Cult of Zenlothafalu V


CoZ – V

The adventure begins after the party has had an extended rest. They begin holed up in a small dormitory on the second level of the Study Temple of Nothantep. Our bladeling friend, Yitox, has returned to Amerith. The PCs do not give him a return message.

After some discussion, the PCs agree that it is odd that the “stone” wasn’t discovered at the top of the tower. Tayreth speculates that the stone probably isn’t in the study temple at all. They agree to go back up to the previous levels and re-search them before proceeding down to the bottom level.

As they make their way to the stairs, two Destrachan are seen laying in wait at the edge of the waterfall. They rush the party and attack. After a quick battle the PCs easily defeat the creatures.

Before they can take a 5-minute rest the heroes are ambushed by a beholder (eye of fear and flame) and a chaos warped Eladrin wizardess (actually a Stormcrow). Fierce battle ensues, but the Iron Eagles manage to defeat the creatures. After the battle the entire tower is searched.

Tayreth gives three “Creeping Gatevine” to Thegel.

A chasm leading into the underdark is located on the bottom floor. A light rod is thrown down the chasm it goes down a long, long way and then disappears.

The PCs use their newly created Ebony Flies to investigate further and discover that the chasm finally ends a couple of thousand feet down. Passages leading into the underdark are evident, but the PCs decide not to explore at this time.

The logic behind this decision is that this chasm was probably created during the earthquake that caused the surrounding topographical changes and subsequently prompted the foul-spawn emissaries to come to the surface with gems to try and negotiate for the “stone” or other relations. Since the gems were never delivered it is a good assumption that the underdark denizens did not return with the “stone”.

A Wyvern roosting hillock & training grounds is located behind the waterfall on the bottom level, but no other clues or items of interest are found in this area.

In the entrance room to the study temple is a large golem. Thegel and Pessrell notice that a dwarf has been stuffed into the golem’s mouth. The PCs investigate and discover that the dwarf is another (the 4th) Stormcrow. He carries an amulet that Dierdre believes is an activation tool for the golem.

After some persuasion from Tayreth and some intimidation from Thegel, Deirdre agrees to try and communicate with the golem with the amulet.

Surprisingly she is successful, and asks it several questions:

Does it know where the “stone” is? No.

Where are the priests? An image appears of the priests studying the “stone” another image shows a 5th Stormcrow (female rogue).

Finally the image shows the PCs a scene of a shadowy figure moving through the upper floor while the Stormcrow commander sits at the throne. The figure throws a bag over the “stone” and then disappears.

During the viewing of the golem produced visions the PCs notice that the commander, Klaus, and the sorceress were all keeping notes. The PCs did not find any notes in their very thorough search of the temple.

Tayreth asks Dierdre if she can communicate with Nothantep and ask some questions.

Nearly killing the party with an awesome display of quasi-usefulness, the priestess says…… wait for it……”Yes”.

Nothantep reveals that: 1) the stone lies within the aura of the town 2) the beast who took it resides with Velmex 3) Velmex is a warped creation god, kind of an experimenter of sorts.

Dierdre reveals that the town of wellspring was founded by a hero who quelled the cult of Velmex. She advises the PCs to look for the cult of Velmex within the town of wellspring.

After searching the entire study temple the PCs find no sign of the Balhannoth.

The PCs rest and then fly into wellspring.

Dierdre goes to the Temple of Nothantep to do some research.

They initially start asking questions about any strange occurrences since they were last in town. The PCs learn that people are going missing on an almost nightly basis. So far about 20 people have gone missing.

The PCs learn that the Stormcrows stayed at the “Red Rooster Inn” and spoke with a man named Sylis. Sylis is the one who hired them to recover the stone.

The PCs learn that a common criminal and operator of the “Cast Die” casino, Gerald Roy, may be worth speaking to.

The PCs convince Charlie the inn-keep to rent us Sylis’ room. Upon entering the room the PCs discover Sylis, dead for some time. His head has four holes in it. Pessrell believes that this was caused by an illithid.

The PCs also find an empty open box designed to securely and safely hold a dangerous/influencing object, most likely the stone. It appears that the box has never been used. Tayreth takes the box.

PCs also find paperwork that Sylis was working for a person/thing named Malachy.

The town constable, Lem Haris, requests a meeting with the PCs. The meeting goes well and a contract is signed giving the Iron Eagles free reign to do all that is necessary to find the missing people/stop it from happening.

So in a nutshell we know that the “stone” is being sought by a person named Malachy who hired Sylis who in turn hired the Stormcrows. The Stormcrows came to Wellspring and learned that the “stone” had been taken by priests of Nothantep to their Study Temple in the mountains. When they arrived they stayed in one of the lower rooms, but soon things started to change. Chaotic energies took over the Stormcrows. They perhaps aligned themselves with the Grell and Eye of Fear and Flame. However it appears that the “stone” was stolen from them. The Grell felt that the townsfolk had somehow re-acquired it, so they began attacking the townsfolk. This is where the PCs come in. We arrived and took out the Grell, went to the temple, discovered that the priests had been changed, killed them, killed the remaining Stormcrows, and Eye of Fear and Flame. We learn through divine intervention that the Grell were right and the “stone” does lie somewhere within the town of Wellspring. Once we return to the town we learn of the above referenced connections, that Sylis has been killed by an illithid, and people are being abducted from the town on a nightly basis, but little else. We decide as the adventure ends that we should go to the casino and talk to Gerald Roy, owner of the casino.


What is the connection between Cult of Zenlothafalu and Cult of Velmex?

Who/What is Malachy?

Are the Grell, Eye of Fear & Flame allies? Does it mean an “underdark” connection?

Why were the notes of the SC commander, Klaus and SC sorceress stolen?

Who took the “stone”?

Where exactly is the “stone”?

Is the disappearance of the Balhannoth important?

Where is the 5th Stormcrow (Female Rogue), possible thief of stone?

As the adventure concludes the DM taunts us by indicating that we are missing very obvious clues. *

Adventure Summary


0 (stingy bastard)

Tayreth’s Consumables Remaining (before creation of new)

Potion Regeneration: 1

Potion Vigor: 4

Flame Rose: 10

Desert Rose: 10

Augmenting Whetstone: 5

Creeping Gatevine: 7

Tayreth Creates the Following Items

Potion of Vigor (6) Lv 9, 960 gp (current total of 10)

Potion of Regeneration (4), Lv 9, 640 gp (current total of 5)

Instant Campsite (1) Lv 5, 1,000gp

Creeping Gatevine (3) Lv 10, 600 gp (current total of 9)

Spell Anchor Gloves (1) Lv 9, 4200 gp

Survivor’s Belt (1) Lv 11, 9,000 gp

Iron Armbands of Power (1) Lv 6 1,800 gp)

Tayreth Buys

Eladrin Boots (1) Lv 16 45,000 gp)

Tayreth Disenchants

Centering Cincture Diadem of Acuity Luck Bender Gloves

Total Spent: 16,400 gp

Monsters Encountered

1 Stormcrow Eladrin Wizardess

1 Eye of Fear and Flame

2 Destrachan

Rituals Used


EXPT Gained: 1500

Total Spent: 7400 gp

Fund/Residuum Balance: 41,695 gp worth*

Cult of Zenlothafalu III & IV

4.2.09 & 4.9.09

Cult of Zenlothafalu III & IV

The session begins as the heroes are climbing the slope towards the cave entrance. Thegel’s helmet has begun to ring seconds before several multi-armed creatures revealed themselves hiding amongst the scree and boulders. A larger beast was seen moving about inside the cave.

The following is an excerpt from a chapter in a leather bound book with gold filigree entitled “A Study of Violent Tendencies in Savage Prime World Warbands and Fellowships”.

I found it very curious that even though the entrance to the long sought Study Temple was clearly visible, the shaman suggested climbing the walls to “go in from the top”, while the shape-changer seemed more interested in intruding upon the obvious lair of some local creatures.

I suppose in retrospect I should have just proceeded on my own, but Nothantep’s demands more from his worshippers and I knew that there must be something he wanted me to learn from these men.

Well I should not have been surprised that the small group of savages that had attached themselves to me (apparently the name of their tribe was the “Iron Eagles”), once again drew the fury of the native fauna that we encountered. As they went barging up the hill, the shape-changer’s crude helmet began ringing loudly.

The sound must have enraged a group of bizarre looking beasts has several of them burst forth, probably interrupted from napping or caring for their young. The pack of strange creatures seemed to have the same chaotic aura as the surrounding area, so I thought maybe they’d have some information about what had happened here. Before I could begin a dialogue, the battle-crazed shape-changer and his student pulled out their blades and charged forward intent on killing them. I tried to protest, but the shaman launched a blue ball of energy past me, nearly taking my head off, and it struck one of the poor beasts. I turned to let the shaman know that I was alright, but he was frowning at me.

Well needless to say; all chance of rationale discussion broke down. The native creatures were well armed and one of them seemed to even have formidable arcane powers. Out from the cave came a hulking creature with reddish skin, and with a furious scream it joined the fray in an attempt to protect its ilk. No matter the example I tried to provide, no one seemed interested in peaceable resolution. Eventually the creatures were slaughtered by the Iron Eagles.

Afterward they committed more atrocities by pilfering the meager treasure (a handful of colored gems, baubles, and medicines) hidden in the cave and then sealing the lair from two different directions. Apparently this was to ensure that none of the beast’s family would ever be able to recover the bodies of their loved ones or wealth. It seems that in addition to indiscriminant killing this tribe of Iron Eagles practices genocide too.

