CoZ XXV “The Zen-pocolypse”


Adventure begins after defeating the undead in the second sarcophagi room. A hallway has been discovered leading off this room, deeper into the ziggurat. After a brief discussion regarding the options (jump down the pit, go through Ebonwing’s portal, or the newly discovered hall), Captain Thegel directs the Iron Eagles down the hall.

The darkened hallway proceeded at a slight downward pitch, just like all the others. The Goblin warrior-poet Sogwaddle and his life partner, Brother George, scouted ahead. Rysiris, Deva invoker of the battle-god Tempus, glided along several paces behind, and the ½ Elf captain of the Iron Eagles, Thegel, “guarded our rear”.

Unlike the other hallways, this one abruptly ended after only 500’. The hallway opened into a large cavern filled with pools of cool water interconnected by small streams and drains. Strange eyeless fish, albino salamanders, and other biota crawled along wet stones covered in faintly luminescent pale lichen. Low light radiated from a huge shiny metallic sculpture of a twisted screaming head. Vaguely humanoid, the mouth stretched open wide and a long metal tongue lay stretched out before it like a welcome mat.

Sogwaddle rose from staring into a clear pool of water filled with the sightless marine life and commented that the light, and therefore the statue, must be a new feature and that he believed the cavern had previously existed in complete darkness.

Scanning the vast chamber, Captain Thegel decided that careful exploration of its shadowed corners was in order. The Iron Eagles grouped up and began a methodical search of the chamber moving clockwise around its edges.

As the heroes approached the leering statue, a tall black tree seemed to suddenly appear. It appeared lifeless but exuded a wretched psychic energy. Moving from certain spaces caused the tree to disappear and Rysiris commented that it perhaps existed in a different space-time. Thegel was barely listening; his concentration seemed to be divided between looking at the tip of his tongue and scrutinizing the tree trunk.

Thegel’s fascination with the tree momentarily ended when he spotted a ripple in the water behind the tree. The captain alerted the others, but nothing else was seen. Perhaps bored that a dragon didn’t erupt from the water, Captain Thegel ran up and, for no real apparent reason, licked the tree. Yes, that’s right; he licked the tree.

Besides leaving a bad taste in his mouth, the captain was rewarded by a massive psychic current that ran from the tree, down his tongue, and into his pebble-like brain. The psychic attack left him laying on the ground, unable to move, and quite confused. This was a personal best for the ½ Elf since we hadn’t even rolled initiative yet.

Seeing the Captian assuming his “combat stance”, the invoker and bard prepared for battle. From the pool behind the tree erupted a huge ravenous Chuul, the creature seemed intent on devouring the crippled Thegel.

While Captain Thegel didn’t offer much in the way of offense, except for the frequent pathetic outbursts distorted by his blistered tongue (Thuck Thou, thou thucking three!!), he did make himself useful be absorbing the brunt of damage issued by the Chuul and Mutant Treant. No one gets beat better than Thegel.

The Iron Eagles defeat the creatures and search their remains; a leathery bark-like suit of armor is found and given to Sogwaddle (Timber Suit Lv23, P-129 AVII)

The Battle-Deva chants forth a “Solace Bole” (500 gp) so Thegel can ice his tongue.

After receiving the effects of 12 hours of rest in only an hour, the Iron Eagles proceed through the portal. On the other side is a limitless room constructed of polished metal surfaces that glow a white light. Dotting the room are complex machines. Sound is intensely amplified to the point that any noise threatens damage. Rysiris plugs his ears with strips of cloth and then chants a “Silence” ritual (30 gp). The sound of the ritual being cast is enough to bring the invoker to his knees as blood oozes out of his ears.

The ritual seems effective in dispelling the acoustical amplification properties of the room.

The Iron Eagles then begin trying to manipulate the machines. Sogwaddle eagerly begins tinkering with each one while Rysiris and Thegel mostly help by holding parts or handing the goblin tools from his pack.

After some time, Soggwaddle safely dismantles the last machine. The room turns into a normal stone chamber with a wooden door leading back out into the cavern. The heroes proceed through it. Once in the cavern, Rysiris and Captain Thegel discuss possible options. Rysiris flies to the top of the cavern and verifies that the shaft seems to terminate here. That leaves the Iron Eagles with one option, so they head back to Ebonwing’s lair and find that the portal remains, but all of its lights have been dimmed.

