Discovered wadded up in a ball in the corner of the “Scarlet Curtain” brothel with the following very short cover letter: Dear Mr. Sogwaddle, Thank you for your submission, but the standards of “Warrior Poet Monthly” are quite more advanced than your writing appears to be at the moment. Perhaps in a few years you should try again. Some generous advice: submit to some more appropriate literature reviews such as “Poetry for Special Needs Orcs”, we hear that they are very pleased to recieve any serious submissions. Regardless, good luck._

8.13.09 CoZXVI

Upward the eagles soared, their captain leading the way

Now, before them a small chamber, hall, and many doors lay

Iron walls and doors sealed and surrounded our pack

None were locked, save the one in the back

Taking turns, the masters of battle tested the dread portals

Twas, the war-forged who went forth into the chamber of deceased mortals

Laid on table, covered in shrouds of white

The bodies lay dormant, through the dark, no signs of life

The hand of Tempus struck inward with avenging light

The eagles waited and stayed guarded, yet there appeared no strife

Without warning without notice

An apparition appeared before us

Clothed in black with belt of bloodied heads severed

The great Thegel, the grave creature endeavored

Glorious combat, filled with rage erupted

The unholy beast our invoker disrupted

Battle was waged long into the day without respite

Or perhaps only moments in what seemed like an endless fight

The creature of undeath loomed massive and full of hate

Foul belt carried; the bloodied severed heads of the unfortunate who had met their fate

Its soulless eyes focused on our captain, the iron eagle screamed his challenge at the foe

Shadowed wraith met the call passing between brick and stone, with the promise of pain he would sow

Radiant light from the glories of the astral sea burned the agent of the primordial

Perhaps forever putting end to an existence so hateful

Onward the eagles searched and examined leaving no stone untouched, no door untested.

Vigilant heroes were rewarded with a portal left unlocked, hidden, but unguarded

Inside more creatures of the grave waited for our passage.

The might of the invoker Rysiris prevents their advances, while the clockwork warrior of Tempus gives the mummies plenty of chances

The battle ends with nary a wound, the fight with the eagles more than the mummies were prepared to bargain

The heroes all gathered safe, except perhaps for the rotting stench coming from Captain Thegel’s noggin’

Invoking the name of the god of battle, Rysiris became the hand that had killed so many

Accidentally added one more to the list a’ plenty

More rituals were cast calling on the ancient ways, drawing the eagle’s soul to its nest

Finally Thegel’s eyes fluttered and quietly he said, “I need a fucking rest”

The eagles explored the library that the mummies called their home

It stank, and their restless souls still seemed to chill the air to the bone

Scattered throughout the library and desk were curious papers, drawings and notes, mostly left untouched by the room’s mice

Lord Sogwaddle, master of many arts examined the parchments and concluded it was all to do with some sort of device

After retrieving some magical dust left behind

The heroes continue through a door left hidden in a manner that we were not supposed to find

The passageway opens to a dark chamber, its glass floor revealing pulsating green goo crackling with energy just underneath.

A device reminding us all of teenage lust and affliction, Thegel particularly turned away, grinding his teeth

Investigation of the device revealed a fist-sized emerald green as a dragon’s eye

Thegel quickly absconded with the piece, to call it theft would be a lie

The invoker moved the device trying to get at the goo under, which it blocked

He received a life draining current and back he was knocked

The Captain of the Eagles had a different plan

To the library he returned with emerald in hand

Alas the strange arcane portal now opened in the ceiling

Towards the unknown and to our fate was the general feeling

The Eagles arrived in what seemed to be the last chamber

Torches sputtered making it hard to see and understand Thegel’s anger

Then it became apparent as my eyes adjusted

Two death titans sat, there game of cards suddenly interrupted

As the fearsome creatures rose to rip us asunder

I noticed a pitiful humanoid in a glass jar, which must have been their wager


EXPT 3000



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