Before sealing the cave, the one-eyed shaman suggested resting for the night, and I have to say watching the battle was truly exhausting. Unfortunately, the leader was still filled with blood lust and decided that we would press on. Fixated on going to the top of the tower, the shaman enacted a bizarre ritual and created a large platform that could raise us into the air. I was stunned to see that he had non-violent abilities, and made a mental note to ask him more about this later. Soon the platform was rising, and I must not have heard them warning me they were leaving as I was just barely able to jump aboard before it rose out of reach.

Upward we went towards the top of the tower. The journey was quiet, almost meditative. The small band seemed to be focused intently on me with stern looks held tight to their faces. I did my best to be encouraging and presented a bright smile, hoping it would help with whatever primitive ritual they were engaged in.

Once we made to high enough to see over the tower’s battlements, we could see the devastation the waterfall was creating on the tower structure. Several large gaping holes had been punched through the floor of the tower’s roof-top. In some places one could see down several stories through the crumbled flooring.

Atop the tower were more creatures. One of the Grell, identical to the those in the town was having a conversation with one of the mercenaries from the Stormcrow tribe. With them were two very bizarre looking dog-reptile things and a large chaotic looking creature with several tentacles and a very interesting eyestalk. I made a mental note to ask it about it’s vision, given an opportunity.

I was about to call down and see if everything wall alright, when the shaman nearly blew me off the platform with another energy missile. I will have to remember to ask him about his upbringing, maybe there is a reason for the hostility towards those with different physiognomy. Of course any rationale person could see where this preemptive aggression would lead, and once again a fracas ensued.

It appeared that the Iron Eagles had perhaps bitten off more than they could chew, all but the shaman had been yanked from the platform and we were now in the midst of a bloody skirmish. I was hoping that the neutral stance I had taken throughout the battle might provide me with a good argument for the Iron Eagle’s actions not to reflect too harshly on myself.

During the battle the younger Iron Eagle known as Pessrell fell to the eye-stalked, tentacle creature. Minutes later he rose and appeared to be more confident and stronger. Throughout the rest of the battle he displayed some abilities heretofore unseen. I made a mental note to remember to ask him about this.

Suddenly a portal opened and out from it stepped a humanoid covered in sharp pointy barbs and wielding a massive sword. He declared that he had a message for the shaman, from someone named Amerith. The portal disappeared behind him and he eagerly joined the battle, daring all to attack him.

As the battle progressed more grell appeared along with some floating suits of armor, but with the addition of the blade encrusted creature the tide began to turn in the Iron Eagles favor.

Several times bursts of fire or orbs of energy flew from the shaman’s hands. On more than one occasion I had to jump wildly out of the way to avoid being struck. It is obvious that he is a novice and hasn’t mastered full control of his arcane powers yet.

Eventually combat progressed into the next lower level where some creature called a balhannoth was encountered as well as a surgeon named Klaus. The balhannoth managed to escape the homicidal tendencies of the group and remains free, but apparently Klaus was ritualistically murdered. I did not see this, as I was busy thinking about what I would be getting for my next “name-day” celebration (father had promised a pony). But judging by the haggard look, blood drenched blades, and description of events; I can only assume that I’m right.

Afterward it was learned that the humanoid ally was known as a bladling and called itself Yitox. It apparently lives in some city known as Sigil and works occasionally with the Amerith person who knows the shaman.

I happened to overhear him deliver his message to the shaman; apparently this Amerith person wants the stone too. We shall see about that….


(Tayreth knows, Yitox arrived through the use of the “True Portal” ritual)

Party is able to take a full rest

Tayreth gives both Pessrell and Thegel 7 Potions of Vigor, each.

Adventure Summary

Treasure: 2 Gems 500 gp 4 Gems 100 gp 9 Gems 50 gp 5 Potions of Healing (2-Thegel, 2-Pessrell, 1-Tayreth)

Tayreth’s Consumables Remaining: Potion Regeneration: 2 Potion Healing: 0 Potion Vigor: 0 Flame Rose: 8 Desert Rose: 10 Augmenting Whetstone: 0 Creeping Gatevine: 9

Tayreth Creates the Following Items:

Augmenting Whetstone 350 (5) = 1750 Potion Vigor 180 (21) = 3780 Everlasting Provisions 840 (1) = 840 Ebony Fly 4200 (3) = 12600 – Yes, we may be changing our name to the Iron Flies, and our war chant will be indagadadazenlothafalu. Foe Stone 13,000 (1) = 13000 Scroll of Raise Dead 680 (2) = 1360

Total 43,330

Monsters Encountered: 3 foulspawn manglers with their dagger dance 2 foulspawn brutes 1 houlspawn hulk 1 foulspawn seer

4 Grell 1 Stormcrow Commander 1 Feaster 2 Destrachan 1 Balhannoth (defeated, but not dead) 3 Helmed Horrors 1 Klaus

Rituals Used: Tenser’s Lift (125 gp)

Cult of Zenlothafalu II


Cult of Zenlothafalu II

Adventure begins shortly after the battle with the grell. The Mayor begins to tell the heroes about the appearance of “The Stone”, and what it has cost the town of Wellspring.

The artifact appeared floating over the town many weeks ago. At first it frightened the people but a soothing melody began to leak into the minds of the people, filling them with creative fire.

For a while, what little culture Wellspring had was amplified. A surge of new music, poetry, theater, and sculpture was produced by Wellspring’s citizens. Even the most illiterate of Wellspring’s worst seemed to be able to craft intriguing, if not beautiful, verse.

However, this did not last. The influence of chaos was first noticed in the people’s attitude and how they interacted with each other. Extreme behavior became the norm. Brutal fist fights would spontaneously breakout just as frequently as public displays of sexual behavior. The haze of anarchy continued to grow worse. More incidents in rape, murder, and arson occurred in the last two months, than there had been in the last 20 years. Finally the air bedlam began to influence the people physically. Babies were born severely deformed; normal adults broke out in bizarre hives and boils. The land itself began to change, sometimes slow and subtle other times quick and dramatic. “Charlotte’s Antiques” was suddenly ripped asunder after a large granite rock thrust itself 20 feet into the air just beneath the wooden shop. In contrast the mayor’s own home was slowly sinking about 3 inches a day. The mayor decided it was time to call on the priests of Nothantep for guidance.

The Nothantepian priests were already well aware of “The Stone’s” influence, and had even made arrangements to transport it to the nearby Study Temple. Too thankful for their assistance, the mayor failed to wonder why these arrangements had already been made, and what that might mean.

The Study Temple is a large tower located a little more than a day’s ride from Wellspring. When the stone left, the Mayor hoped that the pandemonium would come to an end. Unfortunately for Wellspring, word of “The Stone” had spread quickly and many others from lands far away became curious.

The first “tourists” were a collection of non-descript mages. They were rather aloof, but didn’t seem dangerous. They soon left after learning that “The Stone” was no longer in the town. Next, a bedraggled band of mercenaries calling themselves the “Stormcrows” showed up. They too wanted to see the stone, but the mayor sensed they really wanted to claim it for their own. He could not say whether they sought it for themselves or were hired by someone else. After causing some trouble in the town for a couple of days, they left. It was heard that the mercenaries were going to the study temple to continue their job.

No one expected what came next. One calm evening, just as the peaceful framework of the Wellspring had begun to re-establish itself. Dark undulating forms floated threateningly toward the town. The blood red setting sun silhouetted their bizarre physical forms; huge brains, with only a sharp beak to denote a front end, these monstrosities floated many feet above the ground and had numerous sickly gray barbed tentacles hanging from their “bellies”.

As they approached most of the people ran inside to the safety of their homes. Many didn’t make it to their homes and were gathered with the Mayor by one of the town wells. The largest beast approached the Mayor and telepathically demanded “The Stone”. The Mayor explained that the cursed item was no longer in Wellspring. It is unclear if the creature did not believe the frightened man; if they were simply hungry, or had other motives but the aberrations began a brief assault on the town. Many people were slain. Blood was horrifically sucked from the shredded bodies and pain-filled screams ruptured what was, just moments before, a peaceful evening.

Afterward all hoped that the creatures would leave them be like the others searching for “The Stone”. The Nothantepian priests in the town called these foul beings “Grell”, and sent word to the Study Temple describing the slaughter. Over the next couple of days many of the town’s guard began to flee in the dark of night, not being up to the task of battling such horrors as these.

On the third evening since the grell first attacked, the fiends returned. They made the same demand and received a frantic plea for mercy from the mayor. Once again the grell unleashed their hunger and fury on the people. After many good guardsmen of Wellspring perished at the end of a slimy barbed tentacle, the alien devils left.

Many of the townsfolk had no faith in the mayor’s ability to protect them, especially with more than three quarters of the town militia missing or dead. These people packed up their belongings, boarded up their homes, and left. The majority of the populace stayed behind, bravely or foolishly deciding to weather the storm.

The assault that the heroes thwarted was the third visit, and hopefully the last.

The events over the last couple of months have reduced the mayor to a quivering lump of fear and cowardice. It is obvious to the PCs that he is not what the people of Wellspring need right now.

Deciding to capitalize on a desperate situation, the leader of the Iron Eagles, attempted to sell their services, under contract, to the Mayor. Too insane with despair, the mayor could only beg and plead for their help and protection.

While Thegel became more and more irritated by the mayor’s lack of dignity and control, a fair young priestess of Nothantep approached the heroes. The maid introduced herself as Deirdre, and claimed to have arrived three days ago, just after the last attack. She tells the PCs that she is on a quest, to go to the Study Temple and try to help the situation. Additionally she is to study “The Stone” and learn from it. Deirdre believes that “The Stone” is connected to the Cult of Zenlothafalu. The young priestess seemed to be at a loss to be able to tell the Iron Eagles anything new, but made up for it when she stated that she knew a better, more private, way to the Temple.

