healing Surges: 4/7

Daily Powers Used: None

Daily Powers Remaining: Web Stinking Cloud Wall of Fire

Daily Utility Used: Invisibility Shape the Dream

Daily Utility Remaining: Shield Blur

Daily Item Powers Remaining: 0/2 Used: Displacer Armor & Eladrin Boots

Reagent/Potion Inventory: Potion of Vigor: 3/10 Potion of Regeneration: 4/5 Augmenting Whetstone: 4/10 Desert Rose: 10/10 Flame Rose: 4/10 Creeping Gate Vine: 9/10

Rituals Cast: Detect Secret Doors (25 gp) Eye of Alarm (25 gp)

Remaining Gold/Residuum: 41, 195

Creatures Defeated: 1 foulspawn manglers 1 foulspawn hulk 2 foulspawn skin takers 1 chuul 1 gibbering something 2 chain guardians 1 surgeon/priest of Velmax

Cult of Zenlothafalu VI


Adventure begins as PCs resume their decision to visit Gerald Roy at the “Cast Die” casino.

Thegel manages to engage in a conversation with Gerald Roy over a game of cards and several tankards of ale. After sometime Thegel gains the trust of Gerald who then reveals that he was the one who hooked Sylis up with the Stormcrows. Gerald also believes that the disappearances seem to be occurring close to the entrances into the city’s sewer system. He seems just as concerned about abductions as rest of town, just different reasons.

The next day the PCs decide to go and investigate the sewer system to see if there is any connection with the disappearances, as Gerald suggested. On the way, a deputy rushes forth and frantically asks them to help with a riot that is about to erupt in the public square.

The party arrives to find an angry dwarf inciting a large crowd. He proclaims that the disappearances are all a part of the mayor’s plot. Tayreth begins a silence ritual (75 gp) as Thegel begins trying to calm the dwarf and townsfolk down. Eventually Thegel manages to sway the crowd, and the dwarf is hauled away.

The PCs then go to check in on Deirdre. She recommends that they talk to the local historian, Master Ren, who resides in the castle. He may have some clues.

Master Ren reveals that the statue of Edmond was placed over the entrance to the ancient Church of Velmax in order to seal it. It is believed that a secret entrance lies in his statue.

The PCs go and investigate the statue and Tayreth uses a ritual (25 gp) to locate a secret door. They then try to enlist Deirdre to keep watch while they enter the secret door unseen. She is not interested in helping, even after Thegel tries to intimidate her.

The PCs manage to get Ren to help and they enter the statue’s secret door unseen. Inside they find Edmond’s tomb and open the sarcophagus revealing his decayed body. Tayreth uses another ritual to look for more secret doors (25 gp) but doesn’t find any.

Thegel determines that the bottom of the sarcophagus is hollow.

Tayreth uses Tenser’s Lift ritual (125 gp) to carefully remove the corpse, and then they open the hollow bottom revealing a staircase.

Thegel uses an ever-burning torch to navigate their way down the dark stair and into a stone chamber. The chamber contains a row of statues with black candles in front of them on both sides of the chamber. Stairs are seen at the far end.

Thegel’s helmet sounds an alarm that they are about to be attack.

Combat ensues between the PCs and 3 darkstalkers and 1 Shadar-Kai Rogue.

The PCs defeat the creatures and then discover 2 secret doors.

They pick one and enter, revealing a two-story room with 4 statues (aspects of Velmax) and 5 foul-spawn.

Tayreth uses his awesome arcane might to ensnare the foulspawn manglers and berserkers, and further punishes them with a poison gas cloud. This ultimately destroys them. The mystic gives the PCs more trouble, but eventually they kill it.

PCs take a 5 minute rest


Creatures Killed 3 Dark-Stalkers 1 Shadar-Kai Rogue/Warrior 2 Foulspawn Manglers 2 Foulspawn Berserkers 1 Foulspawn Mystic

+EXPT Gained + 3900 each

Treasure Gained None, apparently DM is waiting for Obama stimulus package to bail out PCs.

Tayreth Rituals Cast

Detect Secret Door x2 (50 gp total) Silence (75 gp) Tenser’s Lift (125 gp)

Tayreth Consumable Inventory (current/par)

Potion of Vigor (7/10) Potion Regeneration (4/5) Augmenting Whetstone (5/5) Desert Rose (10/10) Flame Rose (6/10) Creeping Gatevine (10/10)

Tayreth Current Status

Hit Points 66/66

Healing Surges 4/7

Action Points: 1

Daily Attack Powers Used: Sleep, Stinking Cloud, Web

Daily Attack Powers Remaining: None

Daily Utility Powers Used: Shape the Dream

Daily Utility Powers Remaining: Shield, Invisibility, Blur

Daily Item Powers Used: Displacer Armor, Orb of Ultimate Imposition

Daily Item Powers Left: 0

Current Gold/Residuum 41,245 (41,695-ritual cost and 200 gp at casino)


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