CoZ XXV “The Zen-pocolypse”


Adventure begins after defeating the undead in the second sarcophagi room. A hallway has been discovered leading off this room, deeper into the ziggurat. After a brief discussion regarding the options (jump down the pit, go through Ebonwing’s portal, or the newly discovered hall), Captain Thegel directs the Iron Eagles down the hall.

The darkened hallway proceeded at a slight downward pitch, just like all the others. The Goblin warrior-poet Sogwaddle and his life partner, Brother George, scouted ahead. Rysiris, Deva invoker of the battle-god Tempus, glided along several paces behind, and the ½ Elf captain of the Iron Eagles, Thegel, “guarded our rear”.

Unlike the other hallways, this one abruptly ended after only 500’. The hallway opened into a large cavern filled with pools of cool water interconnected by small streams and drains. Strange eyeless fish, albino salamanders, and other biota crawled along wet stones covered in faintly luminescent pale lichen. Low light radiated from a huge shiny metallic sculpture of a twisted screaming head. Vaguely humanoid, the mouth stretched open wide and a long metal tongue lay stretched out before it like a welcome mat.

Sogwaddle rose from staring into a clear pool of water filled with the sightless marine life and commented that the light, and therefore the statue, must be a new feature and that he believed the cavern had previously existed in complete darkness.

Scanning the vast chamber, Captain Thegel decided that careful exploration of its shadowed corners was in order. The Iron Eagles grouped up and began a methodical search of the chamber moving clockwise around its edges.

As the heroes approached the leering statue, a tall black tree seemed to suddenly appear. It appeared lifeless but exuded a wretched psychic energy. Moving from certain spaces caused the tree to disappear and Rysiris commented that it perhaps existed in a different space-time. Thegel was barely listening; his concentration seemed to be divided between looking at the tip of his tongue and scrutinizing the tree trunk.

Thegel’s fascination with the tree momentarily ended when he spotted a ripple in the water behind the tree. The captain alerted the others, but nothing else was seen. Perhaps bored that a dragon didn’t erupt from the water, Captain Thegel ran up and, for no real apparent reason, licked the tree. Yes, that’s right; he licked the tree.

Besides leaving a bad taste in his mouth, the captain was rewarded by a massive psychic current that ran from the tree, down his tongue, and into his pebble-like brain. The psychic attack left him laying on the ground, unable to move, and quite confused. This was a personal best for the ½ Elf since we hadn’t even rolled initiative yet.

Seeing the Captian assuming his “combat stance”, the invoker and bard prepared for battle. From the pool behind the tree erupted a huge ravenous Chuul, the creature seemed intent on devouring the crippled Thegel.

While Captain Thegel didn’t offer much in the way of offense, except for the frequent pathetic outbursts distorted by his blistered tongue (Thuck Thou, thou thucking three!!), he did make himself useful be absorbing the brunt of damage issued by the Chuul and Mutant Treant. No one gets beat better than Thegel.

The Iron Eagles defeat the creatures and search their remains; a leathery bark-like suit of armor is found and given to Sogwaddle (Timber Suit Lv23, P-129 AVII)

The Battle-Deva chants forth a “Solace Bole” (500 gp) so Thegel can ice his tongue.

After receiving the effects of 12 hours of rest in only an hour, the Iron Eagles proceed through the portal. On the other side is a limitless room constructed of polished metal surfaces that glow a white light. Dotting the room are complex machines. Sound is intensely amplified to the point that any noise threatens damage. Rysiris plugs his ears with strips of cloth and then chants a “Silence” ritual (30 gp). The sound of the ritual being cast is enough to bring the invoker to his knees as blood oozes out of his ears.

The ritual seems effective in dispelling the acoustical amplification properties of the room.

The Iron Eagles then begin trying to manipulate the machines. Sogwaddle eagerly begins tinkering with each one while Rysiris and Thegel mostly help by holding parts or handing the goblin tools from his pack.

After some time, Soggwaddle safely dismantles the last machine. The room turns into a normal stone chamber with a wooden door leading back out into the cavern. The heroes proceed through it. Once in the cavern, Rysiris and Captain Thegel discuss possible options. Rysiris flies to the top of the cavern and verifies that the shaft seems to terminate here. That leaves the Iron Eagles with one option, so they head back to Ebonwing’s lair and find that the portal remains, but all of its lights have been dimmed.

Rysiris uses “Analyze Portal” (250 gp) and learns that the portal was created by the child of Zenlothafalu (coz), had never been used, and goes to the cold dark void of space. Rysiris shares this with Sogwaddle and Thegel and also explains that Zenlothafalu’s natural habitat is space, so if coz wanted to become a god, it makes a certain amount of sense that he would go there.

The party decides to take an extended rest to prepare for combat with coz. Upon waking Rysiris performs “Endure Elements” (20 gp) to help protect them from the harsh cosmic environment.

The divine servant then performs “Tenser’s Lift” (25 gp) to raise the Iron Eagles up to the portal’s height.

The Iron Eagles then gorge themselves of potions and sharpen there weapons with whetstones. Once sufficiently prepared the heroes step through.

They find themselves floating in space distanced from one another. A human, Pessrell, floats near a crystalline globe. Inside the globe a dark mass shifts and contorts. Pessrell taunts Captain Thegel, blaming him for most of his woes. Captain Thegel tries to talk to the disaffected Pessrell (hey, at least he didn’t try to lick him). Pessrell answers by charging the captain and slicing into him with four separate attacks nearing cutting the captain’s head off in one round (ok, maybe he should have licked him).

Combat goes poorly until Rysiris prepares his attack. Once his plan is in place, the invoker sends forth his angels to attack the crystal sphere. Pessrell immediately shifts focus (his focus being Thegel’s ass) and comes at Rysiris. A lucky shot by Rysiris compounds a devastating attack and destroys the possessed Pessrell.

The sphere cracks and then shatters, the coz bursts forth and prepares to destroy us all.

Rysiris seems momentarily shocked, until he hears Soggwaddle’s voice screaming at him from across the void. “What the fuck are you doing? The crown, the fucking crown! Hello? Jackass, snap out of it and stick him with the gods-damned crown”, the goblin screams while frantically gesturing with the hand held activation device.

Using an ounce of primordial sand, Rysiris stops time and approaches coz. Calling on the memory of his past lives, the deva enhances his next attack and barley manages to embed the crown in the creatures flesh, and then quickly teleports away. The goblin follows through and activates the crown.

A vortex opens and the coz disappears.

The Iron Eagles decide to teleport back to the Church of Death, not knowing if their contract was completed or not.