The Iron Eagles decided to travel with Deirdre to the Study Temple. Beside himself with worry the mayor approached the heroes as they were preparing to leave. He continued to whine, imploring us to stay and protect the town. Tayreth tried to reassure him by explaining the Iron Eagles were going to destroy the root of the problem, and more than likely any vengeance would be directed toward them.

The mayor was not comforted by this and continued to plead for the heroes to reconsider. Thegel snapped and verbally lashed out at the mayor. He then began pushing and kicking the cowed feeble man away. The townsfolk looked on, some in shock, others is quiet admiration.

As the party began to leave, Pessrell explained that he knew a little of the Stormcrows, mainly that they are of ill repute, somewhat amateur, small in number and morally deficient.

The heroes followed Deirdre as she confidently led the party through the wilderness. It appeared to both Tayreth and Thegel that she used a complex system of waypoints and landmarks to find the way. Not wanting to get lost should something happen to the priestess; Tayreth drew a mental map of their route.

As the party approached a cool bubbling stream to restock water supplies, Thegel’s helmet began to ring loudly. The battle hardened fighter spun around drawing his wickedly jagged long sword. Thegel was able to warn the heroes just as several darkly clothed humanoids wearing black masks and wielding battle axes appeared from the cover of the forest. Their ambush thwarted, the PCs were able to mount a defense. After the initial surge of these dark assassins, a robed woman materialized and began screaming vile curses at Thegal.

Battle raged as Thegel and his young apprentice joined combat with the axe wielding elves and the Eladrin wizard focused his arcane might on the foul-mouthed warlock. Strangely Deidre remained unnoticed by the enemy. Whether this was a lack of concern on the foes part, or some divine influence is unclear. The young priestess did not show any interest in attacking or providing support as her protectors became more and more ravaged by the assault.

The captain of the Iron Eagles fell beneath the blades of several axes, and Pessrell too seemed about to perish. Tayreth, despite her best efforts, finally got the upper hand on the warlock and began pressing an awesome attack of steel and magik.

Suddenly, with a blood chilling roar, a large shaggy wolf-like humanoid sprang forth from where Thegel had fallen. The ripped remnants of the captains clothing hung in loose tatters around the heavily muscled creature’s body. With a fully articulated bestial hand, the Thegel-Beast absently ripped off the remaining bits of cloth; its razor sharp six-inch claws sliced through the frail material like butter. With another roar, revealing scores of pointed teeth, the creature swirled into a frightened masked axe-man with both claws.

Meanwhile, Tayreth continued his onslaught against the curse throwing bitch and nearly destroyed her. Just before landing the killing strike, she managed to fade into the forest. This provided Tayreth with an opportunity to view Thegel’s awesome transformation. Deciding it best to stay out of claw reach, the mage positioned himself some distance and began sending arcane bolts of blue missiles at the remaining enemy axe-men. Soon the enemy was defeated, but Thegel-Wolf was out of control. Striking at the closest target, the beast ripped into the priestess. The deep lacerations spewed forth blood, finally getting the priestesses attention.

Pessrell began frantically trying to talk some sense into the Thegel-Beast. He received two devastating claw strikes for his efforts. Thankfully the beast suddenly passed out before he could cause anymore damage. The wolf-man transformed back into Thegal, before the eyes of the heroes. Luckily he was able to don his armor with some minor repair work.

Seeing the look of horror on the faces of his comrades and still puzzling out why he was naked, Thegel finally asked what everyone was staring at. It became evident that the captain had no recollection of his transformation.

Tayreth explained what had happened and that he had long suspected that Thegel may be under some lycanthropic affliction. The mage further explained that he held the information back for a couple of reasons. The first was to see if his hypothesis had any merit, and also that he was waiting for a potential solution to present itself. He explained that while in Darkhaven he was able to learn a ritual that might help.

After taking a short rest, the heroes continued their journey until they were within a short ride of the tower. Once camp was set, Tayreth, Pessrell, and Deidre gathered around Thegel. Tayreth began drawing the necessary diagrams and invoking the proper incantation to initiate the ritual. Without getting too far into the ceremony, Tayreth was able to deduce that the power of the affliction was greater than his ability to remove.

The night went by peacefully, and the next morning the party set forth for the short ride to the tower. As they approached, the earth around them seemed strange. Large sections of soil had been upturned, sharp rocks protruded from the ground in chaotic jumbles. Blue water sprang forth from newly formed springs. As the tower came within view the full extent of the seismic activity became apparent. The road to the temple sharply rose 20 feet, at a near 90 degree angle. The tower itself had sustained minor structural damage. A waterfall, that once had probably been a picture of serenity from the tower, now was re-routed to the tower’s roof-top and mountain water poured over the side. The sense of undulating chaos permeated the area, giving the heroes pause.

Captain Thegel led the way and began climbing the small cliff that now blocked progress along the road. Deidre once again proved her uselessness when she could not climb up the simple rock wall. Tayreth irritably threw down a rope for her to use.

Once the party had gathered at the top, Thegel’s helmet once again began ringing loudly. The heroes prepared for battle, as many undead rose from the earth speeding towards the party with an unnatural quickness. The heroes noticed that the undead wore the robes and symbols of Nothantep. Half of the undead were especially grotesque in that their stomachs had been ripped open. Pale white intestine slithered from the open wounds. These unholy tentacles ended in barbed hooks and seemed to operate on their own, writhing and twisting with hate-filled tenacity.

As horrific as the undead were, they were no match for the Iron Eagles. Pessrell took several harsh blows that eventually brought him down, but the party was able to revive him after the battle. Thegal discovered 2 large diamonds worth 500 gp apiece.

The heroes gathered their strength and then pressed forward. Tayreth suggested entering from the top, in an effort to surprise the “enemy”. Thegel suggested looking around the area before making any decisions. The party soon discovered a cave mouth a short distance from the tower, and all agreed to check it out.

As the party began climbing the steep slope to the cave, Thegel’s helmet began ringing loudly once again. Several four-armed creatures came out from behind cover and a larger creature could just be seen moving inside the cave entrance.


Expt Gained: 2166

Tayreth  Hit Points: 64/64  Healing Surges: 7/7  Action Points: 2

Tayreth Consumables Left (remaining/started)  Potion of Healing: 0/2  Potion of Vigor: 0/4  Potion Regeneration: 2/2

 Augmenting Whetstone: 2/2  Desert Rose: 10/10  Flame Rose: 9/10  Gatevine: 9/10

Daily Powers Used  Web  Wall of Fire  Invisibility  Blur

Booty  2, 500 gp Diamonds

City of Burning Night V & Cult of Zenlothafalu I


City of Burning Night V & Cult of Zenlothafalu I

PCs begin in the “Dreaming Cavern”, battle with the spirits of the five priests has just concluded.

Further exploration of the cavern reveals a passage that has been sealed by a large boulder. In front of the boulder is a small pedestal. The faint depression of footprints can barely be seen on its surface.

Tayreth searches the boulder, pedestal and walls of this cavern but does not find anything. Stepping on the pedestal does nothing.

Princess and Tayreth agree that one must be wearing the armor to activate the pedestal. They begin discussing the idea of combating the possessed angel to claim the armor.

Tayreth performs a “Gentle Repose” ritual (10 gp) on Pessrell’s corpse.

Unsure of how to combat the angel without being swiftly slaughtered, the PCs check out the door in the coliseum in hopes of finding something useful. They finally deduce that they need a half-spherical part off the mechanical golem that they fought earlier to unlock the door.

After retrieving the part and returning to the coliseum, the PCs successfully use the “key” and the door opens revealing a stair going down. The stair ends in a large room with 2 large crystal rods. Each rod contains 12 levers. Energy surges between the two rods.

Tayreth believes that this is a portal, but is currently out of focus. He believes that by manipulating the levers, better focus can be achieved. The mage also believes that the portal is “one-way”.

Princess comments that this may be a way off the island.

Princess decides to go back to the King’s Palace and plant the tree using the associated materials. The tree quickly takes root and vegetative growth begins to spread from the area.

Finally, the PCs remember that they have a highly magical whip which is extremely effective against demons. Feeling confident that they will now be able to defeat the possessed angel, they formulate a plan and approach the area of the angel, Arnoth, and Tilek.

The plan works well. The demon/angel is drawn into the whip and entrapped in one of the rubies.

Princess then strips Tilek of the armor and dons it.

They return to the “Dreaming Cavern” and Princess steps upon the pedestal. The boulder slides away from the wall revealing a passage.

Inside is a black crystal helmet. After some experimentation and precautions, Princess is able to place the helmet in a pouch he carries at his side.

Touching the helmet causes evil, malicious thoughts to stream into his consciousness.

Feeling that their mission is completed here, the PCs grab the body of Pessrell and head to the portal.

After some manipulation Tayreth is able to re-focus the portal onto the “City of Darkhaven”. The PCs go through the portal, leaving the City of Burning Night to be once again forgotten.

PCs gain 2000 expt.

Once in Darkhaven, the PCs seek out Amerith. The PCs decide to only give her the helmet and not the whole suit of armor. Ultimately they give her the: Helmet, Paints, and Whip. She is pleased and gives the PCs 5 platinum cubes. Amerith also agrees to help Tayreth out with some rituals.

Tayreth purchases the “Raise Dead” ritual (680gp) and performs it on Pessrell (500 gp).

While in Darkhaven, the PCs buy, sell, trade, and create goods.

