CoZ XXII 11.17.09

Adventuer begins with the heroes just outside of the suspected DracolichEbonwing’s lair within the ziggurat. Ebonwing is thought to be guarding a gate that will lead them closer to the Child of Zenlothafalu.

Rysiris, the mighty invoker of Tempus, draws upon his religious acumen to recall the strengths and weaknesses of the foul dracolich “species”. Based on what he knows, Rysiris makes some tactical recommendations to Captain Thegel.

Already having a substantial (but as of yet, un-used) resistance to necrotic damage, the War God’s servant gives his only two deathspawn potions to the goblin warrior poet Sogwaddle and the half-breed Captain of the Iron Eagles, Thegel.

After the heroes quaff potions and use other enhancements, Rysiris uses a combination of divine power and arcane items to teleport the party into the lair, somewhat spread out.

The heroes view a huge room, at the center is a hulking mound of a crumbled ziggurat. Atop it sits the fearsome Ebonwing. His skeletal wings and rotted flesh are outlined in an unholy black fire.

High above the undead dragon’s head twists and contorts a chaotically swirling portal of mist. Nine glowing lights surround the portal, two of which are dim. A pit, similar to the one seen in the “dome room”, is situated near the wall of the chamber.

Battle is engaged and hard fought. The heroes manage to defeat the ancient creature and loot his horde. It is noticed that a third light surrounding the portal has dimmed. Whether this is a function of Ebonwing’s death, time, or something else is unknown. Rysiris harvests one primordial-sand.

The warriors take some time to investigate the room’s features. Capt. Thegel checks out the pit. He reckons it goes about 1500’ down, and also discovers that the ceiling of the room has an opening of the same size. Captain Thegel hypothesizes that this pit is the same “duct” we first encountered in the “dome room”.

Sogwaddle flies Rysiris up to the portal so the invoker can further investigate it. Nothing is really learned except that it appears to be a “hole in space” and is currently “open”. A search of the remainder of the room reveals nothing.

The Iron Eagles take an extended rest and decide to explore the uncharted corridors above before going down the pit or through the portal.

No lights go dim after the extended rest. Rysiris suggests seeing if defeating other servants of the Child of Zenlothafalu, or clearing other chambers, causes more lights to dim around the portal.

Capt. Thegel leads the Eagles back to the top and through the “north” corridor. Brother George is asked to sneak forward and recon the situation.

After sometime he returns and relays that another large chamber lies beyond the darkness. In the center of the room is a pyramid like structure. A crackling orb of energy floats above the pyramid. Atop the pyramid are four creatures that are writhing in agony, or possibly pleasure (Brother George often confuses the two). Three armored creatures wielding great swords stand around the room at apparent “guard”. From Brother George’s description the Iron Eagles deduce that the creatures are “Helmed Horrors”.

Being the master tactician and drawing upon his insight as to the nature of helmed horrors, Rysiris suggests fighting the guardians in the corridor.

The helmed horrors do not attack until Rysiris uses his divine might to begin teleporting the obviously pain-racked creatures off the pyramid. Then they attack.

The combat goes rather poorly, with the helmed horrors pinning the Iron Eagles in the corridor with their never ending supply of elemental blasts.

However, despite their mindless efforts, the Iron Eagles once again prevail. Rysiris harvests one primordial-sand.

Only one of the creatures saved by Rysiris survives the battle. He is appears to be an elven male of little to no combat skill. The other three dead creatures appear to be “family”. Sogwaddle notices that he is hiding something in his pants and reluctantly Rysiris agrees to help him “check it out”. It is discovered that the elf was hiding two potions of vitality and a large star-sapphire.

The Eagles give him back his hidden treasures and explain that he is more than welcome to follow, but probably not going anywhere he wants to be. They escort him back to the top of the ziggurat and say their goodbyes. As the Iron Eagles descend back into the ziggurat the elven male is seen sitting down, perhaps to await their return.


Gain 22,100 Expt. (7,100[CoZ XXI] & 15,000)

Rysiris Status Hitpoints: 100/100 Healing Surges: 6/10 Action Points: 1/1 Daily Attack Used Three Beacons of Twilight Daily Utility Used Word of Refuge Daily Item Power Used Ring of Shadow Travel Consumables  Creeping Gatevine: 8/10

 Potion Vitality: 7/10

 Potion Regeneration: 7/10

 Augmenting Whetstone: 6/10

 Brightleaf(Paragon): 9/10

 Brightleaf (Epic): 1/5

 Mind Dust: 5/5

 Desert Rose: 10/10

 Glass Steel Shards: 9/10

 Deathspawn Potion: 0/2

 Holy Water (Epic): 1/3

 Life Shrouds: 4/4

 Oil Flesh Returned: 1/1

 Scroll Raise Dead: 1/1

 Holy Water (Lv 16): 10/10

 Primordial Sand 6

Rituals Cast * None *Items Created * None

Booty* 1,000 gp 4: Jewel encrusted statuettes representing the aspects of Zenlothafalu (15,000 gp each) 1: 2 ft tall bone obelisk w/ pulsating & shifting runes (50,000 gp) 2,500 gp 3: platinum urns (7,500 gp each) Finances 21,881 gp & 273,612 R. + 135,000 (value of items) + 3,500 gp = 160,381 gp & 273,612 R.



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