Once they arrive back at the church, they are confronted with the mighty avatar of the God of Battle, Tempus. Tempus praises each one of the Iron Eagles and gives Captain Thegel a boon and a gift. Tempus then states that Rysiris has more work to do before he can join him in the Astral. The deity directs Rysiris to help his friend and then disappears.

Another figure emerges, an avatar of Corellon. The tall stately male elf asks for Rysiris to help him find one of his children. The child’s name is Tayreth. Rysiris accepts the request and Corellon grants him a boon.

Rysiris becomes an exalted angel, and Thegel becomes an Adamantine Warrior. End. Adventure Summary

Rysiris Status

Full Gain Level (21)

  • Creeping Gatevine (Lv 20): 8/10
  • Potion Vigor (lv19): 10/10
  • Potion Regeneration (Lv 19): 9/10
  • Augmenting Whetstone (Lv 16): 9/10
  • Brightleaf (Lv 18): 10/10
  • Desert Rose (Lv 18): 10/10
  • Oil Flesh Returned: 1/1
  • Scroll Raise Dead: 1/1
  • Holy Water (Lv 16): 10/10
  • Primordial Sand 5

Rituals Cast

Solace Bole (500 gp) Silence (30 gp) Analyze Portal (250 gp) Endure Elements (25 gp) Tenser’s Lift (20 gp) Linked Portal (135 gp)


+5 Timbersuit (Sogwaddle) +6 God Plate (Thegel)

Finances 242,992 gp – 960 gp = 242,032 gp

242,032 gp 241,120 art, jewelry, statues, etc 0 Residuum

Stored Booty:

  • Potion of Recovery
  • Bucket of Gorgon’s Blood (325,000 gp)
  • Tenebrous Mask (18th) [thegel’s bag of holding]
  • Hungry Spear (14th) [thegel’s bag of holding]
  • Mantle of the Golden General (12th) [thegel’s bag of holding]
  • Sogwaddle’s old armor (?)



Adventure begins after taking an extended rest in the natural cavern of the Ziggurat. Rysiris has spent some time making reagents, potions, and whetstones (see adventure summary for details). 3 lights remain brightly lit on the portal within Ebonwing’s lair.

Captain Thegel instructs the warrior poet soggwaddle to sneak forth, down a natural tunnel that seems to be acting as a drain. The goblin does so and after approximately 20’, he pushes through a wall of water and finds himself in the same type of magically darkened corridor previously encounter.

After 1500’, Brother George steps through the darkness and sees a darkened room. Purplish tendrils of mist crawl along the ceiling. 5 large stone sarcophagi are placed around the room, the central sarcophagi is larger than the other four. 8 alcoves line the back wall, their doors have been shattered.

The Invoker and Soggwaddle both feel an intense feeling of “creep”, and Captain Thegel becomes extremely frightened.

Rysiris carefully moves forward and circles around the room toward the alcoves.

Captain Thegel is possessed by a ghost and steps forward into a necrotic trap. 3 mummies phase from their stone tombs and attack the heroes.

Captain Thegel becomes infected with mummy rot during the combat.

Once the Iron Eagles vanquish the undead, Rysiris invokes Tempus’ might to cure the Captain of his affliction. (Remove Affliction, 250 gp). The ritual is successful, but is hard on the Captain.

A search of the room, sarcophagi, and alcoves reveals a shattered clay urn with 1800 pp, some ladies jewelry (560 gp), 5 Black Crystals (known to be some sort of energy siphon)

Captain Thegel smashes the crystals.

Rysiris harvests primordial sand.

Further searching reveals a portal on the floor.

Rysiris performs an Analyze Portal ritual and learns the following; the portal leads to a chamber identical to the one the heroes are currently in, the portal has only been used by undead, and the portal was created by the “Child of Zenlothafalu”.

Rysiris and Captain Thegel review their options for continuing forward; through this portal, through Ebonwing’s portal, or down the dark shaft. The Captain decides the Iron Eagles should go through this portal.

Rysiris suggests going though first and drawing the enemy out, and then having the rest of the Iron Eagles come through and surround the enemy.

Captain Thegel agrees that sending Rysiris through first is an excellent plan.

Rysiris steps through and is beset by 1 specter, and three wights. The Invoker’s battle plan works swimmingly and the Iron Eagles are victorious.

A search of the room reveals, 700 pp, a star sapphire (5,000 gp), and 8 more Black Crystal-Siphons. In the large sarcophagi a holly tree branch is discovered. Rysiris believes it is an “Immurement of the Blood Vine”.

Captain Thegel smashes the Crystals and Rysiris harvest another primordial-sand.

PCs have reached a milestone; regain 1 action point and the use of one daily item power.

Adventure Summary

_Rysiris Status _

Hitpoints: 104/104 Healing Surges: 6/10 Action Points: 1/1

Daily Attack Used

Wall of Light Astral Step

Daily Utility Used

Daily Item Power Used


  • Creeping Gatevine (Lv 20): 9/10
  • Potion Vigor (lv19): 10/10
  • Potion Regeneration (Lv 19): 10/10
  • Augmenting Whetstone (Lv 16): 10/10
  • Brightleaf (Lv 18): 10/10
  • Brightleaf (Epic): 1/5
  • Desert Rose (Lv 18): 10/10
  • Holy Water (Epic): 1/3
  • Oil Flesh Returned: 1/1
  • Scroll Raise Dead: 1/1
  • Holy Water (Lv 16): 10/10
  • Cryptspawn (Lv15): 10/10
  • Primordial Sand 7

_Rituals Cast _

Remove Affliction (250 gp) Analyze Portal (250 gp)

Items Created

  • 14, Lv 16 Whetstones = 7,200 gp
  • 2, Lv 18 Desert Roses = 5,200 gp
  • 10, Lv 18 Brightleafs = 34,000 gp
  • 20, Lv 19 Potions of Regeneration = 84,000 gp
  • 20, Lv 19 Potions of Vigor = 84,000 gp
  • 10, Lv 20 Creeping Gatevines = 5,000 gp
  • 10, Lv 15 Cryptspawn Potions = 10,000

Total = 292,400 residuum


Platinum Jewelry (560 gp) 700 pp 1800 pp Star Sapphire (5,000 gp) Immurement of the Blood Vine:

_Finances _ 244,280 gp, 240,560 (art, jewelry, statues, etc) & 273,612 R. – 282, 400 R + 17,500 gp +560 jewelry =