Soon after the PCs conduct their business in Darkhaven they are approached by the “Church of Death”. In a meeting, the CoD asks the PCs to deal with the Cult of the Insane. It appears that the Child of Zenlothafalu is reborn and wrecking havoc in the Land of Vorm. Apparently a study Temple of Nothantep has been taken over by Chaos and the Cult. Whispers referring to an object called the “Stone of Chaos” have also reached the ears of the Church.

The Church of Death arranges passage to the port city of “Wargate” and then up-river to the large town of “Wellspring”. Wellspring is the closest town to the Temple of Nothantep.

The PCs agree to finish their quest concerning the Child of Zenlothafalu, and Princess formulates a new contract.

Princess spends 3000 gp on 3 consorts to travel with us to Wargate. They are well enjoyed.

The PCs leave Darkhaven on a small vessel with a four person crew, not including the whores.

Along the way the vessel is approached by a woman riding a horse through the air and a pale robed man floating alongside her. She states, “We Want Varis”. Unsure of what they want, Tayreth suggests that they go fuck themselves. This suggestion results in the destruction of the ships mast and the woman proclaiming that we have 1 day to comply.

Repairs are made and the vessel continues onward. True to her word, the bitch shows back up a day later with the same demand. Tayreth spread his goods upon the ship’s deck and told her to take whatever it is she wants. That did not seem to satisfy her.

The PCs decide to give her the “Star Opal Ring” in hopes of satisfying her. She takes the ring, but then orders the robed man to kill us. She then leaves. Princess attacks her but she doesn’t seem to notice.

Obedient, the mage blows a hole into the ship’s hull. Satisfied that the PCs will perish, the robed man departs.

Tayreth uses the time to perform “Water Breathing” and “Phantom Steed” rituals, thereby saving everybody.

Tayreth gains 400 expt.

While in “Wargate”, the PCs hear rumors concerning the resurgence of the Cult of Zenlothafalu. They also find out that there is a temple to Nothantep in “Wellspring”.

After paying 120gp for passage to “Wellspring” they depart.

As they arrive, Princess and Tayreth feel a familiar sense of chaotic energy. As they pass through the town gates, they see a large crowd has gathered to listen to a man speak.

Three large floating brain creatures float over the crowd. Tentacles hang from their bodies and hard sharp beaks protrude from their faces. The largest one is saying something to the townsfolk about the stone. It appears as if this creature believes that the townsfolk have this stone. The Grell begin attacking the townspeople.

A fierce battle ensues. Many of the townsfolk die, but many manage to escape. In the end, the PCs manage to defeat the Grell.

PCs Gain 1,800 expt.


Items Found  Tilek’s Armor [+6 Plaurum Plate (lv 29 2,625,000 gp)]

Tayreth gives Princess and Pessrell the following:  2 Potions of Healing  3 Potions of Vigor  2 Augmenting Whetstones  2 Potions of Regeneration  Princess also gets:  Oil of Flesh Returned

Tayreth: HP: 64/64 Healing Surges: 4/7 Daily’s Used: Bigby’s Icy Grasp Mord’s Sword

Darkhaven Business Details

Items Sold

  • Tilek’s Armor [+6 Plaurum Plate (lv 29 2,625,000 gp)]
  • Green Liquid Vial (2,000 gp)
  • 2 Gold Cat statues (700 gp each)
  • V’rama’s Jewelry Box and Contents (11,500 gp)
  • Copper Bound Book (120 gp)
  • Nureti God Amulets (6 @ 20 = 120 gp)
  • 2 Leather Bags of gold (100 gp each)
  • +4 Reckless Long Sword (Lv 18, 85,000 gp)
  • +4 Vanguard Long Sword (Lv 18, 85,000 gp)
  • Lorok +6 Frost Spear ( Lv 28 , 2,525,000 gp)
  • 4 Light Arrows (lv 10, 5000 gp)
  • Crystal Mammoth (9000 gp)
  • Green Liquid Vial (2000 gp)

Items Created

Potions: 6 Potions of Regeneration (Lv 9, 160 gp) 10 Potion of Vigor (Lv 9, 160 gp)

Whetstones: 6 Augmenting Whetstone (Lv 11, 350 gp)

Reagents: 10 Creeping Gatevine (Lv 10, 200 gp) 10 Desert Rose (Lv 7, 100 gp) 10 Flame Rose (Lv 10, 200 gp) 2 Oil of Flesh Returned (Lv 10, 200 gp)

Current Total Gold: 287,265 gp

City of Burning Night IV

City of Burning Night IV (2.26.09)

The adventure begins in the odd shaped structure with glass-like walls. The PCs have just defeated the strange metal creature, and have spent some time recovering.

Tayreth inspects the bizarre funnel device and pours some liquid down it. The liquid becomes incased in a shell of amber. The PCs tinker with it a little longer before moving on to the pyramid made of light.

Tayreth grabs a sword from the pile of assorted items and stick it through the pyramid’s surface. The blade easily slides through and becomes enchanted. The PCs then begin enchanting several different items:

Tayreth – sword blade made of “high magic potential” metal Pessrell – sword Princess – dagger

Princess puts some serious consideration into sticking his cock in the pyramid, but decides against it.

Princess moves into the room holding the case containing the three crystals. He opens the case and touches a blue crystal. The energy seems to be sucked from the crystal and Princess becomes invigorated, but does not heal any damage. Tayreth experiments and touches a green crystal. Unfortunately this produces an alarm. Before making a hasty retreat Tayreth touches the last remaining crystal, another blue, with the same results as Princess’s crystal.

The PCs decide that they have explored all areas of the city with the exception of the Coliseum and the Temple. They decide to explore the coliseum before going to the temple.

Tayreth brings forth several more phantom steeds (70 gp).

On their way to the coliseum they pass by the area of the pile of dead angels with the one angel lying (perhaps sleeping) in the middle, next to the armored body. Now the body of Aroth T’Kal is lying there too. He is no longer wearing the breast plate and the plate has been placed on the body lying next to the angel. This body is now fully armored with the exception of a helmet.

Princess suggests that the missing helmet is probably the same one we are looking for.

The coliseum is mostly uninteresting with the exception of a magically locked door.

Tayreth manages to get past the first locked door only to discover a second smaller guard room with a single magically sealed door. He is unable to bypass this second door and suspects strongly that there is some key that must be used. The door itself exudes the same energy felt in the strange glass building.

The PCs move on to the Temple District. The temple district holds many small shrines dedicated to the Nureti Gods, a row of small houses, and a large Temple. The PCs explore each of the small shrines one by one. They are mostly mundane. The shrine to Solus still holds an aura of fear that causes Princess to run off.

All of the temples are battered as if some force or explosion was set off in front on the temple of burning night. Some of the buildings fared better than others.

The row of houses is thoroughly searched and the following items are found: Tayreth: Ant Shaped Amulet (20 gp), Scroll containing a ritual for summoning Sincarnos. Residuum equal to the component cost of the scroll, Flask of Blue Liquid (magical),

Pessrell finds Branding Iron (Holy Symbol of Derion), and a copper bound book of the Nureti gods (240 gp).

Both Tayreth and Pessrell discover a Staff w/ Aminos symbology (magical), but Pessrell is quicker and he grabs the staff.

A small dark cloud begins forming over his head and it begins to rain. It doesn’t stop.

Tayreth makes several attempts to remove the curse, but alas the means escape him. He even goes so far as to successfully Disenchant (+8 residuum) it, but the rain still falls.

The PCs decides to move on and explore the large temple. Outside written in Far Speak, “The Temple of Burning Night”.

The temple doors are protected by a simple lock that Tayreth is able to manipulate.

Inside is a large room with a huge statue of Orgiana. At each of the four corners are three statues. Each grouping of three statues represents one of the four cults of the Nureti pantheon. Behind each grouping is a door. A large tapestry of a demonic hand holding a helmet is hung on the wall.

The doors lead to small empty meditation chambers. The meditation chamber for the Cult of Mortus has Far Speak graffiti written on it that says, “We Remember”. The PCs recognize the hand writing to be very similar, if not the same, as the penmanship of the person who wrote “Leper King”, discovered previously.

As Tayreth examines the large statue of Orgiana, Princess looks behind the tapestry and discovers a small alcove.

Tayreth deduces that the statue is trapped and if one doesn’t make an offering by activating a pressure plate, something will likely happen. Tayreth sacrifices both the Torc and V’rama’s Crown to the statue. They disappear. They are allowed to approach, but nothing else happens. The PCs tip the statue, shattering in on the ground, but discover nothing else.

Princess begins fiddling with a control panel found in the alcove. He discovers that he can make and control images of the Nureti Gods that appear in the Temple. Pessrell discovers a secret door in the control room. The door is a demon named Vulgaar.

Vulgaar say “You are not the one” as each of us approaches the door.

Princess suggests putting on the Ant Amulet to Tayreth. Tayreth does so and is allowed to pass. Princess then wields the branding iron and too is able to pass. Even with the Aminos Staff, Pessrell is unable to pass.

The door leads to a corridor with two wooden doors and five biers. It ends in another door. The five biers appear to hold shrouded corpses. However, when the shroud is lifted there does not appear to be a body. Once the shroud is replaced it visually looks like it is lying over the form of a humanoid body.

The first room holds a table; at the table are seated five corpses. A ruby chalice sits in the center of the table. A chest sits against the wall. Inside the chest are 200 gp and five amulets.

Princess takes an amulet to Pessrell and he is able to pass.

Inside the next room is a body lying over the table holding a scroll. A door is set in an opposing wall.

