_The Iron Eagles begin this episode shortly after defeating the Sebacean Guardians, Sebacean Flyers, and their mutant ape minions atop the ziggurat thought to house the Child of Zenlothafalu. Rysiris is armed with a magical crown (crafted by the Church of Death to diminish the demon-god’s power) and the goblin warrior-poet, Sogwaddle, is equipped with the activation stone. The band of adventurers continues onward and deeper into the other-worldly structure, under the direction of Capt. Thegel. _

The heroes sift through the carnage and wreckage of the once glass-domed room. Two corridors lead off this chamber and a dark pit is exposed at the far end. Nothing else with regards to loot or passages are found after a thorough search. Rysiris is able to barely hear the sound of running water from far below while listening at the pit.

Captain Thegel decides to descend into the pit, but after going 50’ and seeing no signs of an end; the wise leader changes his mind. Eventually we decide to head through the “west” exit. Leaving the northern corridor unexplored.

The corridor appears to be arcanely juxtaposed between different dimensions causing a light and time-space distortion. The heroes travel along the passage leading slightly down for 1500’, the darkness nearly swallowing them.

Suddenly the light sources become unfettered revealing that the warriors have reached a large room. Runes are inscribed across the floor and a raised platform sits at the chamber’s center. Another corridor is seen at the opposite end. 2 Sebacean Guardians and 2 Sebacean Flyers are occupying this room. They appear to be wearing oddly crafted harnesses with various tool and implements hanging from them. Thegel considers a parley, but decides against it as the creatures attack. The red glow creeps across the floor of the chamber, eventually covering it entirely.

The heroes eventually defeat the aberrations but are sorely drained. Sogwaddle transports the party across the red glowing floor using Tenser’s Disk. Along the way they stop at the raised platforms. Capt. Thegel claims the harnesses, and Rysiris performs a “Detect Secret Doors” ritual (25 gp), but nothing is revealed. Once across Rysiris uses “Solace Bole” (500 gp) and the heroes take an extended rest.

After an hour they continue down a corridor exactly like the one they had previously emerged from. After approximately 1500’ the heroes prepare for another encounter, and are not disappointed. Past the darkness is a huge room with 4 quartz-like pillars at its corners. In the center is a huge Earth Elemental surrounded by 4 large Sebacean Casters. Combat ensues; the Earth Ravager joins the fray as the casters destroy the pillars.

The Iron Eagles are once again victorious. Rysiris harvests one “primordial sand”, and Sogwaddle finds a secret door. Besides the secret door the corridor continues at the opposite side of the room. Capt. Thegel opts for the secret door, leaving the “western” corridor unexplored.

After another 1500’ the heroes anticipate another encounter and send Brother George forward to investigate. He almost instantly appears in his magic “Wyvern Scrotum Sack of Warm Fuzzy Comfort” and is only aware of something “cold & dark”.

Rysiris performs a “Whispers of the Edifice” ritual (800 gp) and learns from the stones that a draco-lich named “Ebonwing” lies beyond, and that it is the “Guardian of the Gate”.


PCs gain 3900+ EXPT

Rysiris Status *

Gains a level

Hitpoints: 100/100

Healing Surges: 10/10

Action Points: 0/1

Daily Attack Used

Grasping Chains of the Justiciar

Three Beacons of Twilight

Daily Utility Used


Daily Item Power Used

Rod of Malign Conveyance


Creeping Gatevine: 10/10

Potion Vitality: 10/10

Potion Regeneration: 9/10

Augmenting Whetstone: 8/10

Brightleaf(Paragon): 9/10

Brightleaf (Epic): 1/5

Mind Dust: 5/5

Desert Rose: 10/10

Glass Steel Shards: 9/10

Deathspawn Potion: 2/2

Holy Water (Epic): 2/3

Life Shrouds: 4/4

Oil Flesh Returned: 1/1

Scroll Raise Dead: 1/1

Holy Water (Lv 16): 10/10

Primordial Sand 4

Rituals Cast (Total Cost = 1,325 gp)

Whispers of the Edifice (800 gp)

Detect Secret Doors (25 gp)

Solace Bole (500 gp)

Items Created




Finances *

21,881 gp & 274,937 R – 1,325 R. = 21,881 gp & 273,612 R.



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