  • 242,992 gp
  • 241,120 art, jewelry, statues, etc
  • 0 Residuum
Stored Booty:
  • Potion of Recovery This mighty potion uses your own stamina to restore your hit points and to help you shrug off harm. Level: 25 Price: 25,000 gp Potion Power (Consumable • Healing): Minor Action. Drink the potion and spend a healing surge. Instead of the hit points you would normally regain, you regain 50 hit points and make a saving throw against each effect on you that a save can end. First published in Player’s Handbook.
  • 1 Bucket of Gorgon’s Blood (325,000 gp):
  • Immurement of the Blood Vine When this branch from the holly tree that always bears new growth is snapped, it spawns what was once the heart of a forest. Level: 24 Price: 21,000 gp Other Consumable Power (Consumable): Standard Action. You expend this immurement and change the terrain in a close blast 4 until the end of the encounter. Replace the terrain in the blast with the following terrain and effects.
  • Small tree squares provide cover to creatures in them. The large tree square is a solid obstacle.
  • At the start of your turn, you can have vines on the tree wrap up a creature. Make an attack against one enemy within 2 squares of the tree: +27 vs. Reflex; on a hit, the target is pulled adjacent to the tree, and is restrained and takes ongoing 10 damage (save ends both). Special: Using this item counts as a use of a magic item daily power. First published in Adventurer’s Vault 2.
  • Cryptspawn Potion This viscous liquid smells faintly of death, yet it invigorates you against diseases and poisons. Level: 15 Price: 1,000 gp Potion Power (Consumable): Minor Action. Consume this potion and spend a healing surge. You do not regain hit points as normal. Instead, gain resist 10 necrotic and resist 10 poison until the end of the encounter. You also gain a +5 power bonus to your next Endurance check against any disease of level 15 or lower. First published in Adventurer’s Vault.



Adventure begins with the heroes having descended back down into the ziggurat, after leaving the elven male up-top. The party has decided to continue past the room with the pyramid w/o resting. After travelling the usual 1500’, Captain Thegel sends forth Brother George to investigate.

The gobin warrior-poets familiar sneaks into the room, and after some time, returns; reporting to Sogwaddle that there is a small alcove leading into a larger chamber. The alcove has a blood stained floor. Inside the larger chamber is a large demonic figure sitting lazily atop a dais. Before this statue are four large seed pods. A strange vapor or smoke is swirling out of the top of the pods and appears to disappear into a portal or hole in the ceiling.

Rysiris sneaks forward and tries to discern more of the pods nature or the demonic figures significance. No new information is garnered. Captain Thegel orders the heroes to launch an attack. Attempting to divide the potential attacks, Rysiris teleports into a side passage. He is immediately attacked by an astral stalker.

Combat is engaged and a Larva Mage joins the fray. The heroes manage to defeat the servants of Zenlothafalu with the help of Rysiris’ Holy Host.

A search of the area reveals the mage’s workshop. A search of the workshop reveals research on siphoning and collecting energy. Sogwaddle finds a bucket full of “Gorgon’s Blood Mortar”. Rysiris knows that such a component can be used to create a wall that will not allow creatures to “phase” through it. There is enough mortar for 50 feet (10 squares) and it is worth 325,000 gp.

The heroes continue through the side passage Rysiris teleported into and find themselves in ebonwing’s lair. Rysiris notes that another light has grown dim.

Rysiris and Capt. Thegel discuss the portal and implications of the lights dimming. 5 lights are dim leaving 4 others. Rysiris believes that the various rooms seem to all have some sort of energy siphoning component to them and that by destroying the conduit the lights go dim, perhaps preventing the portal from remaining open.

Captain Thegel decides to move forward with trying to dim all the portal’s lights instead of going through the portal.

The Iron Eagles march onward, down the only remaining unexplored passage; the one leading off of the 4 pillared/Elemental room. After 1500’ they find themselves in a natural cavern with a large amount of water rushing from a tunnel.

The cavern contains 6 sarcophagi. The heroes are soon attacked by several different types of undead, but manage to hold their own and defeat them. After the battle the sarcophagi are investigated. Inside each is a corpse holding a black gemstone. Additionally 500 platinum pieces and a potion of recovery are discovered.

Captain Thegel easily smashes the gemstones.

A passage leading down is discovered.

Rysiris invokes the ritual “Safe Guard” (3,600 gp) and the heroes take an extended rest.

-End Gain 1900+ Expt Gain a Level

Rysiris Status Hitpoints: 104/104 Healing Surges: 10/10 Action Points: 1/1 Daily Attack Used Daily Utility Used Daily Item Power Used Consumables  Creeping Gatevine: 8/10

 Potion Vitality: 6/10

 Potion Regeneration: 6/10

 Augmenting Whetstone: 6/10

 Brightleaf(Paragon): 8/10

 Brightleaf (Epic): 1/5

 Desert Rose: 8/10

 Holy Water (Epic): 1/3

 Oil Flesh Returned: 1/1

 Scroll Raise Dead: 1/1

 Holy Water (Lv 16): 10/10

 Primordial Sand 5

Rituals Cast Safeguard (3,600 gp) Items Created None

Booty 500 Platinum Pieces Potion of Recovery 1 Bucket of Gorgon’s Blood (325,000 gp) Finances 160,381 gp & 273,612 R + 2,500 gp & 325,000 gp – 3,600 gp = 484,280 gp & 273,612 R.


CoZ XXII 11.17.09

Adventuer begins with the heroes just outside of the suspected DracolichEbonwing’s lair within the ziggurat. Ebonwing is thought to be guarding a gate that will lead them closer to the Child of Zenlothafalu.

Rysiris, the mighty invoker of Tempus, draws upon his religious acumen to recall the strengths and weaknesses of the foul dracolich “species”. Based on what he knows, Rysiris makes some tactical recommendations to Captain Thegel.

Already having a substantial (but as of yet, un-used) resistance to necrotic damage, the War God’s servant gives his only two deathspawn potions to the goblin warrior poet Sogwaddle and the half-breed Captain of the Iron Eagles, Thegel.

After the heroes quaff potions and use other enhancements, Rysiris uses a combination of divine power and arcane items to teleport the party into the lair, somewhat spread out.

The heroes view a huge room, at the center is a hulking mound of a crumbled ziggurat. Atop it sits the fearsome Ebonwing. His skeletal wings and rotted flesh are outlined in an unholy black fire.

High above the undead dragon’s head twists and contorts a chaotically swirling portal of mist. Nine glowing lights surround the portal, two of which are dim. A pit, similar to the one seen in the “dome room”, is situated near the wall of the chamber.

Battle is engaged and hard fought. The heroes manage to defeat the ancient creature and loot his horde. It is noticed that a third light surrounding the portal has dimmed. Whether this is a function of Ebonwing’s death, time, or something else is unknown. Rysiris harvests one primordial-sand.