The scroll is written in Far Speak, and Tayreth uses a Comprehend Language ritual (10 gp) to read its contents. The scroll indicates that when the city was about to fall to the forces of good, V’rama fled and Tilek donned the helm of Kadeana in order to hold of the attack. When Tilek fell taking the chief angel with him, the priests took the helm and secreted it withing the dreaming cavern. They then summoned a powerful demon to possess the chief angel and guard Tilek’s body and armor, all save the breast plate which was given to the chief historian to secret outside the city. It also indicates that in order to retrieve the helmet from the “Dreaming Cavern” the full suit of armor will be required.

Past the door is a small treasure room. The only thing of value is a highly magical mace.

The PCs approach the door at the end of the corridor. Tayreth feels a slight tug towards the door when he approaches. When Princess and Pessrell approach they are forced through the door as it opens and are pulled violently towards the opposing wall. The opposing wall seems to be smooth and possibly metallic in nature. They are stuck to its surface by their metal items.

Combat erupts as five creatures appear wraith, wight, burning bones, and two vampires. Possibly the vengeful spirits of the five priests.

During combat Tayreth notices that Princess should have died on several occasions, but the rings seems to be keeping him going.

The fierce battle ends in victory for the PCs, but not without a price. Pessrell died heroically while defending his mentor.



  • Action Points: used 2, regained 1
  • Healing surges: used 4, 3 remaining
  • Hit Points: 52 / 59
  • Daily Arcane Powers Used: All
  • Daily Item Powers Used: Voidcrystal Long sword, Centering Cincture, Ring Spell Storing
  • Consumables: Potion of Healing (6 remaining), Potion of Regeneration (0 remaining)
  • Residuum Used: 80 gp worth
  • Residuum Gained: 8 gp worth

Items of Note

Scroll: Ritual – Summon Syncarnos (includes resudium imbedded into the scroll for summoning)

Flask of blue liquid – elixir of invisibility (level 16)

Branding Iron holy symbol of derion – 12gp

Copper bound book of Nureti gods – 120gp

Obsidian statues of Nureti gods (12) – 150gp each (50lbs each)

Amulet of Agskirn – 20gp

Amulet of Orgiana – 20gp

Amulet of Calabarius – 20gp

Amulet of Homisaer – 20gp

Amulet of Derion – 20gp

Amulet of Dalagor – 20gp

Mace of Boromir – brilliant energy mace +5

Leather bags (2) – 100 gold coins each

Dagger of Sacrifice +4 (Thegel’s dagger)

Reckless Longsword +4 (Pessrell’s sword)

Vanguard Longsword blade +4 (Tayreth’s sword blade)

Quick Longsword +4 – from junk pile

City of Burning Night III (2.12.09)

A passage from a cracked leather journal, found floating in the Burning Sea…

Well it began like most days. That scarred-up elf started bossing us around right after breakfast. Like our sleeping was holding him up or something!

Lord Thegel led me toward a peaceful looking structure, with a massive chimney rising from its center. M’lord carefully examined the scripture and symbols on the ancient oaken door, and whispered “The House of Ash” almost to himself. Quietly so as not to disturb him, I said, “Whatever it’s called, I like it here, Sir. It’s different than the rest of this cursed city, serene”.

“Yes, you’re right. I feel it too. Strong, hard,” he said clasping me tightly on the shoulder. Sometimes he would say things like that; you know in such a way that…. Well never mind.

We poked around the building and it became obvious that it served as a funerary. A calm quiet settled around the entire area, and I had the sense that many souls were properly laid to rest here.

“Gads, whoever lived here did a lot of cooking, look at all this ash!” Lord Thegel joked. M’lord isn’t just a brilliant swordsman, but also quick-to-wit too. Thegel continued to search the building muttering something about mustard and kabobs.

Just as we were finishing investigating the funerary, the wizard showed up. “Come with me, now”, he barked at us. M’lord looked at me. We rolled our eyes at each other and then started off after him. “Tayreth, we discovered a…..” Lord Thegel began until the mage cut him off, “Not now Princess. I’ve discovered something”.

Soon that rude fucker led us toward a large mass of vines and foliage. He stood there looking at it and then back at us. I’ve seen the prick do things like this countless times. He likes to stand there watching you not see something he so clearly does. He’ll let it go on for hours, and M’lord is too noble. I found it just best to give in to it right away. “Sorry Tayreth, I don’t see it. What are you looking at?”

“Behold!” He boomed and used his staff to move a dark tangle of vine. On the other side I could just make out an ancient sandstone structure, reminding me of a tomb. Quickly the vines moved to cover the hole Tayreth had created.

“Interesting Buttercup, but Pessrell and I just found a really str….”

Completely ignoring m’lord, that fuck gets that crazy look in his eye, licks his lips and says, “Alight you two stand back I’m going to try something, and I’m not sure what it will do!”


Before we can object dark blood red motes of arcane energy swirl about the caster’s pulsating form, his barbed staff raised high.

Something about the scene got Lord Thegel concerned. He grabbed me, shoved me up against a tree and pressed his body firmly against mine. “Don’t worry little Pess, You’ll be ok”, he gently whispered in my ear.”

Looking over at us with a disgusted look on his face, that slimy little mage snapped “quickly lovebirds, this may not last long”.

All three of us quickly moved into the pile of dust created by Tayreth’s magic. The sandstone tomb had completely crumbled away revealing a small room. Inside the room sat a sorrowful spirit dressed in thick regal robes. The spirit was holding a heavy golden rod decorated with native designs.

The wizard spoke quietly to the ghost and then said, “He is Ludvaraman, the God-King who once ruled here. V’rama – Vair imprisoned him when she took over”.

Lord Thegel began masterfully interrogating the spirit. At one point m’lord was reaching for his quills and ink to draw up a contract before the confused looking apparition. Of course that arrogant fey-bitch kept interrupting, so I don’t think a formal agreement was made.

When it was all done I learned that the god king’s body had to be recovered and then burned in “The Sacred Pyre of his People”, and that some Tilek bastard was the last person who had Kadana’s helm.

Apparently the god king’s body is supposed to be on the walled island with the words “Leper Colony” written on it.

“The God-King called it “KamaChameleon-Shu, little Pess. Me thinks that this “Leper Colony” business may just be a ruse.”

“It’s called Kamashefu, dumbass, and it is not a leper colony. It’s the God King’s palace. Now if you’re done thinking, let’s ride. My only question is what could this Sacred Pyre of his People be referring to? Possibly a mystery we will never solve.”

“Well actually Buttercup, I’ve tried to tell you twice that we found something that may just lead us to this Piner-thingy. Pess calls it a Funerealarium. I think it used to be an Inn called the “Charnel House”; the sign is still hanging up. Whatever it is, it must be really drafty because there is this really fucking big oven and chimney, pretty much takes up the whole area really. Not a whole lot of room for chairs and tables now that I think about it”

“And when were you going to tell me about this? Must I tell you when something is important, Princess. Really man, sometimes I feel like I get no help from your end at all. Pessrell let’s have a look at the Funerary on our way to Kamashefu, maybe I’d do better to council with you from now on”.


After verifying that the “Charnel House” was indeed where the body of the God-King needs to go, the mage smugly ushered us back onto his evil phantom steeds.

When the wizard was far ahead I congratulated my lord on teasing Tayreth about the Charnel House being an Inn. I told m’lord that it was that type of deep humor, wrapped in sarcasm and paradox that confused the weak-minded.

Lord Thegel looked warmly at me, seemingly focusing on my mouth. “Yes, little-Pess it is nice to finally be travelling with someone who can appreciate every part of me.”

Once we reached the palace of the king, the wizard began talking like a crusty scarred up wizard again. What a dick. Rubbing dirt between his fingers and staring off into the sky, the jackass said something like, “There is an ancient and deep connection to the land here. Be on your guard, nature has fierce protectors”.

Yeah, as if I haven’t walked every square inch of this damn city with him.

Once on the island we made our way up a long driveway to a large curved stone structure. It was unlike anything I’d every seen. The forest around it seemed to augment its strength and design. We cautiously moved around the perimeter and m’lord discovered a large pile of dirt and sand.

We must have waited there for an hour as the stupid fucking wizard performed various iterations of his hocus-pocus on the mulch-pile. Finally, giving up in defeat, the mage walked tiredly away from it. He was muttering something like, “you just wait; we’ll regret this. This dirt wants our souls…”

Eventually we ended up opening the palace doors that led into a large but sparsely furnished throne room. Atop a beautiful jade throne, robed skeletal remains of some long-dead person sat chained. Something was scrawled in that nauseating script that seemed to shift and writhe. At the same time, both m’lord and Tayreth said, “King of the Lepers”.

“This is he” the mage said confidently.

“Yep, it definitely without a doubt is. We should explore the rest of the palace maybe we’ll find that old man’s body too”.

Not able to withstand m’lord’s mental onslaught, the defeated fey-fuck could only reply “Right….whatever, but I’m moving them outside now.”

After the mage returned from playing “hide the bone”, we began to investigate the rest of the palace. Further exploration led the wizard to perform some ritualistic magic. He kept looking at the walls with one eye-brow raised, like a jackass. At one point he actually lowered himself to ask us for help. It was kind of invigorating, feeling that energy flow through you. Kind of scary to, like it would rip you apart if you’d let it.

Lord Thegel must have sensed my uneasiness. At the ritual’s climax when Tayreth’s eyes were clamped tight and beads of sweet rolled off his smooth nose, m’lord put his arm comfortingly around my shoulders and then stepped behind me. He pressed against me and I have to admit, I felt safer. I’ll have to tell him to adjust his dagger though, that thing was poking me most uncomfortably.

After the ritual, the outline of a door appeared and Tayreth tinkered with it for quite a bit of time. Finally he looked at me and said, “Open it Pessrell, it’s your turn.” Gods! What a dick.

