The adventure begins shortly after the PCs have defeated the new Artax, his Marilith and have freed the 3 female adventurers from the chambers. The female adventuring group known as the Hand of Fey specifically consists o:f Hieraak, A dragonborn sorceress, Korakku, A kenku ranger of the bow, and Yuekiko, A longtooth shifter monk. The group was captured some weeks ago while adventuring through the Fangs of the Spider in search of power and treasure.

Rysiris notices that one of the points has burnt out on the crown that he is wearing. He also begins to feel fatigued after having worn the sinister device for too long. Using his knowledge of all things arcane he deduces that the “point” probably burnt out when he fell in combat and was brought back to life.

Meanwhile, Thegel offers Rainmoon membership into the prestigious Iron Eagles Adventuring Group. She graciously declines, citing that her intent is to return to her people. Thegel believes it is actually her fear of succumbing to his charm and violating the virtues and principals on which she has based her life’s work by engaging in hot dirty sex with him.

Rysiris speaks to the dragonborn leader of the female group and discusses their plans and goals. He learns that they are going to try and discover what happened to the rest of their party.

Rysiris believes he can help by performing “Whispers of the Edifice” (800 gp) Through the ritual Rysiris learns that her companions were devoured by the machine/tower and consumed as energy by “Artax”.

After sometime of grieving Hieraak tells Rysiris that they are going to their homeland. After saying farewells, Rysiris performs a “Linked Portal” ritual (135 gp) to get them on their way.

The Iron Eagles discuss a plan to have Sogwaddle work on studying the texts regarding the tower.

Rysiris will begin constructing a permanent teleportation circle within the upper chambers of the tower in hopes of providing access for the Church of Death (CoD) and possibly as the beginnings of a trap for the Child of Zenlothafalu (Child of Z).

While they are discussing this, a loud banging is heard at the tower’s gate. The PCs go and investigate. They discover a plate-mail clad elven warrior belonging to the “Order of Elven Light”.

Captain Thegel permits his entrance and the knight explains that he is Ekosh, Rainmoon’s brother.

The two siblings reunite and after some private time between Rainmoon and Ekosh, Ekosh inquires about the original Artax and what type of creature that it was.

Rysiris gives him the best verbal description he can, but also performs a modified “Last Sight Vision” (25 gp) and melds his memory to Ekoshs.

Ekosh offers Captain Thegel 5 astral diamonds as payment for rescuing Rainmoon. Thegel accepts the diamonds worth a total of 25,000 gp.

After tear-filled farewells, the two elves leave.

Rysiris creates a large (25’ x 25’) teleportation circle at the top of the tower using “Create Teleportation Circle” (25,000 gp).

Rysiris sends Thegel to the permanent circle located within the Church of Death, in Darkhaven, using “Linked Portal” (500 gp).

While Thegel is away, Rysiris begins investigating the chest, which seems to be locked by a “simple – logic puzzle”. Sog continues to study the crown, machines, and tower.

Thegel speaks with Maxwell and provides him the information required to access the permanent circle now established at Artax’s Tower. Maxwell promises to come within a day. Thegel returns to Artax’s Tower.

Rysiris uses “Consult Oracle” (3,600 gp) and learns that the puzzle is an illusion within an illusion. Rysiris pierces two separate illusions, greatly simplifying the puzzle; essentially reducing it to a “special needs – logic puzzle. Thegel and Rysiris are still unable to unlock its solution.

Maxwell arrives and is shown the tower, crown, and machine. Rysiris begs his comrades to consider that the “artifact” is not very “mobile”. We all discuss a possible method of using this tower to weaken the Child of Z and the logistical problems. It is decided that the PCs will travel to a newly constructed ziggurat located in the land of “Upper Skull”.

The CoD believes that the Child of Z is currently at this location. Little is known about it and attempts to scry have met with failure. The CoD will continue to investigate the artifact while the PCs proceed towards the Ziggurat.

Rysiris asks Maxwell to help with the solution to the chest puzzle and he is able to offer enough insight for Captain Thegel to unlock its contents. Yeah!!!...

With the speed of a flaming cockroach, Captain Thegel puts everything into his bag of holding.

Rysiris asks to see what was found and in the very brief moment that Thegel opens the bag, Rysiris spots an interesting looking hourglass and is able to snatch it out before Captain Thegel snaps the bag shut; condemning the items to being forgotten and never researched for their potential benefit to the party whether it be utility of merely residuum value.

We teleport (Linked Portal 80 gp) to a city called “Black Falcon” and are met by Viifoc, High-priest of the Church of Death. After a brief discussion, Viifoc arranges passage to the north end of the land known as upper skull. The ship belongs to a ½ orc female named Lolda.