The warriors take some time to investigate the room’s features. Capt. Thegel checks out the pit. He reckons it goes about 1500’ down, and also discovers that the ceiling of the room has an opening of the same size. Captain Thegel hypothesizes that this pit is the same “duct” we first encountered in the “dome room”.

Sogwaddle flies Rysiris up to the portal so the invoker can further investigate it. Nothing is really learned except that it appears to be a “hole in space” and is currently “open”. A search of the remainder of the room reveals nothing.

The Iron Eagles take an extended rest and decide to explore the uncharted corridors above before going down the pit or through the portal.

No lights go dim after the extended rest. Rysiris suggests seeing if defeating other servants of the Child of Zenlothafalu, or clearing other chambers, causes more lights to dim around the portal.

Capt. Thegel leads the Eagles back to the top and through the “north” corridor. Brother George is asked to sneak forward and recon the situation.

After sometime he returns and relays that another large chamber lies beyond the darkness. In the center of the room is a pyramid like structure. A crackling orb of energy floats above the pyramid. Atop the pyramid are four creatures that are writhing in agony, or possibly pleasure (Brother George often confuses the two). Three armored creatures wielding great swords stand around the room at apparent “guard”. From Brother George’s description the Iron Eagles deduce that the creatures are “Helmed Horrors”.

Being the master tactician and drawing upon his insight as to the nature of helmed horrors, Rysiris suggests fighting the guardians in the corridor.

The helmed horrors do not attack until Rysiris uses his divine might to begin teleporting the obviously pain-racked creatures off the pyramid. Then they attack.

The combat goes rather poorly, with the helmed horrors pinning the Iron Eagles in the corridor with their never ending supply of elemental blasts.

However, despite their mindless efforts, the Iron Eagles once again prevail. Rysiris harvests one primordial-sand.

Only one of the creatures saved by Rysiris survives the battle. He is appears to be an elven male of little to no combat skill. The other three dead creatures appear to be “family”. Sogwaddle notices that he is hiding something in his pants and reluctantly Rysiris agrees to help him “check it out”. It is discovered that the elf was hiding two potions of vitality and a large star-sapphire.

The Eagles give him back his hidden treasures and explain that he is more than welcome to follow, but probably not going anywhere he wants to be. They escort him back to the top of the ziggurat and say their goodbyes. As the Iron Eagles descend back into the ziggurat the elven male is seen sitting down, perhaps to await their return.


Gain 22,100 Expt. (7,100[CoZ XXI] & 15,000)

Rysiris Status Hitpoints: 100/100 Healing Surges: 6/10 Action Points: 1/1 Daily Attack Used Three Beacons of Twilight Daily Utility Used Word of Refuge Daily Item Power Used Ring of Shadow Travel Consumables  Creeping Gatevine: 8/10

 Potion Vitality: 7/10

 Potion Regeneration: 7/10

 Augmenting Whetstone: 6/10

 Brightleaf(Paragon): 9/10

 Brightleaf (Epic): 1/5

 Mind Dust: 5/5

 Desert Rose: 10/10

 Glass Steel Shards: 9/10

 Deathspawn Potion: 0/2

 Holy Water (Epic): 1/3

 Life Shrouds: 4/4

 Oil Flesh Returned: 1/1

 Scroll Raise Dead: 1/1

 Holy Water (Lv 16): 10/10

 Primordial Sand 6

Rituals Cast * None *Items Created * None

Booty* 1,000 gp 4: Jewel encrusted statuettes representing the aspects of Zenlothafalu (15,000 gp each) 1: 2 ft tall bone obelisk w/ pulsating & shifting runes (50,000 gp) 2,500 gp 3: platinum urns (7,500 gp each) Finances 21,881 gp & 273,612 R. + 135,000 (value of items) + 3,500 gp = 160,381 gp & 273,612 R.




_The Iron Eagles begin this episode shortly after defeating the Sebacean Guardians, Sebacean Flyers, and their mutant ape minions atop the ziggurat thought to house the Child of Zenlothafalu. Rysiris is armed with a magical crown (crafted by the Church of Death to diminish the demon-god’s power) and the goblin warrior-poet, Sogwaddle, is equipped with the activation stone. The band of adventurers continues onward and deeper into the other-worldly structure, under the direction of Capt. Thegel. _

The heroes sift through the carnage and wreckage of the once glass-domed room. Two corridors lead off this chamber and a dark pit is exposed at the far end. Nothing else with regards to loot or passages are found after a thorough search. Rysiris is able to barely hear the sound of running water from far below while listening at the pit.

Captain Thegel decides to descend into the pit, but after going 50’ and seeing no signs of an end; the wise leader changes his mind. Eventually we decide to head through the “west” exit. Leaving the northern corridor unexplored.

The corridor appears to be arcanely juxtaposed between different dimensions causing a light and time-space distortion. The heroes travel along the passage leading slightly down for 1500’, the darkness nearly swallowing them.

Suddenly the light sources become unfettered revealing that the warriors have reached a large room. Runes are inscribed across the floor and a raised platform sits at the chamber’s center. Another corridor is seen at the opposite end. 2 Sebacean Guardians and 2 Sebacean Flyers are occupying this room. They appear to be wearing oddly crafted harnesses with various tool and implements hanging from them. Thegel considers a parley, but decides against it as the creatures attack. The red glow creeps across the floor of the chamber, eventually covering it entirely.

The heroes eventually defeat the aberrations but are sorely drained. Sogwaddle transports the party across the red glowing floor using Tenser’s Disk. Along the way they stop at the raised platforms. Capt. Thegel claims the harnesses, and Rysiris performs a “Detect Secret Doors” ritual (25 gp), but nothing is revealed. Once across Rysiris uses “Solace Bole” (500 gp) and the heroes take an extended rest.

After an hour they continue down a corridor exactly like the one they had previously emerged from. After approximately 1500’ the heroes prepare for another encounter, and are not disappointed. Past the darkness is a huge room with 4 quartz-like pillars at its corners. In the center is a huge Earth Elemental surrounded by 4 large Sebacean Casters. Combat ensues; the Earth Ravager joins the fray as the casters destroy the pillars.

The Iron Eagles are once again victorious. Rysiris harvests one “primordial sand”, and Sogwaddle finds a secret door. Besides the secret door the corridor continues at the opposite side of the room. Capt. Thegel opts for the secret door, leaving the “western” corridor unexplored.

After another 1500’ the heroes anticipate another encounter and send Brother George forward to investigate. He almost instantly appears in his magic “Wyvern Scrotum Sack of Warm Fuzzy Comfort” and is only aware of something “cold & dark”.