Beyond the door lay a small chapel or meditation chamber. Inside were a powerful looking wooden staff, a small potted tree, and a sack of lime. I didn’t need the mage to tell me that strong nature magic flowed through here, but that didn’t stop him.

“Look here at these symbols boy, clearly of the elemental persuasion. All of these items are highly magical”, he continued to pontificate as he lightly touched the staff.

The wizard seemed lost in thought for some time, his eyes rolled up in the back of his head and he seemed to be muttering to himself.

M’lord moved up and clapped him on the back, “Everything all right there Buttercup, did you fall asleep? I sometimes do that. No need to be ashamed. Although now probably isn’t the best time for a nap”.

“The tree says it waits the golden age when the god king will return and restore enlightenment upon Tarek Nev”.

Yeah right, the tree says, I thought. This creep just gets weirder and weirder.

“We should not waste anymore time and take the remains to the Charnel House at once”. Tayreth said to no one in particular.

Still teasing the mage, m’lord replied, “I think that pile of bones is far past any kind of relief a warm fire might offer. I think you should forget about the damn bones and focus on the task at hand. Are all wizards as flighty as you? At this rate we’ll never find the god-king’s body.”

Once we were done exploring the rest of the palace, Tayreth led us back to the pile of bones. M’lord, once again taking the high road, decided to stop teasing the wizard.

“Hey, you don’t suppose that these bones could be the god kings do you?”

The wizard must have realized the cruel and multi-layered trap m’lord had laid him. He just shut his eyes and seemed to breathe deeply for several seconds before replying, “Yes, Princess I believe they could be. Why don’t you grab them and take them to the Inn.”

There seemed to be some argument about showing the bones to the spirit before proceeding to the Charnel House. As always, m’lord won the verbal spar. I know not m’lord’s intent, but knew that his was the right choice. Tayreth, waited some distance away, like a little fucking baby.

We wasted no time at the funerary and the bones when up quickly. We then went to the crumbled tomb to find that it was no longer haunted by the spirit of the God-King.

We then returned to the ghostly steeds and made out way to the third and final island. This one’s walls extended all the way to the shore. We located a couple of breaches in the wall and managed to cross onto the island at one of them.

This area seemed more like the rest of the city. There was almost no vegetation and the only building was a large strangely shaped structure made out of an opaque glass-like material.

Lord Thegel boldly moved forward and I followed him through some strange revolving glass door. Inside was a small room with musty air. A large circular door was opposite the entrance, and m’lord began turning it. It seemed to be opening like a screw. The mage appeared from the revolving door about then and tensely said, “Stop!”

The wizard began babbling something about volume and pressure until m’lord ignored him, turned around and finished unscrewing the portal. Tayreth nearly tripped over himself to quickly brace himeslef against the far wall and door. The freak looked like he was expecting so be sucked up some demon’s arse. Well not a god damn thing happened, of course. Once that puss-ass mage un-locked himself from the oppossing wall, we all went through the now (thanks to m’lord) open circular door.

Inside was a large mirrored walled chamber with several alcoves and small rooms leading off of it. Towards the center of the chamber a large console full of dials, switches and odd blinking lights sat ominously. There was also a strange sculpture of three glass globes attached by metal rods. A pile of bizarre metal parts, that the wizard seemed intrigued with, lay in a small alcove. In a another small room, a yellow glass case held three glowing, two blue, one green. There was also another pile of metal. This pile appeared to have been partially melted. Another small room contained some odd device consisting of a rack, funnel, and tray. Finally the last room contained a glowing blue pyramid.

The wizard began his favorite past-time of staring at the walls, while Lord Thegel and I began to get to business by investigating the whirling and blinking console.

Suddenly a strange cylindrical shaped creature steeped through a section of the wall. It moved with uncanny speed and dexterity. Multiple shiny metal arms sprang from its body and began spinning in a mesmerizing dance of razor fury. Without hesitation, m’lord raised his blade and challenged it to battle. Inspired, I too charged the creature.

A long battle began, but it seemed that all of our efforts were futile. Even the wizard’s arcane powers were unable to damage the strange metal beast.

The mage yelled “strike the glass head; it is its weak spot!” Of course the mage never thinks about how one is supposed to attack a 10’ tall creature’s head with a sword.

Thankfully, m’lord provided the insight that was needed. “Little-Pess climb the console and jump to its head. Trust me it’ll work, I’m right behind you.”

Doing as instructed I climbed the console and dove at the creatures head. I was thinking about who proud m’lord would be when I, Pessrell, felled this strange metal devil. That fucking wizard would show me some goddamn respect too. I leapt through the air and banged heavily against the creatures huge glass head.

Somehow I manage to avoid a jagged looking spear tip as it shot past me, nearly slicing my leg off. In my mind I felt m’lord’s steady hand on my shoulder and heard his whisper, “steady boy, slow and steady”.

With grace I’ve never attained previously, I whirled through the explosion of sharp blades and thrusting points. Sensing and deflecting as I drove inward, I found a hole and gave it a good whack. My blow connected and tiny spiderweb-like cracks spread out along the glass. Sadley it did little damge, but it was a start.

M’lord suddenly appeared next to me. He raised his mighty blade to strike down, spearing the glass armored demon’s head. It was a perfect strike and as it pierced the reflective surface a brilliant flash of blue energy almost blinded me. The blue flash must have come from the metal beast because I could see no other source for it.

The blade shattered the creature’s evil head and caused the monstrosity to collapse, finally defeated. M’lord picked me up and swung me about merrily. He hugged me so tight I though for sure that hip dagger was going to penetrate my mail.



Phantom Steed x1 (70 gp) Detect Secret Doors x2 (50 gp)

HP: 60 Max Healing Surges: -1 Action Points: 2

Daily Powers Used: Dispel Magic


Nothing claimed

2.5.09 City of Burning Night II


City of Burning Night II

Tayreth inspects the two trap doors. One is small about 2’ x 2’, and the other is ~ 5’ x 5’.

Tayreth then inspects the large, arcane energy producing stone. It is covered in far-speak runes. Its surface seems to crawl. Tayreth, seemingly mesmerized by the font and flow of the stone, touches its surface. Energy flows into Tayreth as he regains his spent spells and is able to cast with greater strength and alacrity.

As the energy flows through Tayreth, the “Child of Zanlothafolu” springs forth from his empty eye socket. The demon begins dancing about merrily, all the while thanking Tayreth for not only freeing him but finding the means to bring him forth. With a cry of rage, Tayreth unleashing all his magical might upon the demon. The demon spawn takes no notice. Tayreth screams at the demon vowing to find a way to imprison him once again.

Princess decides to try and form some sort of lunatic contract with the demon and the creature flicks its little finger at Princess and Pessrell, sending them both flying through the air covered in black flame.

Zenlothifalu’s Child leaps atop the stone and morphs into an insane many-tentacle nightmare and begins absorbing every drop of arcane – far realm energy. As he and the stone fade into nothingness, the beast once again thanks Tayreth.

Overcome with a sense of failure, the Eladrin kneels in prayer to Corellon asking for forgiveness.

Princess decides this would be a good time to put on his shiny new sea blue and pearl armor, he looks fabulous. Princess pontificates to Pessrell for a while, and finally asks the lad if the new armor makes his butt look big or not.

To escape the inanity of the scene, Tayreth turns inward. The Eladrin notices that the far realm voice is no longer in his head.

Tayreth notices a small flower has sprouted where the font of far-realm energy once stood. He moves over to it and ensures it has plenty of room to grow. He also feels a Fey-Wild energy coming from the flower.

Encouraged by Corellon’s sign, Tayreth decides to move on and returns to the trap doors for further inspection.

The small one is not trapped or locked and upon opening reveals a narrow shaft leading into the darkness. After inspecting it for traps, Tayreth attempts to open the larger door and receives a blast of fire to the face. Picking himself off the ground, the skilled fey inspects the door yet again. He finds no traps, but upon opening it receives a needle stick of foul poison. The poison rages through Tayreth’s blood stream for several minutes causing immense pain and damage.

However, the door is open.

Beneath the cursed door lay a narrow stair. The party moves forward into an underground complex. Pessrell believes he hears cheering, but neither Princess nor the great wizard hears the noise.

The party unknowingly activates a floor trap causing a cloud of darts to stream forth. All are hit by hundreds of tiny darts that cause great pain.

Tayreth inspects the floor more closely and sees that the whole floor is trapped, except for a narrow path to the right.

Believing that there must be a secret door, Tayreth performs a ritual (25 gp) and discovers, once again, that he is correct. A small “spy room” is discovered.

Continuing onward the party comes to a square room. In the center is a white block. Tayreth invokes a floating disc (10 gp) and floats around the room looking for secret doors. He finds one in the ceiling about the same size and location as the trap door on the surface.

Tayreth floats to the white block and realizes that it is bone. Curious, he pushes it. This would appear to have been a bad idea. Walls of force start closing in on him as a large stone blocks the exit.

Princess and Pessrell run to the surface, nearly slipping on the pool of piss that they have released.

Tayreth calmly gages the situation, makes some logical deductions and Fey Steps to the other side of the stone block. He waits patiently for Princess and Pessrell to return.

With a look of contempt, Tayreth suggests that they move on.

They come to a large iron double door, but move past down a small corridor that dead ends. After performing another ritual (25 gp) Tayreth discovers another secret door. The wise mage declares that that he believes that the secret door will open into the same room as the larger double door. Princess and Pessrell nod approvingly.

After some inspection Tayreth casts Invisibility and using all his ability in Stealth, moves through the door.

The room beyond the secret door is a large underground arena with a chariot track. What would appear to be V’rama Vair, rides a horseless chariot around in circles. She is riding down angels that are now locked into a world of undeath. On one side, stone bleachers hold crowds of cheering spirits, on the other side more angels wait their turn. There is a cell underneath the crowd of spirits and another, guarded by two statues, lies opposite. The second is barred.