During the three days journey, Rysiris spends his time creating several magic items for use (see endnotes).

It also gives Rysiris time to inspect the hourglass, which begins speaking to him; foretelling, with much excitement, the end of the world.

The ocean voyage is thankfully uneventful. Lolda drops us off at the mouth of a river and provides us with 2 crew members to help paddle our way upstream into the interior. Travel up-river is also uneventful and without danger, except for the horrid jungle-swamp like conditions. The insects are naturally huge and the temperature/humidity is almost unbearable.

Eventually we make it to the river’s headwaters and the 2 escorts stay behind to guard the boat. The Iron Eagles proceed towards the location of the Ziggurat, travelling through the swamp for about 6 days.

Suddenly the PCs find themselves stepping through a figurative “wall” on the other side the climate and terrain is much different. A clear blue lake lies in a cool, sunny, grassy valley. A stone Ziggurat rises from the center of the lake.

Stepping back over to the swamp side, Rysiris teleports (Link Portal 80 gp) back to Artax’s Tower . Maxwell is there with many members of the Artificer’s Guild. Rysiris notes that it appears the duty of re-engineering the towers has fallen to the Artificer’s and there is nobody from the Magicians Guild present. The Guild Master is a translucent canine like creature, very closely resembling the original Artax. Rysiris questions Maxwell regarding the creature, who states that indeed the two entities are of the same species and they actually knew one another. They are called “Gribbonglots”. Rysiris expresses some concern about the creature’s allegiances, but Maxwell assures him it is not a valid concern.

Maxwell tells Rysiris to come back in a day, and he does using Linked Portal (80 gp).

Maxwell hands Rysiris a crown and a stone with a button on it. The priest instructs the invoker to somehow place the crown on the Child of Z and then immediately press the button on the stone. This should remotely activate the Tower’s ability to siphon energy from the immortal making him susceptible to our attacks.

Rysiris heads back to the Iron Eagles encampment and relys all that has been told to him. Captain Thegel instructs Rysiris to wield the crown and for Sogwaddle to keep the activation stone.

The PCs drink the potions of invisibility and cross the shallow lake, and then climb the Ziggurat. At the top they encounter a clear glass dome and a pit.

Brother George looks down through the dome and sees 1 pair of large Sebacean Guardians, 1 pair of Sebacean Gliders, and 8 Mutant Apes. The PCs position themselves around the top of the pit, while Brother George gets the attention of the creatures by pissing on the dome.

This causes the mutant apes to very quickly climb their way up the pit and combat ensues.

The PCs manage to defeat the aberrant creatures.

Rysiris sucks 1 oz of primordial sand from one of the creatures.


PCs gain 5,100 Expt totaling 115,100 expt.

Rysiris Status

Hitpoints: 96/96

Healing Surges: 10/10

Action Points: 0/1

Daily Attack Used

Grasping Chains of the Justiciar

Three Beacons of Twilight

Daily Utility Used

Wall of Light

Daily Item Power Used

Elixir of Invisibility

War Ring


 Creeping Gatevine: 10/10

 Potion Vitality: 10/10

 Potion Regeneration: 10/10

 Augmenting Whetstone: 10/10

 Brightleaf(Paragon): 10/10

 Brightleaf (Epic): 2/5

 Mind Dust: 5/5

 Desert Rose: 10/10

 Glass Steel Shards: 10/10

 Deathspawn Potion: 2/2

 Holy Water (Epic): 2/3

 Life Shrouds: 4/4

 Oil Flesh Returned: 1/1

 Scroll Raise Dead: 1/1

 Holy Water (Lv 16): 10/10

Rituals Cast (Total Cost = 29,905 gp)

“Whispers of the Edifice” (800 gp)

“Linked Portal” (80 gp x6 = 480 gp)

“Last Sight Vision” (25 gp)

“Create Teleportation Circle” (25,000 gp)

“Consult Oracle” (3,600 gp)

Items Created (Total Cost = 39,480)

Creeping Gatevine (Level 10) 200 gp 2 400 gp

Augmenting Whetstone (Level 16) 1,800 gp 10 18,000 gp

Potion of Vitality (Level 15) 1,000 gp 4 4,000gp

Potion Regeneration (Level 9) 160 gp 3 480 gp

Brightleaf (Level 18) 3,400 gp 5 17,000 gp

Glass Steel Shards (Level 17) 2,600 gp 1 2,600 gp

Holy Water (Lv 16): 1,000 gp 1 1,000gp


Deluvian Hourglass (Rysiris)

5 Astral Diamond (5,000 gp each)

Finances *

66,266 – 39,480(items) = 26,786 – 29,905(rituals) = -3,119 + 25,000(astral diamonds) = *21,881 gp/residuum



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