Rysiris performs a “Whispers of the Edifice” ritual (800 gp) and learns from the stones that a draco-lich named “Ebonwing” lies beyond, and that it is the “Guardian of the Gate”.


PCs gain 3900+ EXPT

Rysiris Status *

Gains a level

Hitpoints: 100/100

Healing Surges: 10/10

Action Points: 0/1

Daily Attack Used

Grasping Chains of the Justiciar

Three Beacons of Twilight

Daily Utility Used


Daily Item Power Used

Rod of Malign Conveyance


Creeping Gatevine: 10/10

Potion Vitality: 10/10

Potion Regeneration: 9/10

Augmenting Whetstone: 8/10

Brightleaf(Paragon): 9/10

Brightleaf (Epic): 1/5

Mind Dust: 5/5

Desert Rose: 10/10

Glass Steel Shards: 9/10

Deathspawn Potion: 2/2

Holy Water (Epic): 2/3

Life Shrouds: 4/4

Oil Flesh Returned: 1/1

Scroll Raise Dead: 1/1

Holy Water (Lv 16): 10/10

Primordial Sand 4

Rituals Cast (Total Cost = 1,325 gp)

Whispers of the Edifice (800 gp)

Detect Secret Doors (25 gp)

Solace Bole (500 gp)

Items Created




Finances *

21,881 gp & 274,937 R – 1,325 R. = 21,881 gp & 273,612 R.




The adventure begins shortly after the PCs have defeated the new Artax, his Marilith and have freed the 3 female adventurers from the chambers. The female adventuring group known as the Hand of Fey specifically consists o:f Hieraak, A dragonborn sorceress, Korakku, A kenku ranger of the bow, and Yuekiko, A longtooth shifter monk. The group was captured some weeks ago while adventuring through the Fangs of the Spider in search of power and treasure.

Rysiris notices that one of the points has burnt out on the crown that he is wearing. He also begins to feel fatigued after having worn the sinister device for too long. Using his knowledge of all things arcane he deduces that the “point” probably burnt out when he fell in combat and was brought back to life.

Meanwhile, Thegel offers Rainmoon membership into the prestigious Iron Eagles Adventuring Group. She graciously declines, citing that her intent is to return to her people. Thegel believes it is actually her fear of succumbing to his charm and violating the virtues and principals on which she has based her life’s work by engaging in hot dirty sex with him.

Rysiris speaks to the dragonborn leader of the female group and discusses their plans and goals. He learns that they are going to try and discover what happened to the rest of their party.

Rysiris believes he can help by performing “Whispers of the Edifice” (800 gp) Through the ritual Rysiris learns that her companions were devoured by the machine/tower and consumed as energy by “Artax”.

After sometime of grieving Hieraak tells Rysiris that they are going to their homeland. After saying farewells, Rysiris performs a “Linked Portal” ritual (135 gp) to get them on their way.

The Iron Eagles discuss a plan to have Sogwaddle work on studying the texts regarding the tower.

Rysiris will begin constructing a permanent teleportation circle within the upper chambers of the tower in hopes of providing access for the Church of Death (CoD) and possibly as the beginnings of a trap for the Child of Zenlothafalu (Child of Z).

While they are discussing this, a loud banging is heard at the tower’s gate. The PCs go and investigate. They discover a plate-mail clad elven warrior belonging to the “Order of Elven Light”.

Captain Thegel permits his entrance and the knight explains that he is Ekosh, Rainmoon’s brother.

The two siblings reunite and after some private time between Rainmoon and Ekosh, Ekosh inquires about the original Artax and what type of creature that it was.

Rysiris gives him the best verbal description he can, but also performs a modified “Last Sight Vision” (25 gp) and melds his memory to Ekoshs.

Ekosh offers Captain Thegel 5 astral diamonds as payment for rescuing Rainmoon. Thegel accepts the diamonds worth a total of 25,000 gp.

After tear-filled farewells, the two elves leave.

Rysiris creates a large (25’ x 25’) teleportation circle at the top of the tower using “Create Teleportation Circle” (25,000 gp).

Rysiris sends Thegel to the permanent circle located within the Church of Death, in Darkhaven, using “Linked Portal” (500 gp).

While Thegel is away, Rysiris begins investigating the chest, which seems to be locked by a “simple – logic puzzle”. Sog continues to study the crown, machines, and tower.

Thegel speaks with Maxwell and provides him the information required to access the permanent circle now established at Artax’s Tower. Maxwell promises to come within a day. Thegel returns to Artax’s Tower.

Rysiris uses “Consult Oracle” (3,600 gp) and learns that the puzzle is an illusion within an illusion. Rysiris pierces two separate illusions, greatly simplifying the puzzle; essentially reducing it to a “special needs – logic puzzle. Thegel and Rysiris are still unable to unlock its solution.

Maxwell arrives and is shown the tower, crown, and machine. Rysiris begs his comrades to consider that the “artifact” is not very “mobile”. We all discuss a possible method of using this tower to weaken the Child of Z and the logistical problems. It is decided that the PCs will travel to a newly constructed ziggurat located in the land of “Upper Skull”.

The CoD believes that the Child of Z is currently at this location. Little is known about it and attempts to scry have met with failure. The CoD will continue to investigate the artifact while the PCs proceed towards the Ziggurat.

Rysiris asks Maxwell to help with the solution to the chest puzzle and he is able to offer enough insight for Captain Thegel to unlock its contents. Yeah!!!...

With the speed of a flaming cockroach, Captain Thegel puts everything into his bag of holding.

Rysiris asks to see what was found and in the very brief moment that Thegel opens the bag, Rysiris spots an interesting looking hourglass and is able to snatch it out before Captain Thegel snaps the bag shut; condemning the items to being forgotten and never researched for their potential benefit to the party whether it be utility of merely residuum value.

We teleport (Linked Portal 80 gp) to a city called “Black Falcon” and are met by Viifoc, High-priest of the Church of Death. After a brief discussion, Viifoc arranges passage to the north end of the land known as upper skull. The ship belongs to a ½ orc female named Lolda.

During the three days journey, Rysiris spends his time creating several magic items for use (see endnotes).

It also gives Rysiris time to inspect the hourglass, which begins speaking to him; foretelling, with much excitement, the end of the world.

The ocean voyage is thankfully uneventful. Lolda drops us off at the mouth of a river and provides us with 2 crew members to help paddle our way upstream into the interior. Travel up-river is also uneventful and without danger, except for the horrid jungle-swamp like conditions. The insects are naturally huge and the temperature/humidity is almost unbearable.

Eventually we make it to the river’s headwaters and the 2 escorts stay behind to guard the boat. The Iron Eagles proceed towards the location of the Ziggurat, travelling through the swamp for about 6 days.

