Adventure begins with the heroes having descended back down into the ziggurat, after leaving the elven male up-top. The party has decided to continue past the room with the pyramid w/o resting. After travelling the usual 1500’, Captain Thegel sends forth Brother George to investigate.

The gobin warrior-poets familiar sneaks into the room, and after some time, returns; reporting to Sogwaddle that there is a small alcove leading into a larger chamber. The alcove has a blood stained floor. Inside the larger chamber is a large demonic figure sitting lazily atop a dais. Before this statue are four large seed pods. A strange vapor or smoke is swirling out of the top of the pods and appears to disappear into a portal or hole in the ceiling.

Rysiris sneaks forward and tries to discern more of the pods nature or the demonic figures significance. No new information is garnered. Captain Thegel orders the heroes to launch an attack. Attempting to divide the potential attacks, Rysiris teleports into a side passage. He is immediately attacked by an astral stalker.

Combat is engaged and a Larva Mage joins the fray. The heroes manage to defeat the servants of Zenlothafalu with the help of Rysiris’ Holy Host.

A search of the area reveals the mage’s workshop. A search of the workshop reveals research on siphoning and collecting energy. Sogwaddle finds a bucket full of “Gorgon’s Blood Mortar”. Rysiris knows that such a component can be used to create a wall that will not allow creatures to “phase” through it. There is enough mortar for 50 feet (10 squares) and it is worth 325,000 gp.

The heroes continue through the side passage Rysiris teleported into and find themselves in ebonwing’s lair. Rysiris notes that another light has grown dim.

Rysiris and Capt. Thegel discuss the portal and implications of the lights dimming. 5 lights are dim leaving 4 others. Rysiris believes that the various rooms seem to all have some sort of energy siphoning component to them and that by destroying the conduit the lights go dim, perhaps preventing the portal from remaining open.

Captain Thegel decides to move forward with trying to dim all the portal’s lights instead of going through the portal.

The Iron Eagles march onward, down the only remaining unexplored passage; the one leading off of the 4 pillared/Elemental room. After 1500’ they find themselves in a natural cavern with a large amount of water rushing from a tunnel.

The cavern contains 6 sarcophagi. The heroes are soon attacked by several different types of undead, but manage to hold their own and defeat them. After the battle the sarcophagi are investigated. Inside each is a corpse holding a black gemstone. Additionally 500 platinum pieces and a potion of recovery are discovered.

Captain Thegel easily smashes the gemstones.

A passage leading down is discovered.

Rysiris invokes the ritual “Safe Guard” (3,600 gp) and the heroes take an extended rest.

-End Gain 1900+ Expt Gain a Level

Rysiris Status Hitpoints: 104/104 Healing Surges: 10/10 Action Points: 1/1 Daily Attack Used Daily Utility Used Daily Item Power Used Consumables  Creeping Gatevine: 8/10

 Potion Vitality: 6/10

 Potion Regeneration: 6/10

 Augmenting Whetstone: 6/10

 Brightleaf(Paragon): 8/10

 Brightleaf (Epic): 1/5

 Desert Rose: 8/10

 Holy Water (Epic): 1/3

 Oil Flesh Returned: 1/1

 Scroll Raise Dead: 1/1

 Holy Water (Lv 16): 10/10

 Primordial Sand 5

Rituals Cast Safeguard (3,600 gp) Items Created None

Booty 500 Platinum Pieces Potion of Recovery 1 Bucket of Gorgon’s Blood (325,000 gp) Finances 160,381 gp & 273,612 R + 2,500 gp & 325,000 gp – 3,600 gp = 484,280 gp & 273,612 R.



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