Although the creature riding the chariot is definitely V’rama Vair, she is somehow different than how the various representations have depicted her. It would appear that she has become a Gorgon.

The invisible wizard moves to the first cell and sees a beautiful naked demon. The entrance is covered in runes of warding, keeping the demon at bay. Tayreth thinks to pit the demon against V’rama and erases the runes. The demon thanks the scarred Eladrin for freeing her and offers him one wish. She then tries to lure him into her cell.

Tayreth moves away quickly, but tells the demon to wait and he will ask his wish shortly.

Like a ghost, the mage returns to Princess and Pessrell. He describes all that he has seen, except the succubus. He instructs them to wait until they either hear battle or ten minutes has passed, whichever happens first.

Still invisible, the silent fey creeps back into the chariot room and sneaks towards the second, guarded, cell. Looking through the bars he sees a golden chest, a horn, a helm, and a quiver with 4 arrows. He then moves to the center of the room and waits for the attack.

The party launches a surprise attack against the gorgon. V’rama’s chariot causes massive damage to Princess.

Tayreth calls upon the succubus to grant his wish. The wily mage commands the demon to teleport the chariot on-top of the bone block within the “trash compacter” room. It is done and the demon thanks Tayreth before disappearing.

The battle rages fierce and over the course of it Princess is nearly killed twice. On both occasions his ring flashes blue and he continues fighting, appearing not to notice or remember that he nearly died. Princess is obviously unaware that the ring is saving him.

Tayreth wonders at what cost does the ring grant Princess life.

Pessrell manages to knock the bitch (V’rama not Princess) prone.

The evil gorgon unleashes a wave of necrotic flame and turns the battered Eladrin into a rotted burnt corndog.

Princess and Pessrell finish her off.

As Tayreth lay at the precipice of death, Princess and Pessrell search the body of V’rama. They find her whip, spear, and man-love for one another.

Afterward, Princess decides to revive Tayreth.

Princess tries to grab the spear, but takes massive cold damage, nearly killing him. Once again the ring flashes blue and saves him. Once again, Princess seems unaware.

Tayreth uses Mage Hand to place the spear and whip into the Bag of Holding. He is able to deduce that the whip has some power in demon control.

After dispelling the magical ward, Tayreth uses Fey Step to move past the barred cell containing treasure. He recovers it all and approximates 12,000 gp worth of treasure.

The PCs leave the underground area and return to the surface. They continue to explore the palace grounds and investigate a large habitat meant to house great cats. They find no cats and determine that this is a good place to rest.

The party rests under the dark silence of the City of Burning Night.

On the next day they continue to explore the city, starting with the shipyard.

They discover a ship with minor damage and materials enough to repair it. They guess that it could be repaired with about one day worth of work. The party continues to explore the city.

The party discovers a simple grey stone door set into a grey stone wall. They open the door and see a bleak grey landscape beyond. Ancient ruins lay in the distance. After some investigation, Tayreth moves through the door and into the Shadow Fell pocket dimension.

Quivering, Princess and Pessrell follow.

The party moves to the ruins. Inside they see a large pillar and a skeletal knight. The knight points to the stone pillar menacingly. The party examines the pillar and each reads the names of all they have known who have died. At the bottom of the role, is their name. Each party member sees his own list and own name.

The knight looks at Tayreth and the stoic master of the arcane says, “All men must die”. The knight disappears.

The party searches the ruins but find nothing, they leave the way they came and once again continue the exploration of the city.

As they move through the upper class residential area, Princess trips over a rusted sign which reads, “Kbzar’s Blacksmith”.

Pessrell uncovers 10 solid silver arrows. Tayreth inspects them and although they do not appear to be magical, they do hold runes of warding vs. lycanthropy. Tayreth uncovers a long sword blade (no hilt). It too is not magical, but Tayreth believes it could hold powerful magic (up to +6) and is probably worth 10,000 gp, as it is.

Princess uncovers a rusted metal box holding paints that Tayreth believes to be used for creating demon constraining runes.

Tayreth discovers a small gold box and manages to thwart its lock. Inside is an eye shaped ruby that is magical.

The party moves into the military district. Tayreth finds a normal gold ring. The party continues on and Pessrell discovers an Herb Shop, the party comes across a circular area of barbed roots and upturned soil. They party moves on towards the island park area.

Tayreth, with the help of Princess and Pessrell, invokes Phantom Steed (70 gp) and creates water walking phantom mounts to move through the island park with.

The party finds a body underneath the corpse of a dead dragon. The body is a black magician from the guild. He is holding a black wand and carrying a scroll. The scroll is a plea for the dragon to help, but doesn’t describe why the help is needed.

Tayreth puts the wand and scroll in the Bag of Holding.

The party discovers a walled area with “Leper Colony” written on the wall, a burial preparation area, and a house.

Inside the house the party discovers a bottle of rum that is magical and a non magical scimitar and silver necklace.

Princess finds a gold ring and Pessrell finds a golden cat collar, Tayreth places both items into the Bag of Holding.

Princess discovers a crystalline mammoth figurine in a small chest.

The party decides to rest in the house. They have yet to explore the funerary and the leper colony.

Tayreth puts ruby into empty eye socket.

Tayreth Status * Hit Points: Full * Action Points: 1 * Healing Surges: Full * Used Powers: None * Consumed * Healing Potion x 1 * 140 residuum


The Silver Whip (level 23): This whip is fashioned of some silvery leather like material, and has the form of a coiled serpent. The pommel is set with three large rubies and the fanged tip coruscates with strange energy. This is a +4 Chaos Weave Whip. When a demon is struck by the whip, there is a secondary attack of +17 vs. Will, if the attack is successful the demon is dazed until the end of the attacker’s next turn and then they are drawn into one of the three rubies to be “stored” until released by the whip’s holder. If the attack is unsuccessful, the demon is merely dazed until the end of the attacker’s next round. Whip: One handed military melee weapon, Proficiency: +2, Damage: d8, Range:— Weight 4lbs., Group: flail, Properties: Reach, Brutal 2

Lorok, Demonic Spear (level 28): This is a +6 frost spear. This weapon gains its power from the demon bound within it. If it is touched by any non evil creature, they are immediately subject to a 6d6 cold attack. This weapon also has the following power (minor – encounter): Muscle Death: the subject is weakened until the end of the encounter if they are successfully hit by a normal attack. The spear can also be thrown (range 10/20, properties: heavy thrown), and teleports instantly back to the thrower’s hand after such an attack.

The Horn of Siege (artifact): This is an ivory horn inlaid with bands of silver and several dozen diamonds, and carved with the artistry of the far realms. It bears an inscription along the rim “may the cities of thy enemies fall before thee!”. This item functions as a horn of blasting except in the hands of a bard where it gains it true power. When sounded by a bard, the power is as follows: (daily – thunder): Standard Action: Close burst 120, +19 vs. Fortitude. On a successful hit every creature, plant, or building takes 100 damage and is dazed and deafened until the end of the attacker’s next turn. There is a safe zone of 15’ around the bard where nothing is heard but a low mournful moan. On a missed attack the targets take half damage and are deafened until the end of the attacker’s next turn. On a critical hit targets are pushed 1d10 squares and knocked prone.

Demon Summoning Paints: A metal box of paints and pigments used in the construction of magical diagrams and demonic binding rituals and the like. Value: 500gp

Green liquid in glass vial: unknown, from the herb shop discovered by Pessrell

Gold Officer’s Ring: value 30gp

Gold Ring: value 5gp

Bottle of Tiger’s Eye Rum: 8 swigs of rum, each of which will boost to hit and damage by +4 for an encounter. If you drink the rum and do not engage in combat the rum makes a +15 vs. fortitude attack against you, and if successful delivers 1d10 damage, causes a minor seizure, and knock you unconscious for 5d10 minutes. A missed attack leaves you dazed and stunned for 1d4 rounds.

Rum barrels: 6 barrels of aged rum, 55 gallons each.

Light Arrows (4) (level 10): these arrows are made of solid light, glow softly, and are warm to the touch. These arrows have unlimited line of sight range and unlimited damage potential. They suffer no range penalties when used. For damage, roll 1d10, on a roll of 10, roll another 1d10 and add it to the first, continue until you do not roll a 10. On a critical hit, the arrows do 10d10 damage. All damage done is radiant and the arrows are consumed when used.

V’rama’s Jewelry Box: A 2’ long solid gold box filled with rings, pendants, and other jewelry. The box and its contents have a total value of 11,500gp.

Crystal Mammoth: This is a small crystalline figure of a mammoth then when activated will transform into a fully equipped war mammoth that with be loyal to the person that released it until either they or the mammoth dies.

Helm of Solus (level 10): A silver helm engraved with the rune of Solus. Whenever the wearer of this helm is about to be surprised or ambushed the helm rings like a bell alerting the wearer. Power (free – encounter): The wearer of the helm will not grant combat advantage to any foes until the end of their next round.

Were-Bane Arrows (10): These finely made arrows are constructed entirely from some silvery alloy and inscribed with runes of death for all lycanthropes and were creatures. They are non magical but when used against any lycanthrope they ignore all resistances, and gain the brutal 4 property.

Unfinished Sword Blade: This is a finely crafted but unfinished sword blade that could serve as the foundation for any magical sword of up to +6 enchantment. It has a value of 12,000gp

Rod of Reversal (10 level): This black metal rod allows any undead creature under the effect of your warlock’s curse to be subject to the following attack: (standard – at will) +9 vs. Will. If the attack is successful the target is dominated until the end of your next round. If the attack is unsuccessful the target is dazed until the end of your next round. If you are a dark pacted warlock, the attack is a CHA vs. will attack.