Suddenly the PCs find themselves stepping through a figurative “wall” on the other side the climate and terrain is much different. A clear blue lake lies in a cool, sunny, grassy valley. A stone Ziggurat rises from the center of the lake.

Stepping back over to the swamp side, Rysiris teleports (Link Portal 80 gp) back to Artax’s Tower . Maxwell is there with many members of the Artificer’s Guild. Rysiris notes that it appears the duty of re-engineering the towers has fallen to the Artificer’s and there is nobody from the Magicians Guild present. The Guild Master is a translucent canine like creature, very closely resembling the original Artax. Rysiris questions Maxwell regarding the creature, who states that indeed the two entities are of the same species and they actually knew one another. They are called “Gribbonglots”. Rysiris expresses some concern about the creature’s allegiances, but Maxwell assures him it is not a valid concern.

Maxwell tells Rysiris to come back in a day, and he does using Linked Portal (80 gp).

Maxwell hands Rysiris a crown and a stone with a button on it. The priest instructs the invoker to somehow place the crown on the Child of Z and then immediately press the button on the stone. This should remotely activate the Tower’s ability to siphon energy from the immortal making him susceptible to our attacks.

Rysiris heads back to the Iron Eagles encampment and relys all that has been told to him. Captain Thegel instructs Rysiris to wield the crown and for Sogwaddle to keep the activation stone.

The PCs drink the potions of invisibility and cross the shallow lake, and then climb the Ziggurat. At the top they encounter a clear glass dome and a pit.

Brother George looks down through the dome and sees 1 pair of large Sebacean Guardians, 1 pair of Sebacean Gliders, and 8 Mutant Apes. The PCs position themselves around the top of the pit, while Brother George gets the attention of the creatures by pissing on the dome.

This causes the mutant apes to very quickly climb their way up the pit and combat ensues.

The PCs manage to defeat the aberrant creatures.

Rysiris sucks 1 oz of primordial sand from one of the creatures.


PCs gain 5,100 Expt totaling 115,100 expt.

Rysiris Status

Hitpoints: 96/96

Healing Surges: 10/10

Action Points: 0/1

Daily Attack Used

Grasping Chains of the Justiciar

Three Beacons of Twilight

Daily Utility Used

Wall of Light

Daily Item Power Used

Elixir of Invisibility

War Ring


 Creeping Gatevine: 10/10

 Potion Vitality: 10/10

 Potion Regeneration: 10/10

 Augmenting Whetstone: 10/10

 Brightleaf(Paragon): 10/10

 Brightleaf (Epic): 2/5

 Mind Dust: 5/5

 Desert Rose: 10/10

 Glass Steel Shards: 10/10

 Deathspawn Potion: 2/2

 Holy Water (Epic): 2/3

 Life Shrouds: 4/4

 Oil Flesh Returned: 1/1

 Scroll Raise Dead: 1/1

 Holy Water (Lv 16): 10/10

Rituals Cast (Total Cost = 29,905 gp)

“Whispers of the Edifice” (800 gp)

“Linked Portal” (80 gp x6 = 480 gp)

“Last Sight Vision” (25 gp)

“Create Teleportation Circle” (25,000 gp)

“Consult Oracle” (3,600 gp)

Items Created (Total Cost = 39,480)

Creeping Gatevine (Level 10) 200 gp 2 400 gp

Augmenting Whetstone (Level 16) 1,800 gp 10 18,000 gp

Potion of Vitality (Level 15) 1,000 gp 4 4,000gp

Potion Regeneration (Level 9) 160 gp 3 480 gp

Brightleaf (Level 18) 3,400 gp 5 17,000 gp

Glass Steel Shards (Level 17) 2,600 gp 1 2,600 gp

Holy Water (Lv 16): 1,000 gp 1 1,000gp


Deluvian Hourglass (Rysiris)

5 Astral Diamond (5,000 gp each)

Finances *

66,266 – 39,480(items) = 26,786 – 29,905(rituals) = -3,119 + 25,000(astral diamonds) = *21,881 gp/residuum




The adventure begins shortly after the combat with N/Artax in the upper level of the tower. The party begins making preparations for an extended rest.

Rysiris uses an Undead Ward and Eye of Alarm ritual to help protect the PCs while they rest.

The party dismantles as much of the machinery as they know how to, while Rysiris invokes a Stasis Shell around the many volumes of text relating to the tower and its function and then places them into his bag of holding.

Captain Thegel decides to travel back down to the first floor and investigate for signs of a way down to the basement area.

Traveling carefully, with Sogwaddle and Rysiris in the lead, the party uses the elevator tubes to reach the first floor. They manage to do so without incident.

Everything remains the same on the first floor, including the floating chest. There is one difference; now a large hand, reaching up from the floor, guards a door.

The three gemstone keys are placed in the hand. The hand swings to the side and then drops the stones.

Sogwaddle moves forward and determines the door is unlocked and not trapped.

Rysiris opens the door revealing a long, narrow, dark hallway. At the end of the hallway is a strange transparent double door. A stencil in the shape of a long sword has been cut out of the door where the two halves meet. Rysiris approaches the door and when he does blue energy begins to crackle within the sword stencil.

Rysiris asks Sogwaddle to examine the door and offer his opinion. Sogwaddle does not believe that the stencil is a keyhole of sorts, but is not sure what it is.

The party gathers near the door and together they invoke a “Disenchant Magic” ritual. The powerful magic is temporarily negated allowing the party to move past the doors.

On the other side is a landing with a staircase leading downward. Approximately 80’ down the stairs a portcullis is seen. Additionally, once the party has crossed the door they notice a strange “dampening” effect in the stairway. This effect seems to “quiet” the area slightly.

Brother George sneaks forward and observes living-quarters with two coffins. A humanoid armored warrior stands guard at the door.

Captain Thegel and Rysiris discuss a strategy of teleporting the party to surround the warrior in hopes of quickly subduing him. The plan fails, as the dampening effect limits teleportation, causing everyone to be knocked prone and dazed.

The next strategy is for Sogwaddle and Rysiris to try and sneak past the portcullis and then draw the guard out so that the party is at least flanking it.

Sogwaddle and Rysiris are spotted by the guard as they attempt to sneak by, but avoid being stopped by the thrall’s cold attack. The Fey Lord Vampire from the previous encounter appears and combat ensues.

After a prolonged battle the Iron Eagles manage to defeat the vampire lord and his thrall, Aristus Hammell. Rainmoon pours holy water on the vampire’s body forever destroying it.

The party searches the vampire’s lair, but finds nothing of value. The PCs take a short rest and proceed downstairs.

