The adventure begins shortly after the combat with N/Artax in the upper level of the tower. The party begins making preparations for an extended rest.

Rysiris uses an Undead Ward and Eye of Alarm ritual to help protect the PCs while they rest.

The party dismantles as much of the machinery as they know how to, while Rysiris invokes a Stasis Shell around the many volumes of text relating to the tower and its function and then places them into his bag of holding.

Captain Thegel decides to travel back down to the first floor and investigate for signs of a way down to the basement area.

Traveling carefully, with Sogwaddle and Rysiris in the lead, the party uses the elevator tubes to reach the first floor. They manage to do so without incident.

Everything remains the same on the first floor, including the floating chest. There is one difference; now a large hand, reaching up from the floor, guards a door.

The three gemstone keys are placed in the hand. The hand swings to the side and then drops the stones.

Sogwaddle moves forward and determines the door is unlocked and not trapped.

Rysiris opens the door revealing a long, narrow, dark hallway. At the end of the hallway is a strange transparent double door. A stencil in the shape of a long sword has been cut out of the door where the two halves meet. Rysiris approaches the door and when he does blue energy begins to crackle within the sword stencil.

Rysiris asks Sogwaddle to examine the door and offer his opinion. Sogwaddle does not believe that the stencil is a keyhole of sorts, but is not sure what it is.

The party gathers near the door and together they invoke a “Disenchant Magic” ritual. The powerful magic is temporarily negated allowing the party to move past the doors.

On the other side is a landing with a staircase leading downward. Approximately 80’ down the stairs a portcullis is seen. Additionally, once the party has crossed the door they notice a strange “dampening” effect in the stairway. This effect seems to “quiet” the area slightly.

Brother George sneaks forward and observes living-quarters with two coffins. A humanoid armored warrior stands guard at the door.

Captain Thegel and Rysiris discuss a strategy of teleporting the party to surround the warrior in hopes of quickly subduing him. The plan fails, as the dampening effect limits teleportation, causing everyone to be knocked prone and dazed.

The next strategy is for Sogwaddle and Rysiris to try and sneak past the portcullis and then draw the guard out so that the party is at least flanking it.

Sogwaddle and Rysiris are spotted by the guard as they attempt to sneak by, but avoid being stopped by the thrall’s cold attack. The Fey Lord Vampire from the previous encounter appears and combat ensues.

After a prolonged battle the Iron Eagles manage to defeat the vampire lord and his thrall, Aristus Hammell. Rainmoon pours holy water on the vampire’s body forever destroying it.

The party searches the vampire’s lair, but finds nothing of value. The PCs take a short rest and proceed downstairs.

They arrive at the basement room. The room is circular but has eight alcoves containing machinery and has eight metal “tanks” surrounding a skeletal figure sitting on a throne. The skeletal creature wears a crown with eight glowing balls of energy attached to it. Blue arcs of energy flow from each of the eight machines, then to the tanks, and finally into the creatures crown. A large many-armed female demon with a snake-like lower body slithers about the room guarding the skeletal creature.

The PCs quickly form a plan. Rysiris runs into the room and channeling his divine energy is able to miraculously snatch the crown from the creatures head. Combat ensues.

It quickly becomes apparent that the crown cannot leave the circle of tanks. As the situation becomes more dire, and fearing that the enemy will re-acquire the crown, Rysiris puts the crown on his head.

The crown channels a vast reservoir of energy into the invoker. As the energy fills the mortal shell of Rysiris he is stunned, but at the same time aware that several creatures have been imprisoned in the tanks. The necromancer seemed to have been draining them of life energy to power his machine.

Using the power of the crown, Rysiris sets them free. A shifter monk, a kenku ranger, and a dragonborn sorcerer appear. Yeukio, Korakku, Hieraak respectively.

The hand of Tempus proclaims that they are free and swears his protection if they help to defeat the necromancer and marilith.

Rysirus invokes divine punishment upon the two enemies and critically strikes them. This causes a burst of massive energy that obliterates the marilith and nearly rips Rysiris apart.

The combat continues, but without his crown and now greatly out-numbered; the necromancer eventually falls to the Iron Eagles and freed prisoners.

-End Rysiris is still wearing the crown.

It is determined that the PCs will be able to take an extended rest before the next combat. Therefore Rysiris and Rainmoon are at full status.

Rysiris Rituals Cast  Undead Ward 35  Eye of Alarm 25  Stasis Shell 1,800  Disenchant Magic 25

Rysiris Consumables  Creeping Gatevine: 8/10

 Potion Vitality: 6/10

 Potion Regeneration: 8/10

 Augmenting Whetstone: 5/10

 Brightleaf(Paragon): 5/10

 Brightleaf (Epic): 2/5

 Mind Dust: 5/5

 Desert Rose: 10/10

 Glass Steel Shards: 9/10

 Deathspawn Potion: 2/2

 Holy Water (Epic): 2/3

 Life Shrouds: 4/4

 Oil Flesh Returned: 1/1

 Scroll Raise Dead: 1/1

 Holy Water (Lv 16): 9/10

Finances *

68,151-1,885 = 66,266 residuum/gold

EXPT Gained* = 6,700 (grand total 110,000)



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