9.3.09 CoZ XVIII

The adventure begins shortly after the heroes have dispatched the necromancer and vampire lord. Using the gemstone key they PCs continue up to the next level.

The Heroes are elevated to a dimly lit large circular room. A closed iron door stands on one side of the room. Two large statues dominate the room. One is a large humanoid warrior, arms folded across his chest, and is placed towards the center of the room. The other is a demonic, many armed, monstrosity placed next to the door. Past the humanoid statue is a table covered with books, similar to the ones found previously. A tome floats in front of the humanoid statue, its pages slowly turning seemingly on their own. The floating tome floats slightly above the head of the statue. A single mote of positive energy floats high in the air providing the dim light for this area.

Rysiris moves stealthily towards the door and learns that it is locked. Now that he is closer to the demonic statue he is able to use his arcane knowledge to better study it. After some brief observations the invoker believes that it is a guardian construct waiting to be activated.

Sog and George glue the demonic statue to the ground as Rysirus moves towards the other statue. Sog begins to tamper with the door trying to unlock it.

Rysiris teleports to the top of the humanoid statue.

The champion of Tempus gets to the top of the statue and realizes that a brain sits in a glass jar within a cavity at the top of the statue. A flurry of action and reactions results in Rysiris being cast off the statue, but immediately returning.

Rysiris takes a mighty swing with his “staff of ruin”, critically striking the glass incased brain. Combat ensues.

The Heroes manage to defeat the brain and its guardian construct.

They are able to salvage some of the books, others are damaged beyond recovery. The books seem to contain compiled information on the diabolical device and tower depicted previously in the mummies quarters.

Sogwaddle manages to unlock the door. George and Rainmoon sneak forward into a dark hall that ends at another door. This door is unlocked. Mechanical sounds are heard from the other side.

The Heroes use some male enhancement products, anticipating a battle.

George cracks open the door and views a huge translucent creature with canine features manipulating a machine at the far end of the room.

Rysiris directs Tempus’ might and glory moving his allies and enemies about the room; creating a battlefield more to his liking.

The Heroes quickly vanquish the beast, and as it dies the Iron eagles are brought to their knees when a mental scream erupts in their heads. Our recent companion, and once trusted ally “N”, turns on us. The warforged proclaims that he is Artax and thanks us for recovering his tower for him.

Because Ripley was right and you can’t trust a synthetic, we kill “N”/Artax.

Not fully understanding the situation, Rysiris interrogates the corpse of Artax (Speak w/ Dead Ritual – 140 gp). He learns that Artax’s tower was conquered by another necromancer, who is likely in the basement. We’ll need three gemstone keys to get to it. Artax claims that in order to defeat the necromancer we need to draw it away from its crown of control.

Heroes find the third gemstone-key in the machine room.

Rysiris invokes “Make Whole” (200 per book, 18 books = 3600 gp)on the 18 damaged books.

The adventure ends as the PCs attempt to take an extended rest.


Finances: 71,891 – 3740 = 68,151 gp/residuum

Rysiris Status

HP: 96/96

HS: 9/10

Daily Attack Powers Left: none

Utility Powers Left: Shielding Nimbus, Angelic Visage

Item Powers Left: 0/2

Consumables Creeping Gatevine: 9/10 Potion Vitality: 6/10 Potion Regeneration: 8/10 Augmenting Whetstone: 6/10 Brightleaf(Paragon): 7/10 Brightleaf (Epic): 3/5 Mind Dust: 5/5 Desert Rose: 10/10 Glass Steel Shards: 9/10 Deathspawn Potion: 2/2 Holy Water (Epic): 2/3 Life Shrouds: 4/4 Oil Flesh Returned: 1/1 Scroll Raise Dead: 1/1 Holy Water (Lv 16): 9/10

Rainmoon Status

HP: 103/103

HS: 3/6

Daily Attack Powers Left: Bloody Path

Utility Powers Left: Great Leap, Brisk Stride, Fey Escape, Grasshopper Leap

Item Powers Left: 1 / 2 (Eladrin Boots Used)



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