They arrive at the basement room. The room is circular but has eight alcoves containing machinery and has eight metal “tanks” surrounding a skeletal figure sitting on a throne. The skeletal creature wears a crown with eight glowing balls of energy attached to it. Blue arcs of energy flow from each of the eight machines, then to the tanks, and finally into the creatures crown. A large many-armed female demon with a snake-like lower body slithers about the room guarding the skeletal creature.

The PCs quickly form a plan. Rysiris runs into the room and channeling his divine energy is able to miraculously snatch the crown from the creatures head. Combat ensues.

It quickly becomes apparent that the crown cannot leave the circle of tanks. As the situation becomes more dire, and fearing that the enemy will re-acquire the crown, Rysiris puts the crown on his head.

The crown channels a vast reservoir of energy into the invoker. As the energy fills the mortal shell of Rysiris he is stunned, but at the same time aware that several creatures have been imprisoned in the tanks. The necromancer seemed to have been draining them of life energy to power his machine.

Using the power of the crown, Rysiris sets them free. A shifter monk, a kenku ranger, and a dragonborn sorcerer appear. Yeukio, Korakku, Hieraak respectively.

The hand of Tempus proclaims that they are free and swears his protection if they help to defeat the necromancer and marilith.

Rysirus invokes divine punishment upon the two enemies and critically strikes them. This causes a burst of massive energy that obliterates the marilith and nearly rips Rysiris apart.

The combat continues, but without his crown and now greatly out-numbered; the necromancer eventually falls to the Iron Eagles and freed prisoners.

-End Rysiris is still wearing the crown.

It is determined that the PCs will be able to take an extended rest before the next combat. Therefore Rysiris and Rainmoon are at full status.

Rysiris Rituals Cast  Undead Ward 35  Eye of Alarm 25  Stasis Shell 1,800  Disenchant Magic 25

Rysiris Consumables  Creeping Gatevine: 8/10

 Potion Vitality: 6/10

 Potion Regeneration: 8/10

 Augmenting Whetstone: 5/10

 Brightleaf(Paragon): 5/10

 Brightleaf (Epic): 2/5

 Mind Dust: 5/5

 Desert Rose: 10/10

 Glass Steel Shards: 9/10

 Deathspawn Potion: 2/2

 Holy Water (Epic): 2/3

 Life Shrouds: 4/4

 Oil Flesh Returned: 1/1

 Scroll Raise Dead: 1/1

 Holy Water (Lv 16): 9/10

Finances *

68,151-1,885 = 66,266 residuum/gold

EXPT Gained* = 6,700 (grand total 110,000)


9.3.09 CoZ XVIII

The adventure begins shortly after the heroes have dispatched the necromancer and vampire lord. Using the gemstone key they PCs continue up to the next level.

The Heroes are elevated to a dimly lit large circular room. A closed iron door stands on one side of the room. Two large statues dominate the room. One is a large humanoid warrior, arms folded across his chest, and is placed towards the center of the room. The other is a demonic, many armed, monstrosity placed next to the door. Past the humanoid statue is a table covered with books, similar to the ones found previously. A tome floats in front of the humanoid statue, its pages slowly turning seemingly on their own. The floating tome floats slightly above the head of the statue. A single mote of positive energy floats high in the air providing the dim light for this area.

Rysiris moves stealthily towards the door and learns that it is locked. Now that he is closer to the demonic statue he is able to use his arcane knowledge to better study it. After some brief observations the invoker believes that it is a guardian construct waiting to be activated.

Sog and George glue the demonic statue to the ground as Rysirus moves towards the other statue. Sog begins to tamper with the door trying to unlock it.

Rysiris teleports to the top of the humanoid statue.

The champion of Tempus gets to the top of the statue and realizes that a brain sits in a glass jar within a cavity at the top of the statue. A flurry of action and reactions results in Rysiris being cast off the statue, but immediately returning.

Rysiris takes a mighty swing with his “staff of ruin”, critically striking the glass incased brain. Combat ensues.

The Heroes manage to defeat the brain and its guardian construct.

They are able to salvage some of the books, others are damaged beyond recovery. The books seem to contain compiled information on the diabolical device and tower depicted previously in the mummies quarters.

Sogwaddle manages to unlock the door. George and Rainmoon sneak forward into a dark hall that ends at another door. This door is unlocked. Mechanical sounds are heard from the other side.

The Heroes use some male enhancement products, anticipating a battle.

George cracks open the door and views a huge translucent creature with canine features manipulating a machine at the far end of the room.

Rysiris directs Tempus’ might and glory moving his allies and enemies about the room; creating a battlefield more to his liking.

The Heroes quickly vanquish the beast, and as it dies the Iron eagles are brought to their knees when a mental scream erupts in their heads. Our recent companion, and once trusted ally “N”, turns on us. The warforged proclaims that he is Artax and thanks us for recovering his tower for him.

Because Ripley was right and you can’t trust a synthetic, we kill “N”/Artax.

Not fully understanding the situation, Rysiris interrogates the corpse of Artax (Speak w/ Dead Ritual – 140 gp). He learns that Artax’s tower was conquered by another necromancer, who is likely in the basement. We’ll need three gemstone keys to get to it. Artax claims that in order to defeat the necromancer we need to draw it away from its crown of control.

Heroes find the third gemstone-key in the machine room.

Rysiris invokes “Make Whole” (200 per book, 18 books = 3600 gp)on the 18 damaged books.

The adventure ends as the PCs attempt to take an extended rest.


Finances: 71,891 – 3740 = 68,151 gp/residuum

Rysiris Status

HP: 96/96

HS: 9/10

Daily Attack Powers Left: none

Utility Powers Left: Shielding Nimbus, Angelic Visage

Item Powers Left: 0/2

Consumables Creeping Gatevine: 9/10 Potion Vitality: 6/10 Potion Regeneration: 8/10 Augmenting Whetstone: 6/10 Brightleaf(Paragon): 7/10 Brightleaf (Epic): 3/5 Mind Dust: 5/5 Desert Rose: 10/10 Glass Steel Shards: 9/10 Deathspawn Potion: 2/2 Holy Water (Epic): 2/3 Life Shrouds: 4/4 Oil Flesh Returned: 1/1 Scroll Raise Dead: 1/1 Holy Water (Lv 16): 9/10

Rainmoon Status

HP: 103/103

HS: 3/6

Daily Attack Powers Left: Bloody Path

Utility Powers Left: Great Leap, Brisk Stride, Fey Escape, Grasshopper Leap

Item Powers Left: 1 / 2 (Eladrin Boots Used)


8.27.09 CoZ – XVI The adventure begins in the 3rd story of the necromancer’s tower. Two Death Titans sit at a wooden table playing cards. The wager appears to be a female fey creature trapped inside a glass jar. The titans notice the heroes and stand turning towards them in an unfriendly manner.