Eye of Finch (level 10): This is a large ruby carved to resemble an eye. When placed in an empty eye socket it grants the user full normal sight and the ability to tell at a glance the actual value of any non magical item looked at.

Silver Necklace: value 1gp

Gold Cat Collar: value 25gp

1.29.09 - City of Burning Night I


Party agrees to travel to the gate, attempt to breech it and gain access to the Tarek-Nev, the City of Burning Night.

Tayreth reached into the arcane ether and conjured 8 shadowy horses which the party then used to travel to Tarek-Nev.

During the two days of hard riding, several party members glimpsed giant sized creatures moving through the woods. These creatures never approached or attacked. The party was magically riding on the surface of the river leading to the gate; perhaps this is why they were unmolested.

Upon reaching the red gate, princess spotted the body of a creature floating in the moat surrounding the City.

After inspecting the body, princess discovered it was angelic in origin, wore crystal armor, and wielded a crystal lance. The lance was placed in Tayreth’s bag of holding. The armor was disenchanted for 168 residuum.

The documents previously found at the obelisk appeared to be true in that the Red Gate did appear to be demonic and living. Its walls were demon flesh and the actual gate was a gigantic maw. Along the top of the “wall” were statuesque dark crystal hawks, perhaps acting as guardians.

Tayreth had words with the gate and spoke its true name “Teroglustrad”. The gate trembled in fear and allowed the party entry.

Once the party passed through the “Red Gate” they were able to finally view the “City of Burning Night”.

Several members of the party noticed that, 1) Many of the interior walls appeared to have been melted from an intense fire that came from above; 2) Several indicators suggested that the city had been abandoned for only 20-30 years. This contradicts previous information. Tayreth suggested some breach of the time continuum has occurred, and that perhaps only 20-30 years had passed on this side of the gate, while time moved “normally” on the outside of the gate.

The party began its search of the City. Eventually a large pile of angelic corpses centered on a single dead human wearing plate armor. The human did not have the breast-plate, and it seemed that Arnoth’s breast-plate matched the armor too. Next to the dead human lay an angel wearing a crown. It appeared to be alive.

Princess attempted to communicate with the angel, but no response was given. Princess then approached the human, making several more attempts to talk with the angel but to no avail.

Princess attempted to turn the dead human over, and the angel attacked and quickly subdued princess. The angel then lay down once more.

Tayreth drug princess out of the area, tried to perform first-aid, and failed miserably.

Once princess recovered, the party continued exploring the City, giving the angel a wide berth.

While traveling through the bazaar, Tayreth discovered a locked metal chest and was able to open it. Inside was a crystalline torc embedded with emeralds. After some inspection Tayreth determined that it was highly magical and had spell storing abilities, among other properties as yet to be determined. Tayreth put it in bag.

The party eventually made their way to the palace and began exploring the interior. In the kitchen, Tayreth discovered a magical cookbook written in Far Speech. The book was stowed in the bag of holding.

In the bath house of the palace, several items were discovered, inspected, and placed into the bag of holding:
  • Five, 6-inch3 blocks of gold. Found to be lead, worthless
  • Two life sized cat statues made of solid gold.
  • One bone handled dagger. The handle is hollow to allow for poison.
  • Female knee high boots with “rogue enhancement” properties, highly magical. V’rama’s Boots.
  • Crystalline crown with emeralds, “magical control” properties, highly magical.
  • Dirk, trapped or cursed (turned into asp and struck out at princess).

Further exploration led the party to discover a door with the deity “Syncarnos’” symbol.

Tayreth recognized the deity as the ½ man, ½ bull deity of lust.

Beyond the door was a large room with a gigantic golden statue of Syncarnos. Its gigantic penis was thrust into the air and gleamed in the torch light, perhaps foreshadowing events yet to come.

The party then moved upstairs and entered into a narrow circular hall with doorways along its interior.

The library was discovered. Tayreth noticed that the books were written in the same hand as the books at the obelisk and highly suspected that the books in the obelisk originated from here. A chair with a “T” was also found in the library, perhaps belonging to V’rama’s champion, Tilak.

The trophy room was found. A secret door was located behind a highly reflective shield and plate armor were discovered inside. Both are highly magical. The plate is mithril with depictions of sea serpents from the sea of fire engraved in it. It has been blessed by an ocean deity.

In a small room with a cot, Tayreth performed a ritual and discovered a locked secret door. The mighty mage managed to break through the arcane lock revealing another room.

Princess boldly entered the room and fell through the floor. Screams of intense pain, strangely mixed with whimperings of pleasure, erupted from below where princess fell. Tayreth timidly peered over the edge to witness princess being impaled and anally violated by the Syncarnos’ giant golden erect penis. Tayreth turned away in shame and disgust.

In the secret room a large four poster silver bed was found. Three pillars stood along one wall with a large pulsating emerald on each. Behind each pillar was a plaque:
  • Prince Jarmis – desires pawn
  • Emrosar – soon forgotten
  • Mortalis – the greatest and the least

Further inspection revealed that each emerald appeared to hold the men that the plaque refers to. After brief conversation, it was learned that they were imprisoned ex-lovers of V’ramas who wanted out. Tayreth and princess decided that letting them out is too dangerous and so is leaving them trapped for someone else to let out. Tayreth disenchants the emeralds for 300 each in residuum (900 total residuum).

Tayreth discovered a trap door in the ceiling that lead to an alchemist laboratory. The floor of the lab was decorated with the symbol of the god “Solus – The Devourer of Souls”. Also is a five foot3 block of amber, on top sat a vial of golden liquid. A copper cabinet was also found. The cabinet was full of alchemical herbs and items. Tayreth took the vial and stowed it in the bag of holding.

After exploring the palace in its entirety, the party continued to explore the palace grounds.

In a crypt area outside the palace, Tayreth encountered several Treants who had been hiding from V’ramas. Tayreth informed them of the queen’s possible death and asked where the party should go to confirm it. The Treants pointed and directed the party to the “Soulless (Solus ?)Fane”.

Along the way to the Fane, the party passed the hunting grounds, the chariot ring, and the open sewer and finally made their way to the blackened gazebo.

Inside the gazebo was a diabolic altar and seven pillars. The altar began pulsating and skull topped snakes writhed out from five of the pillars. The altar seemed to be pumping blood into the snake-pillars. A cacophony of chanting began coming from the altar.

Tayreth tried to interrupt the chant by casting “Dispel Magic” and the snake-pillars attacked as skeletons erupted from the ground.

It is about this time that Tayreth and princess noticed that all but Pessrell had abandoned them.

The party engaged in a mighty battle. No matter how many skeletons the party killed more kept appearing. Princess directed Tayreth to focus on the altar and the wizard unleashed a fearsome fireburst, and landed a direct hit destroying the altar and all the skeletons.

After the battle 2 trap doors behind the altar were discovered and Tayreth realized that the obsidian obelisk located behind the busted up altar is a font of magical energy.

Items Recovered
  • Amarrishi Light Lance: Superior two handed weapon, Proficiency: +3, Damage: 1d10, Range: 25/50, Price: n/a, Weight: n/a, Group: Polearm, Spear, Properties: Reach, High Crit, This weapon is non magical, made of a material that seems to defy gravity, and automatically returns to the thrower after being thrown.
  • Crystalline Torque with Emeralds (level 23), Acts as a ring of spell storing, If the wearer is evil, the torc also grants a +2 to all CHA based skill checks
  • Far Speech Cookbook (level 8), provides +4 to any skill check that involves cooking.
  • Gold Cat Statues (2) – 700gp each
  • Bone Handled Dagger – 10gp value
  • Vrama’s Boots (level 18), Made of soft black leather, +1 SPD, +4 Stealth, Acrobatics, and Athletics checks, Can make all jump checks as if you had a running start, If the wearer is female, the boots also grant a +2 to all CHA based skill checks
  • Asp Dirk +2 poisoned dagger, It appears to be cursed and attacks the holder
  • Death’s Mirror (level 18) Light Shield, with an additional +3 to reflex defense (beyond the normal +1 for the shield), Resist 10 psychic damage, and +2 on saves for any psychic related effect, Resist 5 radiant damage, At Will Power: (minor action): Range 5, blind one target until the end of your next turn, recharge on a 5 or 6 but only in sunlight
  • Livery of the Sea King (level 20) Silvery blue plate mail etched with a nautical theme and inlaid with mother of pearl, Although this armor is plate mail, it uses the hide armor proficiency, Armor +14, Skill Check: -1, Weight: 25 lbs, The armor floats in water, buoying both itself and the wearer. The armor holds the blessing of Calabarion, Nureti goddess of the Deep, such that no “natural” sea creature will harm the wearer of this armor. The wearer of the armor may call/summon a Calabarion serpent from the Sea of Fire to come to their aid (daily power)
  • Vial of Golden Liquid – unknown
  • V’rama’s Crown (level 15) Crystal, studded with emeralds, Seems to grant the ability to speak to and command cats of all types
  • Magical rope (level 3) 50’ of rope that does not seem to suffer from the effects of time or the elements
  • Magical Cuffs (level 5) do not require a key but cannot be opened by the wearer
  • Magical Whip (level 8) grants proficiency when used, +5 to hit but only causes 1 point of damage. On a critical hit the target is stunned and weakened (save ends both)
Current Status – Tayreth
  • Hitpoints – Max (56)
  • Action Points – 3
  • Healing Surges – Max (8)
  • Used Daily Powers – Bigby’s Icy Grasp, Flaming Sphere
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