Rysiris uses “Analyze Portal” (250 gp) and learns that the portal was created by the child of Zenlothafalu (coz), had never been used, and goes to the cold dark void of space. Rysiris shares this with Sogwaddle and Thegel and also explains that Zenlothafalu’s natural habitat is space, so if coz wanted to become a god, it makes a certain amount of sense that he would go there.

The party decides to take an extended rest to prepare for combat with coz. Upon waking Rysiris performs “Endure Elements” (20 gp) to help protect them from the harsh cosmic environment.

The divine servant then performs “Tenser’s Lift” (25 gp) to raise the Iron Eagles up to the portal’s height.

The Iron Eagles then gorge themselves of potions and sharpen there weapons with whetstones. Once sufficiently prepared the heroes step through.

They find themselves floating in space distanced from one another. A human, Pessrell, floats near a crystalline globe. Inside the globe a dark mass shifts and contorts. Pessrell taunts Captain Thegel, blaming him for most of his woes. Captain Thegel tries to talk to the disaffected Pessrell (hey, at least he didn’t try to lick him). Pessrell answers by charging the captain and slicing into him with four separate attacks nearing cutting the captain’s head off in one round (ok, maybe he should have licked him).

Combat goes poorly until Rysiris prepares his attack. Once his plan is in place, the invoker sends forth his angels to attack the crystal sphere. Pessrell immediately shifts focus (his focus being Thegel’s ass) and comes at Rysiris. A lucky shot by Rysiris compounds a devastating attack and destroys the possessed Pessrell.

The sphere cracks and then shatters, the coz bursts forth and prepares to destroy us all.

Rysiris seems momentarily shocked, until he hears Soggwaddle’s voice screaming at him from across the void. “What the fuck are you doing? The crown, the fucking crown! Hello? Jackass, snap out of it and stick him with the gods-damned crown”, the goblin screams while frantically gesturing with the hand held activation device.

Using an ounce of primordial sand, Rysiris stops time and approaches coz. Calling on the memory of his past lives, the deva enhances his next attack and barley manages to embed the crown in the creatures flesh, and then quickly teleports away. The goblin follows through and activates the crown.

A vortex opens and the coz disappears.

The Iron Eagles decide to teleport back to the Church of Death, not knowing if their contract was completed or not.

Once they arrive back at the church, they are confronted with the mighty avatar of the God of Battle, Tempus. Tempus praises each one of the Iron Eagles and gives Captain Thegel a boon and a gift. Tempus then states that Rysiris has more work to do before he can join him in the Astral. The deity directs Rysiris to help his friend and then disappears.

Another figure emerges, an avatar of Corellon. The tall stately male elf asks for Rysiris to help him find one of his children. The child’s name is Tayreth. Rysiris accepts the request and Corellon grants him a boon.

Rysiris becomes an exalted angel, and Thegel becomes an Adamantine Warrior. End. Adventure Summary

Rysiris Status

Full Gain Level (21)

  • Creeping Gatevine (Lv 20): 8/10
  • Potion Vigor (lv19): 10/10
  • Potion Regeneration (Lv 19): 9/10
  • Augmenting Whetstone (Lv 16): 9/10
  • Brightleaf (Lv 18): 10/10
  • Desert Rose (Lv 18): 10/10
  • Oil Flesh Returned: 1/1
  • Scroll Raise Dead: 1/1
  • Holy Water (Lv 16): 10/10
  • Primordial Sand 5

Rituals Cast

Solace Bole (500 gp) Silence (30 gp) Analyze Portal (250 gp) Endure Elements (25 gp) Tenser’s Lift (20 gp) Linked Portal (135 gp)


+5 Timbersuit (Sogwaddle) +6 God Plate (Thegel)

Finances 242,992 gp – 960 gp = 242,032 gp

242,032 gp 241,120 art, jewelry, statues, etc 0 Residuum

Stored Booty:

  • Potion of Recovery
  • Bucket of Gorgon’s Blood (325,000 gp)
  • Tenebrous Mask (18th) [thegel’s bag of holding]
  • Hungry Spear (14th) [thegel’s bag of holding]
  • Mantle of the Golden General (12th) [thegel’s bag of holding]
  • Sogwaddle’s old armor (?)



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