Captain Thegel of the Iron Eagles steps forward and tries to bluff the titans into thinking he has orders from Artax. The titans don’t fall for the lie. Thegel tries to intimidate them which also fails. Combat ensues.

Rysiris keeps the titans at distance while Sogwaddle sneaks forward stealing the glass encased fey creature. Sog’s alchemical admixtures and George’s brave applications keep the titans at bay whilst Thegel, Rysiris, and N pummel them into true death.

Thegel finds that the titans are wearing badges with Artax’s symbol on them. He takes these badges.

After the battle Sogwaddle and Rysiris manage to safely open the arcane prison holding a female Eladrin priest of Corellon, Rainmoon (Remove Affliction – 250 gp).

After some discussion it is determined that Rainmoon has been imprisoned for several hundred years. She was sent by her people to investigate the tower and at that time the tower was occupied by an aberrant creature.

Thegel manages to convince her to join our cause even though it is obvious she has great distaste for his mannerisms.

Two iron doors at set at opposite ends of the room and another portal leads up, but appears to be shut.

Thegel allows Rainmoon to pick our path, and the left door is chosen. Careful and stealthy investigation reveals a circular hallway with many doors; beyond the doors are small barracks. One door is arcane locked.

Sogwaddle uses his “Skeleton Key” to unlock the door revealing a narrow hallway. At the end of the hallway an iron door stands slightly ajar. Elven voices can be heard from the other side. Captain Thegel sneaks forward and overhears a brief conversation about a machine and a device.

Thegel concocts a plan to use the stolen badges from the titans to try and bluff the room’s occupants. Sogwaddle comes forward to assist in the bluff, but before the ruse can be employed the two heroes are plunged into darkness.

The PCs find themselves in a battle with an undead necromancer and a vampire lord. The female necromancer uses mirror image to further complicate the battle. Both the undead use their domination powers to turn the heroes against one another.

Regardless, the heroes manage to finally defeat the servants of undeath. They search the room beyond the door which is similar to the room below that was actually in one of the towers many “blisters”.

The difference with this room is that the bizarre “penis-nipple” machine has been disassembled on a work-table. It appears to be filled with crystals and spread out as if the monsters were studying it.

Also on the table is another gemstone key that appears to unlock the portal going up.

Thegel robs the necromancer of her Eladrin Boots.

Before proceeding further, Rysiris invokes “Solace Bole” and the heroes take an extended rest.


Experience Points • 5000 Treasure • Eladrin Boots • 17,000 residuum (from last adventure) Ritual Cast • Remove Affliction – 250 • Solace Bole – 500 Finances • 55,641 + 17,000 – 750 = 71,891 gp/residuum


Discovered wadded up in a ball in the corner of the “Scarlet Curtain” brothel with the following very short cover letter: Dear Mr. Sogwaddle, Thank you for your submission, but the standards of “Warrior Poet Monthly” are quite more advanced than your writing appears to be at the moment. Perhaps in a few years you should try again. Some generous advice: submit to some more appropriate literature reviews such as “Poetry for Special Needs Orcs”, we hear that they are very pleased to recieve any serious submissions. Regardless, good luck._

8.13.09 CoZXVI

Upward the eagles soared, their captain leading the way

Now, before them a small chamber, hall, and many doors lay

Iron walls and doors sealed and surrounded our pack

None were locked, save the one in the back

Taking turns, the masters of battle tested the dread portals

Twas, the war-forged who went forth into the chamber of deceased mortals

Laid on table, covered in shrouds of white

The bodies lay dormant, through the dark, no signs of life

The hand of Tempus struck inward with avenging light

The eagles waited and stayed guarded, yet there appeared no strife

Without warning without notice

An apparition appeared before us

Clothed in black with belt of bloodied heads severed

The great Thegel, the grave creature endeavored

Glorious combat, filled with rage erupted

The unholy beast our invoker disrupted

Battle was waged long into the day without respite

Or perhaps only moments in what seemed like an endless fight

The creature of undeath loomed massive and full of hate

Foul belt carried; the bloodied severed heads of the unfortunate who had met their fate

Its soulless eyes focused on our captain, the iron eagle screamed his challenge at the foe

Shadowed wraith met the call passing between brick and stone, with the promise of pain he would sow

Radiant light from the glories of the astral sea burned the agent of the primordial

Perhaps forever putting end to an existence so hateful

Onward the eagles searched and examined leaving no stone untouched, no door untested.

Vigilant heroes were rewarded with a portal left unlocked, hidden, but unguarded

Inside more creatures of the grave waited for our passage.

The might of the invoker Rysiris prevents their advances, while the clockwork warrior of Tempus gives the mummies plenty of chances

The battle ends with nary a wound, the fight with the eagles more than the mummies were prepared to bargain

The heroes all gathered safe, except perhaps for the rotting stench coming from Captain Thegel’s noggin’

Invoking the name of the god of battle, Rysiris became the hand that had killed so many

Accidentally added one more to the list a’ plenty

More rituals were cast calling on the ancient ways, drawing the eagle’s soul to its nest

Finally Thegel’s eyes fluttered and quietly he said, “I need a fucking rest”

The eagles explored the library that the mummies called their home

It stank, and their restless souls still seemed to chill the air to the bone

Scattered throughout the library and desk were curious papers, drawings and notes, mostly left untouched by the room’s mice

Lord Sogwaddle, master of many arts examined the parchments and concluded it was all to do with some sort of device

After retrieving some magical dust left behind

The heroes continue through a door left hidden in a manner that we were not supposed to find

The passageway opens to a dark chamber, its glass floor revealing pulsating green goo crackling with energy just underneath.

A device reminding us all of teenage lust and affliction, Thegel particularly turned away, grinding his teeth

Investigation of the device revealed a fist-sized emerald green as a dragon’s eye

Thegel quickly absconded with the piece, to call it theft would be a lie

The invoker moved the device trying to get at the goo under, which it blocked

He received a life draining current and back he was knocked

The Captain of the Eagles had a different plan

To the library he returned with emerald in hand

Alas the strange arcane portal now opened in the ceiling

Towards the unknown and to our fate was the general feeling

The Eagles arrived in what seemed to be the last chamber

Torches sputtered making it hard to see and understand Thegel’s anger

Then it became apparent as my eyes adjusted

Two death titans sat, there game of cards suddenly interrupted

As the fearsome creatures rose to rip us asunder

I noticed a pitiful humanoid in a glass jar, which must have been their wager


EXPT 3000


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